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    _Munk_ reacted to silenthunter19944 in God bless America! Guide for the tier 8 freedom dispenser   
    Guide for using the North Carolina in ranked and random battle

    As of the moment I see a lot of players struggling in this ship in random and in ranked and I reckon it is about time for me to write a guide and help out the less skilled players. In this thread I will cover the in-game tactics and general ship characteristics. I will be willing to answer questions about my captain skills and upgrade if anyone is interested. Keep in mind that everything in this guide is both applicable in ranked and random battles and there wont be two different sections for each battle mode.
    The North Carolina excels at providing AA escort both in real life and in the game. When all AA flags, skills and modules are equipped tier 8 CVs and below shouldn't be able to touch you provided the fact that you still have some AA battery. Tier 9 and 10 CVs will be able to kill you, but your AA battery will cause serious damage to their squadrons.  

    What the NC AA can do to a Midway
    Main guns wise. 
    Highest Alpha damage out of any tier 8 battleship guns Good turret rotation speed Good guns placement High shell arc increases the chance to citadel German battleships. Especially Bismarck and Tirpitz Cons
    Very low shell velocity Due to RNG mechanics. Shell groupings are inconstant Shell trajectory is unusual and can take a long time before player can aim well. AA has been power-creeped by Kii Additional notes: Guns accuracy becomes tolerable under 15km. Starting from 13km guns are fairly accurate. Under 9km, almost all shells will hit the target if aimed correctly

    16" shells of the North Carolina. They are big and heavy, which is very American
    When bow on, the North Carolina can bounce almost every single AP round fired at her, an exception is the Yamato shells. When broadside, she will get citadeled really easily due to her thin belt armour. This is a result of her design and War Gaming inability to add STS platings throughout parts of the ships. However, even is she features all of her armour, she is still very squishy when showing her broadside to any ship. Her torpedo defence is garbage (19%) so the course of action is to avoid the torpedoes in the first place.
    When fully upgraded the North Carolina can travel at 27.5 knots. Whilst slower than her counterparts, this doesn't affect her play style.
    Excellent stealth capability. When stealth camos, module and captain skill are equipped her detection range drop down to about 11.8 km, this is very useful as at such range, you can delete any cruisers as they won't be aware of your presence most of the time.
    I will cover different tactics for 3 different builds (AA, survial/tank/stealth). 
    AA Build

