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  1. vit12345

    ST Recruitment Round 4 Questions Thread

    Is there any requirement on which ships or tier I should have? e.g having upto tier 9 or 10 ships?
  2. vit12345

    U ask, we Talk

    hi again, I'm vit12345. Here are my questions: 1/Currently the US tech tree is lacking a tier8 premium ship. Is there any plan to introduce one soon? 2/Is there any plan for an overhaul of upgrades for ships? For example USN BB only get access to accuracy mod at tier9 and 10, and it costs 3mil while IJN BB got it for only 500k starting from tier5.
  3. vit12345

    U ask, we Talk

    Hi I'm vit12345 (ex WoT Yuneecum) My question is: will the North Carolina, Iowa and Montana get an accuracy buff? (all three) Thanks.