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  1. Colstah

    Personal Assignments and a Sim B

    Right. Thanks guys. Thought it was kind generous. After all, I picked up the SIM B for 250 doubloons, then thought I could get 1250 back by completing 5 missions! Now I also get why it's called that..... Not complaining though, recently got two large containers (on separate occasions), and scored something like 14,000 coal in one and 30 days premium in the other!!!
  2. Greetings all. I was lucky enough to get a black Sims B Destroyer in a doubloon purchased crate, and i have a personal combat mission in my personal assignments, but the battle button stays greyed out, even though I have selected the Sims B Destroyer. Am I missing something? I thought I should be able to engage in 5 personal missions to earn more doubloons...... Thanks for any help.
  3. Colstah


    Taipan 17 Right, sounds pretty straightforward. Thanks for taking the time to explain that. I missed the *uncheck the "Resupply using in-game currency if available"* bit which alludes to the point you make. Not sure if you are stating I have reached Account Level 10, or that once I do this comes into effect, but I'm off to give it a go!! Cheers Sorted! Thank you....
  4. Colstah


    Forgive me if this has been covered or is obvious. I get signals through completing missions (and so on), and in crates, but when I go to the exterior tab to mount them, they come with a cost. However, in my inventory I see many there that I can sell. I realise there is a top layer of free signals, so they are not in question, it's the second layer I'm confused about. So what am I missing? Do I only pay once to mount a signal from the second layer, then they are resupplied free (from my stock) or will I pay each time they are resupplied? Thanks for any help offered.....