    USS Washington AA at work

    One of the North Carolina's 40mm battery + crew. Picture taken on March 15, 1945.
    25mm Japanese gun is used as a comparison to highlight the 40mm bofors superiority
    The original pictures of the 40mm gun crew could be found on http://www.battleshipnc.com but the website has been shut down
    Required skills: Basic Firing Training, Advanced Firing Training, Manual AA
    Required upgrades: AA Guns modification 2. AA Guns modification 1 is not required but recommended
    At the start of the round, unless you spawn in the middle of the formation, follow the ships on your flank and stay within the formation to provide AA cover. If you spawn in the middle, identify the inferior flank when it comes to AA. After that, proceed to escort the ships in that particular flank. Ensure that you are at the front of the fleet, even though you are meant to provide AA support, it is still your responsibility to sink/damage enemy ships. The flert depends on you and you depends on the fleet. In the case where no CVs are present, you are now the lead ship of the fleet. Regardless if you are uptiered or not, you have to get close to deal reliable damage with your primary weapon. Be aware of the situation and make sure to be bow on to enemy ships. 
    Survival/tank build 
    Required skills: High Alert, Basics of survivability, Super Intendent, Fire Prevention. Jack of All Trade is not required but you may choose it if you prefer to (I never use it though). Furthermore, Fire Prevention can be switched out for Manual Secondaries. But only do this if you are skilled enough to manage fire damage.
    You will have have 6 points left which I recommend spending on Advanced Firing Training + Adrenaline rush or Advanced Firing Training + Expert Marksman (recommended for Seagal)
    Required upgrades: Main armaments modification 1, Damage control modification 1, Damage control modification 2 
    Required signals: India Delta, Juliet Yankee Bissotwo, India Yankee
    The purpose of the survival build is to be the riot shield of the team. Being the riot shield will take the enemy's attention of your teammate which ensures their survival later on in the game. At the start of the round, once again, if you spawn on either flank, travel with your formation into the battle. If you spawn in the middle of the spawn formation, proceed to identify the weaker flank and travel to that particular flank to provide support. You are not part of the spearhead force. The only ships that you should be ahead of you are destroyers and some cruisers. However, don't get too carried away and drive straight into the middle of the battlefield and get burnt down by 3 Atagos. In most situations, you should only be 1-2km ahead of the formation. No more, No less. When you come into the contact with enemy, use the throttle carefully. You move with the battlefield, stay with me, I'll explain. Let's say that the enemy forces are approaching you, unless they are rushing the position, set the throttle to reverse, you cannot be caught without your teammates. If multiple ships are rushing the position and you are sure that the team cannot hold the position, turn the ship around and run. You might take heavy damage but it's better to be alive than dead. In the case that the enemy team is withdrawing, set throttle to 1/4 or 1/2. Never go full speed unless the fleet is also doing the same thing. Doing this prevent the enemy team from turning around and catching you out in the open. During the battle you will be repetitively set on fire. However, this is the point of the build, to tank damage for the team. You shouldn't be too worried about the fires because you can only be set on fire in 3 places and the fires will go out in 33 seconds. If you use your damage control party and repair party at the right time and at the right place, fires shouldn't be a huge issue for you. One advantage of this build is that you can get in close range with the enemy ships and deals huge damage, which is always nice. However, this build have one severe disadvantage is that you are more prone to torpedoes attacks. North Carolina  garbage torpedo defense system makes the ship a torpedo magnet. However, the best way to counter against this threat is team play and having good situational awareness. Also, communication is key. Make sure to tell chat what you are doing and when you are doing that/those particular action/actions. 
    IF you have manual secondaries, don't be shy to close the distant with enemy ships, your secondaries have a reputation of being shit and whilst that is true to a certain extent, most people underestimate them and use that to your advantage. DDs captains always underestimate your secondaries and they must be punished for doing so. Destroyers making suicide torp runs, the manual secondaries provide, in my opinion, a decisive advantage and can make the difference between eating a spread of torps, and getting a kill. Just to be on the safe side, put a few 16" into them as well. Against cruisers and BB, they don't do very well and you still have to rely on your main battery to do most of the killing. You can set fires, sure, but it'll take way too long to kill ships that way. Remember, at the end of the day, you are no Bismarck. But at point blank range NC main battery against any cruisers or BB is already so devastating that manual secondaries becomes irrelevant. The choice to use manual secondaries is yours, choose it if it fits your play style, I don't use it because it doesn't fit mine.
    Stealth Build

    Required skill: Concealment Expert
    Required upgrades: Concealment mod 1, 
    Required flags: None (Sierra Mike is recommended)
    Required camo: Anything that reduce detection
    Stealth NC is a very fun build. Your detection range drops down to 11.8 km which means any cruisers or battleships that is not paying attention will get shit on. You have to be rather aggressive with this build because the closer you are to enemy ships, the more dangerous you become, remember to stay at the edge of your detection range because you really don't want people to know that you are lurking around until you've deleted them. The role of this build is to stay stealthy and eliminate key ships in the enemy team. By doing so, the enemy fleet will be weakened which means that it will be easier to be victorious. However, a stealth NC have another very important role and that is DD hunting, your priority targets are DDs and OP ships (looking at you Belfast and Kutuzov). You have to eliminate them as soon as you see them because they will have the influence later on in the battle.
    General build

