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  1. DanLBob

    How to (realistically) fix camping meta

    Increasing ram damage certainly fixed the problem of camping MBT's in AW. Who doesn't love good old fashioned bump and grind. Dan
  2. DanLBob

    Chinese Protected Cruiser Chao Ho

    Lol, this thread made me laugh. All I could think about was Russian Navy!!! Thanks for the necro. Edit: Sorry just to be clear thanks to the OP it was a read I had missed. It was the subsequent comments that made me laugh. Dan
  3. DanLBob

    Proposed British BBs

    Of course there is no reason we couldn't have that as an upgrade in the game. Still not T9 material though. Dan
  4. DanLBob

    Proposed British BBs

    23kts at T9 for Nelson. Can anyone say XP pinata? The "on paper" mediocrity of the Royal Navy vessels compared to the opposition I suspect is a large part of why it's taken so long to see them in game. Expect more gimmicks like smoke and AP only to make them competitive. Might the RN BB's get to have their torpedo tubes? Dan
  5. Um because of the high regard in which the Russian Navy and the Chinese were held. Dan
  6. Now why would anyone feel that way. Clearly the Russian Navy has always been an important and influential force in the world. I mean its always nice to know that no matter how bad things get you can always beat the shit out of the Russians. Dan
  7. DanLBob

    New armaments might be missiles?

    IRL naval bombardment wasn't really all that effective and people have very unrealistic ideas about the effects of a shell. The Iowa class fired a 1900 pound HE shell with just 154 pounds of bursting charge. That is significantly less than a 2000lb aerial bomb which has a blast radius of about 360m so you still want to be landing your shells pretty close to the target. Dan
  8. DanLBob

    Shocking Revelation about the Game

    Aaaww! Such positivity. Gib ST status now. Dan
  9. DanLBob

    New armaments might be missiles?

    Frankly its the most interesting discussion I've found since I started coming back here. Dan
  10. DanLBob

    New armaments might be missiles?

    Given that you can pretty much tag the CV location straight away by experience (they always hide in that location) and the routes taken by the aircraft it could be a very powerful tool then. Would certainly make the CV players have to think about deceptive routes. Personally I think it should have a designated target that must have been spotted but it can continue on a bearing if the spot is lost prior to seeker activation. That said the size and flight profile of the Harpoon still makes it very different target from a P15 (SS-N-2) for instance. Dan
  11. DanLBob

    New armaments might be missiles?

    You mean apart from the whole "seeker" bit. Dan
  12. DanLBob

    New armaments might be missiles?

    Thinking about it missiles could be used in an anti CV role. For the purposes of game balance consider the DD's as too small a target for reliable acquisition, CC's have a high chance with radar controlled AA of interception and the armour of BB's significantly lessens the impact of hits. That leaves a one off opportunity strike against enemy CV's. It could change the gameplay by making location of the CV's early a (even more) important goal (before your missile shooters have died or wasted their shots on something else) and mean that it becomes more critical to keep a fighter cap nearby to try and intercept SSM's. Also something like this might just help balance UK armoured CV's against the US and Japanese classes which tended to maximise air group at the expense of protection. Dan
  13. DanLBob

    New armaments might be missiles?

    Thats a 1970's system and a 1980's implementation. A step too far. Dan
  14. DanLBob

    New armaments might be missiles?

    You could have missiles, the early designs were big, so no reloads. Against armoured vessels its still unclear how effective a large HE only type warhead would be. And you could add an EW ability to vessels either as an upgrade or consumable or make it a special ability for one class. You could even add a jammer plane unit for CV's. I don't think its out of the question just might be not the best use of developers resources to do. Dan
  15. DanLBob

    Tamiya 1/350 Yamato

    Isn't it missing the wave cannon muzzle? Nice work though, Dan