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  1. _Munk_

    Phoenix -HE Devastating strike

    Hadn't played in about 10 days or so -this was the 1st salvo I fired on return
  2. She goes alright, does the Phoenix
  3. _Munk_

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    – Introduction of dynamic BGM (background music) consisting of two layers: As the distance closes between you and an enemy ship, more intense music will play So most BB Captains will just hear elevator music?
  4. _Munk_

    So, the Hood is out on the NA server already....

    If you're going to kill-steal* one ship today, make it this one *remove guns from the game...
  5. _Munk_

    In which ship are you most terrifying?

    My Phoenix goes alright
  6. _Munk_

    [Update 0.6.0] Release Feedback

    I hope you still get it - I just completed the Santas Convoys about 40 mins before maintenance started
  7. _Munk_

    Tears of the desert

    ahh Sand River, so many happy memories
  8. _Munk_

    The 30 gold camo.

    that you Jim Hickey?
  9. _Munk_

    The 30 gold camo.

    you didnt have a brother called Mud by any chance??
  10. _Munk_

    Why I have come to really enjoy WoWs.

    spooky -i just said the same thing about 20 mins ago in another chat window "canada to the usa is like nz to australia "
  11. razz a frazzing.... so close - Battle ended just as my shells were about to hit the enemy cv -Murmansk ftw -anyone gotten any closer than that?
  12. _Munk_

    what this for? anyone ever use it?

    Tier 4 in a Tier 6 heavy battle - team got smashed -surprised to finish 3rd in XP -you can bet that i paid a plays well compliment to the Kuma captain who finished top..good job fella!
  13. _Munk_


    Hi Charcoal -thats what threw me -i must have had at least 20 AP hits on him at 10k -in an Omaha or Murmansk that would have sunk him twice! He was perfectly lined up for citadel hits also but no cits for me!