    Required skill: Choose as you wish
    Required upgrades: Concealment mod 1, Main armaments modification 1, Damage control modification 1
    Required flags: India Delta, Juliet Yankee Bissotwo, India Yankee 
    Required camo: Choose as you wish
    Before I start I would like to say that my general build is likely to be different to everyone else. This is the case because the NC is simply just too versatile and everyone also has different play style. I will not recommend captain skills because once again, versatility and different play style. You have to experiment with captain skills, I cannot do that for you. However, I will talk about some tactics for the general build. At the start of a match, same as before, you need to travel to the weaker flank to provide support for your team mates. From that moment beyond, stay at a distance of 11-13km away from the enemy ships as this is the optimal range for the North Carolina.  DO NOT let the distance between you and your enemy to exceed 15km (minus start of round), the North Carolina is not a sniper, if you see anyone sniping with the North Carolina from the back of the map, make sure to tell them to move up to the front line. You may also close the distant to below 9km, but make sure that it is safe to do so, like any BB, the NC will fall under focused fire.
    Before closing in the distant, always ask yourself these three questions:
    Is the risk worth it ?
    Do I have teammates with me ?
    Will this contribute to our victory ?
    IF the answer is no for any of the questions above, don't push! It's that simple, there is no point wasting HP and time advancing if it does not benefit you or your team. However, this doesn't mean tha you should go snipe from the back line either! What I am saying is that you should be sensible with your positioning. You don't want to throw your ship away because your overextended or be useless at the back line trying to snipe like an idiot either! I cannot emphasize how important it is to be sensible with your positioning when you are playing the NC. Most people do not position themselves correctly and either get slaughtered to early or be useless the entire game and then they go into the forum whining about how the NC is garbage because it has shit accuracy etc etc. No, the NC is not garbage, you are. The NC is probably the best T8 BB out there because of how versatile it is and how it does everything well (debatable from sniping). Oh, did I forget ? Make sure to escort people with your amazing AA if possible. That's probably all that I can say for the general build because as I said earlier, 'general' is subjective.
    Weebfriendly TLDR:

    That's all I have to say. It's my second time writing a guide so it's probably shitty. If you have any suggestions or questions? Just pop them down below and I'm more than happy to reply/answer. Excuse my English at time, it stills need improvement . If ya all want guides in the form of a video I'll leave some below. They may be old but they are still relevant.

    Written on 22/1/2017
    Updated on 25/12/2017
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    _Munk_ reacted to MatterCore in Super Containers Mega Merged Thread   
    after played 2 matches on my brother's account, open the first cont (credits) got a SC with 50k free EXP --> research Leander at once and get another bonus
    Port slot x1
    3,000,000 Credits
    80,000 Free XP
    25 of every type of Signal Flag
    open my acc and get this one far better than SC
    3,000,000 Credits
    25 of every type of Signal Flag
    25 "Damage Control Party 2" items
    25 Type 5 Camouflage
    Port slot
    Veteran's flag
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    _Munk_ reacted to RalphTheTheatreCat in The hunt for Bismarck   
    It's not super grindy.   Knocked over the first 2 missions yesterday arvo playing pure solo.   I find these campaigns are a bit of fun (similar to the Graf missions)
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    _Munk_ reacted to Syanda in Give us the Aussie flag   
    British ships are, in fact, flying the White Ensign, whilst the US have the appropriate 48-star flag, and even the Russian ships have either the Imperial St Andrew's ensign, or the WW2-era ensign.
    But if you're talking about the flag background in the port selection, then yeah - UK ships have the UK flag, French have the Tricolore, US has Old Glory, etc, but Perth has the Commonwealth flag in its background because it's filed under the Commonwealth navy ships. Which doesn't only consist of Australian ships - it's designed to be able to accommodate New Zealand, Canadian, hell, probably even Indian ships, which all served in the Commonwealth naval forces. Hence the decision to put the Commonwealth flag as a background instead of any individual state's flag. And I'd think a lot of proud New Zealanders/Canadians/Indians/etc might take offence if their flag background was a completely unrelated Australian flag.
  5. Cool
    _Munk_ reacted to Sekba in Give us the Aussie flag   
    M8 you owe me a cup of coffee for your observation, kappa
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    _Munk_ reacted to RalphTheTheatreCat in Super Containers Mega Merged Thread   
    4 months and 29 days...................At least I didn't get a shitty upgrade.
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    _Munk_ reacted to RalphTheTheatreCat in Thank you WG Asia team.   
    I am quick to have a dig at WG when they stuff up things, but in this instance I just want to say thanks to WG Asia.
    Your specials and missions over the Christmas New Years period were excellent.
    Graf Spee Missions.
    Santa Convoys.
    Santas crates.
    End of year marathon.

