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  1. Centurion_MK64

    First topic ever

    Testing 1 2 3
  2. Centurion_MK64

    I got my drone #feelsgoodman

    What make is the drone?
  3. Centurion_MK64

    Wargaming server DC at 0005hrs (GMT+0800) on 19 Feb 2017

    Duplicate threads merged. Please use the forum search function before starting new threads >Bas_Dearg
  4. Centurion_MK64

    Love Secret Santa

    bought the admiral one and got 1500 dubloons hope the one I gifted is better
  5. Centurion_MK64

    Perth - Singapore cable cut again

    Duplicate threads merged Please use the forum search function before starting new topics >Centurion_LXIV
  6. Centurion_MK64

    Why you should never trust the internet

    So the UK are launching a new research vessel and went to the internet to find its new name. This will be a binding decision! https://nameourship.nerc.ac.uk/
  7. Centurion_MK64

    Prize Shipping Containers...

    This is the ship moving ship
  8. Centurion_MK64

    Free nickname change...

    Question asked and answered on WoT forum Thread closed >Centurion_NZ
  9. Centurion_MK64

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    where lieth thine galleon
  10. Centurion_MK64

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    anime killed the anime
  11. Centurion_MK64

    Retrieve premium ships

    Selling or trading ships is against the EULA and Interpol have been notified about you selling off your GF.....
  12. Centurion_MK64

    Retrieve premium ships

    If memory serves me right you can only get one premium tank back once in WoT and you need the credits to get it back. Could be the same for ships. On a side note, maybe its time to spend less time on the computer................. And change your password too!
  13. Centurion_MK64

    AniManga Chat :E

    kids these days just dont get it what ever happened to going up to a girl and saying hello?
  14. Centurion_MK64

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    from the forbidden tree
  15. Centurion_MK64

    Screen freeze issue after executing the game

    Please remove that signature image as it is classed as likely to cause seizures due to the flash rate ~Centurion_ZL2