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  1. me this whole morning: - play a battle - exit the game - re-login - repeat the process
  2. Red_Knight

    Epicenter - Thoughts ?

    this mode works fine in tier 7- battles since the repair cost of the ships in that tier isn't high. But from tier 8 and above, people tend to camp in the outer ring more and scare to push ahead. They're all afraid of spending the repair fee. It was really fun to play this mode in Public test, all the battleships and cruisers just charged into each other and let the secondary guns did its job.
  3. Red_Knight

    what!? new IJNDD line?

    Maybe Hibiki will be the premium ship since she survived the war and later transfered to Russia after all.
  4. Red_Knight

    High Tier Gameplay

    People play like that not only in high tier but also in low tier battles as well. And in most cases, the team that has more battleships that dare to push up ahead with some support from cruisers and destroyers win. But well, the game would be boring if people use the same tactic in every match.
  5. Red_Knight


    just don't hit your allies by any means, including ramming them , and you'll be fine in no time.
  6. Red_Knight

    need some help on finding mods

    it's a remodel mod for ARP Kirishima but since the update 0.5.5 is out, remodel ship mod is currently unvailable
  7. Red_Knight

    [MOD] Ministry of WSVN new mod

    Konigsber skin, Kiryuin Satsuki (Kill la Kill) Download link
  8. Red_Knight

    Critical Error - Unable to Update Patch

    Some of my friends had the same issue and they suggested that HotSpot shield can fix the problem. I also have the same problem. I did try turn on and off the launcher several times but it didn't work. Uninstall and reinstall the game, didn't work. But the hotspot shield seems be able to fix the problem.
  9. Red_Knight

    [MOD] Ministry of WSVN new mod

    German cruiser Yorck with Weiss Schnee (RWBY) Download link
  10. Red_Knight

    [MOD] Ministry of WSVN new mod

    Battleship Montana with Battleship Princess, kancolle. Download link
  11. Red_Knight

    Gun Fire Control System Mod 1 question...

    I think the gun fire control system reduces dispersion around 10%. My Nurnberg stock dispersion is 143m at max range(16km). After I bought the upgrade, it reduced to 134m.
  12. Red_Knight

    How to Cleveland?

    - Don't try to get near same or higher tier enemy BBs and/or CA(except the Aoba) since their guns will most likely hit your citadel and can kill you in one or two salvo. - Try picking on enemy CLs and DDs and CVs since they have poor armour and fire power (my favorite target while I'm playing my Cleveland are Furutaka, Kuma, Omaha, IJN DDs and other CVs) . - Stick to your team's BBs, let them draw enemy fire. You can shoot what they're shooting or provide them some AA cover or protect them from enemy DDs. There are plenty of ways to make some nice credits and exp. - Never move in straight line, try to change your course and speed very often. That may keep you survive longer.
  13. Red_Knight

    Need help in the Karlsruhe

    The Karlsruhe's HE shell is better than its AP, at least you can make your opponents burn with HE. I once use AP to shoot at the Kuma, which was 7km away and only have 7hp left, score direct hit but can't deal a single damage. That thing should be renamed to Karlsuck. You can use free exp like other guys recommended but if you can't afford any I suggest you should always move with your team while playing the Karlsruhe and always use HE. You can easily get more than 10k of burning damage with its HE shells.
  14. Red_Knight

    First sub to sink a ship.

    this submarine reminds me of Japanese manned torpedo Kaiten.
  15. Red_Knight

    Chidori/Ōtori class torpedo boat

    with only 3 torpedoes ready to launch, I think tier 3 is quite a challenge for her; tier 4, nope, unless her torp reload speed is high enough, like 2 or 3 rounds/min .