    All these made it a really enjoyable time to play the game especially when we all know that at time the play can deteriorate and upset people.  I came out of it all with a ton of free xp, credits, flags, camos, a fistload of new ships, as well as camos, captains and credits for my current ships.  
    After seeing the rage that ensued on the EU server over Christmas we should all be grateful for the bounty that we all got here over the past 4 weeks.

    Well that's my brown nosing out of the way for 2017.
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    _Munk_ reacted to benlisquare in how long WG keep inactive account?   
    Make sure that before he comes back, that he uses an invite link, so that he gets the tier 2 cruiser Diana, tier 5 battleship Texas, and a few thousand free XP, all for free. You can use invite links if your account is inactive for longer than 3 months.
    Anyone can create an invite link, and they look something like this (as an example): http://playtogether.worldofwarships.asia/invite/wVGYx6z
    I'd recommend making your own invite link, and then giving it to your friend to use.
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    _Munk_ reacted to SZYZWY in [Thank me later] Best ships of its tier (Tier 3 to 7) and reviews   
    That'll teach me not to take everything seriously
    Anyway, I won't edit my reply to be a permanent testament of my idiocy.
    Besides, it was a long typing exercise and I shouldn't waste it
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    _Munk_ reacted to Ryzil in HMS Thonburi is coming to World of Warships   
    Then we can reenact the "Battle of the Pacnet Sea Cable", It will be the HTMS Thonburi's mission to drag up the cable and then what ever ship is set to represent Australia and NZ will sail in and fight.
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    _Munk_ reacted to Sekba in DOUBLE XP/CREDITS FTW   
    Too bad it only lasts until tomorrow
    Anyway i made an achievement,
    I've earned 300k combined exp in less than 24 hours using the combined 2x exp event, premium, +100% exp camo
    Researched both Des Moines & Moskva, bought and upgraded them
    And i still had 22mil credits in reserve
    WG rox
    Now i shall go find some rest 
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    _Munk_ reacted to drakon233 in Advice for the effecient handling and operation of 8incher (200+mm) guns?   
    aoba is a fine training ship for the rest of the IJN line
    1.she's got the same sweet 203 guns the IJN uses up to T9(zao's guns shoot nukes coated with napalm)
    2. he "head"(bow) is very tough to penetrate, so you can employ the same "angle your head and set crap on fire" tatic as on later IJN CAs,
    3.low mid ship section, harder to hit and cithadel
    anyways, as to when and when not to use AP, it boils down to this, 
    DONT shoot AP unless they are in 13kms or lower
    DONT shoot at any ship angleing too much
    ALWAYS shoot HE when hunting BBs in a pack(squad?) of CAs, the fires that you set will be very distracting and throw off the BB's aim
    NEVER AP a ship that's only using it's front guns
    and finally, a bit of advice for a budding IJN captain, i say this because a LOT of new players to the IJN CA line do this at the start.
    dito and good hunting in your aoba
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    _Munk_ reacted to Xirvis in Not a fan of RU cruisers so far   
    ​My Svietlana constantly goes into a circle because her rudder (if the engine is still running) keeps getting knocked out. I prefer my Phoenix over her anytime
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    _Munk_ reacted to Commander_Dusty in Monday Blues - British Cruiser Speculation   
