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  1. Chunktal

    Technical issues found.

    Still having the same issue as yesterday. I did manage to get in yesterday after many attempts. Got in once this morning and then got logged out by the game. Trying to log in again..........and again...........and again...........(2 hours later, success).
  2. Chunktal

    Technical issues found.

    Getting the same issue.
  3. Chunktal

    Update 0.6.9 Feedback

    Thanks for that, you reminded me to check the graphic settings. I think I had the same issue several updates ago and changing the screen resolution seems to have fixed it.
  4. Chunktal

    Update 0.6.9 Feedback

    I just noticed my graphics settings had changed. It was set to 1920x1080 and I set it back to 1360x768 and it seems to load ok now. It has been unplayable since the update but with this change to the settings it's back to loading ok. Not sure if it will fix yours but maybe give it a try?
  5. Chunktal

    Update 0.6.9 Feedback

    Don't know about anyone else but since the update it takes me 2+ minutes to load into each match. I can sit there watching ships die on the lists of names and when I get in, objectives have already been capped. This has only been a problem since the last update, no other changes to my system.
  6. Chunktal

    Caption this~

    Iceberg dead ahead.
  7. Chunktal


    Just got an email from WG saying my ships have been credited to my account. Not at home to check/confirm at the moment but it looks like it is getting done quickly. I bought them in May and have used them in the CBT, email shows the original purchase date and details.
  8. Chunktal

    Bug - Wrong ship going into battle queue

    No worries, thanks for that.
  9. Sorry, I'm new to CBT and know this is in the wrong section but want to give the feedback while it is fresh in my head. Feel free to move it and let me know where bug reporting should go in future please? I purchased a new Phoenix from the Tech Tree, without a commander. I then assigned a commander to it from the option for the ship in the top right of the screen. I moved my St Louis commander to the Phoenix and noted the next commander down the list of available commanders was from my Sims (assigned to that ship). I was then looking at the Phoenix in port and went into a Co-op battle. The tier levels shown (the 3 bands that show your tier in the middle) was for the wrong level, it showed I was in tier VII instead of tier IV. I thought that was the bug but then when the game started I was in the Sims instead. When the battle ended and I went back to port, I was looking at the Phoenix again, not the Sims. I tried the battle again and it was putting me in the battle queue in the Sims again. I quit the queue and then selected the Sims and then the Phoenix again and this seemed to fix the issue as I was put into the battle queue in the right ship and tier. Tried to give as much detail as possible to see if you can replicate it, sorry if it is not enough?