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  1. NA server for ships is not in the same location as WoT, i get same ping to NA as i do SEA usually 100-120ms. Never had a broken cable to NA though. I am in Brisbane.
  2. _Snagglepuss

    Dont know where else to put this..Ticket #192474

    Hi, Thanks for responding. The credits have been taken but there's nothing in my port.
  3. been almost 5 days now no response??
  4. Been playing my NA account for some time now, only come back here for the odd game. Glad its still odd game, as nothing has changed.
  5. _Snagglepuss

    Blyskawica has arrived.

    At close range (5-7klm) the USN DD's are still good enough to tear you apart as the high shell arc and low velocity isnt an issue. Always engage at range, mind you if any other DD decides to fight you they better not miss many because it doesn't take long to wreck other DD's with these guns.
  6. _Snagglepuss

    Blyskawica has arrived.

    This DD can stealth fire with AFT as its concealment is 7.7klm (11.3klm when fired approx) and gun range of 14.4klm, going to take me some time to get AFT. Guns are good enough, the 7th one makes up the DPM. Rudder shift even with upgrade is adequate at best. Turret traverse for my setup is 14 sec, once again adequate but gunfights with USN DD's dont always go your way at closer ranges unless you can knock out turrets. Repair cost is less than a Sims. I find the AA quite useless it doesn't seem to shoot down anything even at close range. Overall for a premium ship its a damn fine vessel.
  7. _Snagglepuss

    Its here..and I like it-Kiev DD

    I am NOT going past tier 7, Gremy tier for tier is a better ship I think.
  8. _Snagglepuss

    Its here..and I like it-Kiev DD

    Just had a game where i died real quick when i came round an island, i expected 1 Kongo but encountered 2..torped one for 35k but of course i died.. but we won!! davud1537 the only reason I went tier 7 is because of the extra 2 guns, boy do them ships burn up as its a 9% chance of fire using HE. Guns are 109m dispersion so quite accurate out to 10klm and easy to get multiple hits and start fires. They are nowhere near the OP everyone's crying about, especially being detected so easily. It only takes 1 spotter plane or sneaky DD and you can forget invisifire, but this DD is very annoying and provided your team is even semi competent while everyone is shooting at you your team SHOULD be hitting them
  9. Call me a joker, call me a fool but I love my Gremy and now she has Tier 7 regular tech tree vessel for the Captain. Ignore my crap games for now, only played 2 and its not yet fully upgraded. Lovely guns, I have advanced fire training EDITatch notes indicate serious nerfs- I knew it didnt feel quite the same.................................. Turrets can now keep up with my turning. Upgrades in screenie.
  10. _Snagglepuss

    signal flags in premium shop

    Couldnt agree more.
  11. _Snagglepuss

    Soviet Destroyer Line Stats Breakdown

    I love CloakingDonkey!!!!
  12. _Snagglepuss

    The Russian DDs (pic heavy no spoilers because nope)

    Tier 7 is where I'm likely to stay on this line, good combo of everything and not too expensive to run. Torps are always a secondary for me, I like good guns and apart from slow turret traverse the Gremy has proven to have good guns so hopefully these DD's are similar.
  13. _Snagglepuss

    OMFG yes its a whine thread

    Seriously wtf is up?? I simply cant get any wins, i am getting games with zero teamwork and everyone staying at the back. I go with a flank attack and as soon as i start engaging with the other ships my so called useless team mates run away and let me die, instead of pressing on and finishing a smaller number of ships. This is beyond a flamin joke already, just going back to bots again because these brainless nitiwits who cant play tanks have come to warships. ZERO strategic thinking, zero teamwork, zero of anything that comprehends how to play for a win. Of course I knew it was coming, still i hoped but after another 2 days of pubbing its just driving me barmy. 3 wins in 2 days i think.
  14. _Snagglepuss

    Main battery mods... Some clarifications needed...

    Aim speed= turret traverse. For example on a ship like the Warspite with approx 72 sec 180 traverse you can get it to just below 60 sec, a huge improvement.