    So with the Monday Blues, I thought I'd share my ideas of what candidate ships the upcoming British cruiser line may have:
    Tier 1: No idea, any random gunboat will do
    Tier 2: Active class / Town Class (includes HMAS Sydney)(either a 4" shell spammer like the Dresden or a typical 6" light cruiser like Chikuma/Albany)
    Tier 3:Monmouth Class (typical armoured cruiser, another St Louis type)
    Tier 4: Emerald Class (Like a better Karlsruhe)
    Tier 5: Leander Class (Australians and New Zealanders rejoice!) - Graf Spee better run
    Tier 6: York Class (Rival to the Aoba and a smaller version of the County class with 6x8" guns)
    Tier 7:County Class Heavy Cruisers (the only Heavy 8" gun cruisers of the RN in WW2, armor too light for tier 8, kinda like Pepsicola but with torps) or  Dido Class AA cruisers (kinda like Atlanta, maybe a premium?)
    Tier 8: Crown Colony Class?  A suitable rival to the Soviet Mikail Kutuzov with 12x6"  guns - HMS Belfast as a tier 8 Premium
    Tier 9: A Paper Cruiser design? - Apparently there was a design in the old British naval history books (from a book called "From Nelson to Vanguard") that had 9x8" guns and displaced 15,000  - 18,000 tons, the later design having 6" belt armor
    Tier 10: Another Paper Cruiser? - I also heard there were some paper 9.2" gun Cruisers for the RN (from the same book) that never took off the drawing board...A worthy rival to the Moskva?
    Given the lack of heavy cruiser designs for the RN, I assume the Royal Navy will kind be like the Russians in having a 6" gunned "light cruisers" going up to tier 8 as well, while the ships of the lower tiers would be rivals with the German cruisers.
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    _Munk_ reacted to Kleiss in [Need advice] How to Atago?   
    1) with latest patch atago can only go concealment artillery build. AA build won't do a thing. Use def. AA just for its spread effect only.
    2) tier 2 perk needs to be EM. If u absolutely need incoming fire alert go ahead.
    3) tier 3 perk is a tossup between superintendent and vigilance. Atago turns sluggishly, so vigilance may help. On the other hand , S.I gives u extra heal.
    3) pyro is a must now. Aft does very little for atago after the aa patch.
    4) accuracy mod is also a must now. Get both steering gear mods.
    5) only fire when you're about to angle away as you're turning. This will ensure that any retaliation will minimize ap penetration suffered. Drop off detection, circle back around to the frontline with your speed, and rejoin the fight.
    6) the atago cannot bounce shells from the yamato at any distance. Run and drop off cover no matter what.
    7) never engage a tirpitz 1v1, even if you're good at dodging shells. Its rate of fire is enough to punish u severely before you can make a complete turn (atago's turning is very sluggish, remember)
    8) you dont have to fire off all your torpedoes at once. If it means showing less of your broadside, so be it, just fire the front set and keep the rear (which has poor firing arc) for emergency 
    9) atago can behave like a bb due to her repair. When not in emergency, you can actually leave one fire burning, then heal up when it goes out). Ca vs ca angled HE spam is likely to result in 2 burning CAs.
    10) you don't have to travel at full speed. Go 3/4 all the time even when turning away unless catching up to objectives or fleeing to disengage. 3/4 is atago's optimal maneuvering speed, and not many people know this.
    11) don't pull hard with the w and e keys unnecessarily. Hold down the steering and control it manually.
    12) try the furutaka and the myoko out. They both perform like the atago.
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    _Munk_ reacted to yobbo1972 in Its Rubbish   
    I still think my Rants are better

