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  1. Vyviel

    Anniversary Stream! The Third Gift

    Why is the cat gift container from the code so bad? Is it a bug? Mine only had 2x Hunter Camo 1x Ourobos Signal and 1x Leviathan Signal? The previous MEOW code gave nearly the same reward. The code might not be giving out premium containers just the regular ones? According to the news it should be 7 of each of those from a premium container.
  2. Vyviel

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    Wohoo I got 50 Zulu flags from the special santa crate =) The other crates were just regular ones so 50K coins etc but the santa one was cool it even had an animation
  3. Vyviel

    Discount on Experience Conversion

    Yeah go check out the WOWS reddit and you can see how sad the EU players are about most events. I think we have it pretty well balanced on this server especially with difficulty to unlock special ships etc.
  4. Today was certainly more painful than yesterday for me only 50% vs 70% and I certainly had a few where we should have won but silly things were occuring.
  5. Vyviel

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    Well I have found I am terrible at doing this in coop 3 times I have tried to chase down that cv and each time one enemy spots me and then suddenly every single npc decides to drop everything to chase me across the entire map ignoring everyone else who is shooting them to hell lol =\ I torp plenty of other ships but never get to the cv. Thanks to the awesome guys in coop who all let me try I finally hit it with 1 torp =P Got to the bottom! I have everything except for the crates one now.
  6. Vyviel

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    Have we worked out how to get To the Bottom yet? I have all the rest just not this one and I have certainly hit ships with torps using my cruisers dds cv and even using the BB torps to hit another BB yet still nothing =( I got the two containers but wow were they a dissapointment =P So much fanfare for basically nothing inside hehe
  7. Vyviel


    If you stack all the XP boosting ones with a premium account then yeah its very easy to get 5K-10K a match and 3K if you do really badly. If you add a premium ship or premium camo too that helps even more =) What looks like the best plan is to do the boosted XP tasks twice and do the base XP task once at the same time. Im just wondering what time the event starts as its the 23rd and the server has reset the daily bonuses and crates etc
  8. Vyviel

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    Do CV torps count for to the bottom?
  9. Vyviel

    WoWs x Arpeggio Stage II

    Im happy it counts random, ranked and team battles as last time I had to stop playing ranked in order to spend time grinding the missions in random. This ship is just a Kongo right? Any point getting it if you already have the other Kongo?
  10. Vyviel

    Torpedoes everywhere!

    T6-8 is the sweet spot for ship balance and fun. Plus the repair bills are reasonable too.
  11. Vyviel

    Retrieve premium ships

    Time for you to play less ships and pay more attention to your gf mate
  12. Vyviel

    [CV] Total Damage

    0/1/3 Lexington averages about 85K a battle spread pretty evenly between fires and bombs and flooding sometimes but mostly fire. Also manual drop bombs when possible! Cant always be done easily so then I just let RNG do its thing.
  13. Not worth it if you want damage and XP. I just went 0/1/3 for both Ranger and Lex and you do massive damage from both the bombs and fires and torps. Lex especially with its 1000lbs which seems to be the direction the devs want US to focus on dive bombers. That being said dropping say 10K damage on a BB doesn't compare to hitting it with 5-6 torps in a drop. Give 0/1/3 a go if your bored and enjoy kiting you may love it like I do. I have only seen one other guy use it and if you do bump into a 1/1/1 or 2/0/2 Lex or Ranger you can sneak over and bomb them into submission if there are no better targets =P Also stay the hell away from Atlanta's. I dunno what they did but that thing shoots down insane numbers of planes now. You need to pick targets more carefully now they buffed overlapping AA. So try pick off the stragglers or guys who charge off solo away from AA cover.
  14. Yeah now its best to go 0/1/3 like the Ranger and deal 150K+ damage a match. Waste of time trying to use 1 single squad of fighters. Plus you do get those 1000lb bombs which the Ranger doesn't