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  1. tlmitf

    Zero damage penetrations.

    I understand the mechanic, and do not agree with it.What I don't understand is if we were both working with the same mechanic, how was he able to kill me, and I was unable to to the same to him? Given that I only had his bow, and he had my stern, how was he able to kill me given that I simply stopped dealing damage to him? Explain that one to me, please.
  2. tlmitf

    Zero damage penetrations.

    I fail to understand how he killed me when I couldn't kill him, if the game mechanic is the same for both of us. This is, in a word, [content removed] Inappropriate content. Post edited. Warning issued. ~Twisted0ne
  3. tlmitf

    Zero damage penetrations.

    So that game mechanic only applies to me and not him then hey? So if all I was giving him was my stern, and all I had was his bow - how did he kill me, when I couldn't kill him. That, right there, is a [content removed] game mechanic. I'm out. see ya never again. Inappropriate content. Post edited. Warning issued. ~Twisted0ne
  4. tlmitf

    Zero damage penetrations.

    Well that's just a shitty game mechanic, and if it is true, I will no longer play (or pay for) this game
  5. tlmitf

    Zero damage penetrations.

    Without knocking them out? Normally you get a little popup showing what you broke. I got no such thing. If you look really close you can just see the 7232 damage number (I was a little slow on the screencap) and the ribbon showing the penetrations. It isn't a case of me not knowing what I am looking at, or for.
  6. tlmitf

    Zero damage penetrations.

    I know what the symbols mean. I was getting penetrations, not blocked or bounces. Even over penetration still deals damage. By ribbons, I mean the little ribbons that pop up when your shells land on target to tell you what your shells did.
  7. tlmitf

    Zero damage penetrations.

    I dont care if you dont think it is a bug, I am telling you it is. When a shell penetrates, it does damage. There is a hole in the ship, how is that not damage?? I was fighting a Scharnhorst in my Colorado, and many times I penetrated him and dealt NO damage. I have the ribbons turned on, so I know I was penning. If a shell isn't going to do damage, then don't show it up as a freaking penetration!! I was on full health, and he was on 3/4 at the start of the fight - by the end, I was on the bottom and he was on half health. No I wasnt being retarded and sailing broadside on. He was chasing me, so his forward guns were battling with my rear guns. I have had enough of this bullshit in World of tanks, and to be very bloody honest, the RNG is a major reason I dont play tanks anymore. Fix it.
  8. tlmitf

    Why did this start?

    Ahh, thank you for the clarification.
  9. tlmitf

    Why did this start?

    Just played my first battle after the patch, and ... Ammunition resupply costs?? What is this evil trickery? Seriously though, when and why did ammunition resupply become a thing? This is going to seriously suck, the only reason I made any money is because of the volume of fire - if people are going to be holding their triggers because they have a ammunition cost to worry about ... where is this move taking the game?
  10. tlmitf

    Soviet Cruiser Mission

    Same issue. I saw that the Murmansk wasn't filtered out when I selected the mission, so I figured things were all good to go. Guess Ill have to be awesomesauce again tomorrow
  11. tlmitf

    Arkansas Equipment debate

    The paint job on the Ark. Is that functional?
  12. tlmitf

    need help for torpedo angle analysis

    That gave me chills. I bet that in real life that would have had an effect very similar to the Haka, as performed by the Maori. There is anecdotal evidence that in WWI a german sniper killed a Maori while he was 'on the toilet' (A major affront to the Maori) So the Maori under a British officer got up out the trench against orders, performed the Haka and charged the German position. The Germans fled in fear.
  13. I have that too - nothing pops up when hovering over it ... strange.
  14. tlmitf

    I don't blame CV too op but MM. LOL :3

    What is really shitting me about the MMing right now is when you get a stack of American BB's on one team, and a stack of Jap BB's on the other. The Americans get smashed to bits before they can get into range! Combine that with the OP bloody air dropped torps and a poor American BB has little hope of surviving the early stages to make any impact late in the game. The bigger maps, ironically, it is less of a problem as the yanks at least have time to get into cover and can maneuver into a better fighting position. But the small maps? Forget it! The Japs can range the map from the start, and the yanks are slow. If there was roughly even numbers of japs and yanks on each side, this wouldnt unbalance the teams