  17. Cool
    _Munk_ reacted to Trojan63 in Too many AFKers   
    Well for ARKers I use the bot report function, every time I'm disconnected I immediately log back in to see if I can help in some small way even if I still have a bad connection, so for me there is no excuse for others to just sit there the entire game.
    Plays poorly I use for those that exhibit cowardice during the game or team killers.
    I also compliment players that play well, support the objective and team mates as well as those that are helpful in chat or those that give credit where it's due.
    I currently have 21 karma points so it works both ways. 
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    _Munk_ reacted to AntifoulAwl in Completely rigged, WR is completely out of our control.   
    " Gentlemen, I have a great idea that will enhance the experience of the players of our game.
     What I propose, is to introduce an algorithm that will reward our above average players by forcing them into predetermined teams that we know will lose the match.
     By doing this, we will frustrate our main player base so much, that they will quit the game. Not to mention our reputation will be forever spoiled.
     The money lost in departing players and vast amounts of computing power necessary to run algorithm is of no concern."
                                                                                                                                                      --said no game developer, EVER
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    _Munk_ reacted to drakon233 in How To Get Rid Of Pink Name   
    mate, if you did bring a t1 ship into any matches above T4, I'D TK too
  20. Cool
    _Munk_ reacted to lengxv6 in Banning of the word 'YOU' In-game   
    As I said earlier - it is being investigated. No idea when it will be fixed, or how/what broke. Please be patient and just use "U" in place of "you"
    Quick fix for those who are willing.
    Go to \WoWS_Asia\res and open file messenger_oldictionary.xml I suggest you use notepad++ for this, since it is a xml file, and winpad and notepad fail to open them correctly.
    Use the search function and find the word "you", there are a few in there, but you are looking for the line that has the word by itself. One you find the line, delete the entire line and save.
    Restart your game.
    All up, takes a few minutes and the problem is gone.
    Current random words:-
    1. you
    2. Bear
    3. chair
    4. oooo
    5. pie
    6. your
    7. who
    As more appear, I will add them here. Untill a fix is done, you will have to manually remove them
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    _Munk_ reacted to MissMeMiss in I am outta here see you guys around   
    My advice, don't play this game more than 4 matches per day. I even usually only play 2 matches per day. That's why till this day, I still not get Myoko ARP. Need to finish the 1million damage.
    But honestly ... burnout sometime make you illogical and start blaming everything.
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    _Munk_ reacted to TaikoTaiko in Gaming Etiquette   
    A player gets into a random game and the team plays poorly and losing him the game despite him doing his very best . Rage blinds him and from his hands races across the keyboard directing racial slurs and vulgarities towards his team. Too many such examples exists.
    Gamers, please be reminded that even though its just a game, etiquette is what differentiates us from mere animals. To those gamers who are considerate and polite to others and provide useful information and tips, I thank you. To those who abuses others, I bid you to rein in your temper and remember its just a game. 
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    _Munk_ reacted to R3negade in Sharing my Benson play style in Ranked Battle   
    As everyone noted, DD weights so much in a battle during this season. I was stuck in mid-rank for a while and decided to move on to DD line and really have some good results.
    Here is my DD play style and some thoughts for the Ranked. Please note that I will only talk about Benson.
    Before you start your game in Ranked, you should check and remember your concealment range, 5.9km is the best value you can get for a Benson. For fastest torpedo reload time, 98 seconds for the stock torp, and 110 seconds for the upgraded one.
    So, assume you have 2 DDs in each team and in a map with 2 cap zones("North" is excluded ) this is the most common composition I have encountered.
    Before the battle begins.
    Communicate with your teammates and find a CA nearby and ask him for escort for capping a zone. In my opinion, persuade your team not to go only 1 side if this is going to happen.
    The reason for not 1 siding is you will face threats from different angles, also enemy DD can limit your fleets movement easily. It turns your ranked to a game to a "which team can kill more game"
    At the beginning of the battle you should go to the closest cap zone with your CA partner. While you are in the capture point, NEVER park your ship perpendicularity at the edge of the cap, try your best to play your ship in 1/4 or half speed and angle your ship bow / stern against the direction where the enemy torpedo will come from. Try you best to spot the incoming enemy DD so your CA mate can provide some help. Look at the battle timer, the opening torpedo from enemy will often be dropped and reach you around 18:40 ~ 17:50, prepare for it.
