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  1. Orion03

    A visit to BB-63 Missouri at Pearl Harbor

    I was told by my guide, that the superstructure was in danger of falling off, so they are replacing bits where they have to make the structure sound and scraping off rust and repainting where they can.
  2. Pictures, lots of pictures https://goo.gl/photos/GAvjrWR4eTe2NYzq6 Unfortunately they wrapped the superstructure up for renovations. sigh.
  3. Orion03

    Balancing CV's

    Teamwork. I know it's hard to find but that's what's needed
  4. Orion03

    Hunt for Graf Spree Question

    But you can do the other missions again even in the other campaigns. you just don't get the rewards
  5. I have only gotten one ever. sob
  6. New Orleans has armor? what armor? seems that any battleship shell that touches me angled of not wipes out most of my health.
  7. Orion03

    Victor, my friend, how's the Missouri?

    She has LASER BEAMS! No... Plasma Cannon ! And Force Shields ! And flies ! no wait I think that was space battleship Yamato....
  8. Orion03

    New Explosion : New Hint? Submarine?

    commando scuba divers holding limpet mines to attack the BB's that hand back and do nothing
  9. Orion03

    ST Recruitment Round 4 Questions Thread

    okay okay, I get it, don't talk about it.
  10. Orion03

    Wallet warriors.

    what? there are no Gold shells in WoWS ?
  11. Orion03

    I have changed my mind WOWS is STUPID

    is it possible for him to be using 32bit WOWS instead of 64bit?
  12. Orion03

    AP vs Tripitz?

    Thanks for the information guys
  13. Orion03

    AP vs Tripitz?

    I was just in a game, where an Amagi was shooting HE at a Tripitz so I asked him why HE, and he said he couldn't break through the Tripitz that's why HE and not AP. Intriguing. So I ask you guys, use HE vs Tripitz if you were in an Amagi of AP? Hull or superstructure?
  14. Orion03

    I have changed my mind WOWS is STUPID

    my first was an 8088.... with twin 5_1/4 floppy