        If you can't make yourself and your CA for the cap zone in time or you are outnumbered, no need to fight the cap zone by brutal force. Try to stay in the cap zone and do things mentioned above, deploy smoke when you need, but don't stay inside, you are invisible but not invincible. Stay alive, you need to save your HP for further use. When you have no choice, leave the area and work on resetting the enemy who is capturing, delay the tickets they can get. Meanwhile your team should capture the zone on the other side.
    In mid game, both team now should have 1 cap zone. There are something that you need to do for the team, go to somewhere between both cap zones / between your main fleet and enemy DD. Because you will have to prevent enemy DD from stealing your cap zone or delaying the gain of ur team ticket. Spotting the enemy DD and torps or block him from dropping torpedoes. Don't forget to pay attention to friendly BB / CA , if they over push or made mistake on their movements, go drop smoke for them, let them turn back without getting cidatel'ed or buy them some times to repair.
        If a friendly DD is playing the role above, you can go look for the opportunity to kill their DD actively by all means. After this, you should be able to steal their cap, and drop torpedoes behind your enemies. When you get torpedo hit on the enemy and caused flooding, make sure you let your team know and focus on doing fire damages on him after he used Damage Control Party. Yes, turn yourself into a gunboat now, unleash the freedom
    So to sum up :
      - Check your torpedo and concealment stats
    Early game :
      - Go with CA at the beginning, cap the zone if you are fast enough, do reset otherwise.
    Mid :
      - Seek for the enemy DD
      - Steal cap zone
      - Provide smoke screen
      - Play indirect fire
    Brief concept :
    Capture the zone near the main fleet, You don't cap the last zone and you don't let them cap aswell (Focus on doing reset)
    Remember to concentrate fire on the ship that used Damage Control Party. Save your HP for mid game. And communicate!!!
    My tips and loadout for Benson and Captain skills :
    Benson Hull B with upgraded torpedoes -- 1 more gun > more firepower, why not ?
    All premium consumables
    Camouflage Type 1
    Modules :
    Main Battery Modification 1 Gun Fire Control System 1 Propulsion Modification 1 Propulsion Modification 2   --  As you already have 4 seconds of rudder shift time, no need to shorten it. The +20% acceleration will help since you will change your speed often in Ranked. Concealment Modification 1  
    Captain skills :
    Situation Awareness Torpedo Armament Expertise Superintendent Last Stand Concealment Expert Basic Firing Training   (Extra) High Alert                    (Extra) Flags (Extra)   :  
    Juliet Charlie (Anti Detonation) November Foxtrot (-5% reload time of consumables) Sierra Mike (+5% Max speed) Victor Lima (+0.5% fire set chance, +4% flood chance) India X-Ray (+0.5% fire set chance) Juliet Whiskey Unaone  (15% flood chance)  
    When you are engaging an enemy Benson, sometimes it might be a good idea to angle ur bow / stern against him and engage with only 3 guns. Focus on surviving and preserve your HP.
    Also, sequential fire have a better accuracy than a full salvo in general. However, this takes time to master as you have to maneuver the ship while adjusting your aim on every shot. Do practice before you try it.
    Okay, thanks for reading this looooooooong article and sorry for my poor English.
    Feel free to comment below if I missed anything, also share about your tactic / opinion for DD play in Ranked
    Still got 15 days for Ranked Battles, take it easy. I only play for 2 or 3 new stars per day, if you get defeats in a row, stop playing and let your mind relax.  The prizes are amazing and waiting to be claimed.
    Good luck commanders
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    _Munk_ reacted to S4pp3R in Which is the best premium cruiser?   
    If you play tier 6+ IJN CAs, Atago all the way... It is a serious beast and IMO much better than the Mogami...

    If you play USN/SN, then Murmansk as it's good for SN for training and similar in playstyle to the mid-tier USN CLs...
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    _Munk_ reacted to wookielord in Points over Kills in events   
    Hello I would like to know if developers are going to change the way points and goals are earned as i am real tired of getting between 50 to 180 hits but no kills because there are players that just wait till enemy is nearly killed then they fire there big guns to get the kill and then that advances them in the events eg battleships with new arpaego skins for the ship it is frustrating to have this happen all time. Events are won and earned with kills not how much damage you have inflicted. It just seems like its unfair for a person to deliver the killing blow and no other damage and receive the the prize towards goals in events. Thank you for reading my rant.