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  1. Since the most recent update the game is nearly unplayable in random battles as ping and lag are all over the place, and before you ask yes I have rest my network settings and troubleshooted the game as per instructions on the help page. Just when you almost have the game working perfectly you go and screw it up again. When is there going to be a fix for this problem ?
  2. Hemir

    Public Test 0.9.4 Feedback Thread

    Hi all, played in this round of PT. I must say I wasn't disappointed, I had an absolute blast playing the subs once I worked out the aiming and target locking it made it even more fun. DD's are gonna have to learn to try and stay alive long enough to throw depth charges at subs. looking forward to the silent service joining the main game 😏.
  3. 1. Description In co-op battle the torpedo aiming sight is not solid white on Shenyang for the 1st volley of torps when torps are launched, they pass through enemy ships, I have done this in 3 battles. 2. Reproduction steps Entered 3 Co-op battles and the same result minus the team kill 3. Result In the 1st battle it happened I ended up with a team kill because the whole volley of torpedos passed through an enemy DD and hit a team member. 4. Expected result Wouldn’t have gotten a team kill 5. Technical details Time of occurrence: about 09.50 (local time). Replay (occurring at 10.10, 10.15 timestamp). DxDiag.txt python.log
  4. Hemir

    India Yankee flag

    Ok question why the hell does every battle I use this flag on my battleships or cruisers I end up being a Roman Candle every time a HE shell touches my ship is the game mechanic broken for this flag, it's getting really annoying that it's suppose to help extinguishing flames by 20% not cause flames that last longer, and before you ask yes I have damage control and advanced damage control. And yes I realise that they are built for DE as am I on all just about all my cruisers, yet when I hit ships on the superstructure with my DE built cruisers they never cause as much burning and the flames seem to go out instantly, where as on my Battleships I use damage control 1 or 2 and straight away I'm on fire again (and yes I know you have to hit the superstructure). And before you say RNG I call BS as it happens everytime I use the flag and that's why I have stopped using them.
  5. Hemir

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.8.9

    To be honest I will not be bothering with Italian cruisers as they really really are a sucky ship. Over all the game is loosing it's appeal and is going the way of world of tanks for me which I quit because the influx of non English understanding players is killing it, they mill about and hide in one corner, which is dropping win %. And no I don't want a free transfer to NA because death by lag isn't fun either.
  6. Hemir

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    There seems to be a lot of box hugging (ie, battleship heads to the edge of the zone nose in on a 15-25 degree angle and sinks anything that comes near it and it cannot be targeted), this is the one draw back of the game atm. A lot of people are using this exploit and it getting really annoying. If they are on the zone outer limit for more then 15 seconds they should start taking some form of damage to stop this exploit. I have seen it done 100's of times. Thread merged with existing thread. ~amade
  7. Since the last up date lag is nearly making the game unplayable, sometimes when loading into an instance I will get booted back to log in screen also it can take upto 4 minutes for ships to load into port. Everything was fine till last update ping was a constant 130-140 now it's 180-230. it could be the short cuts you have implemented with the F3 to F11 causing too much server traffic as people are constantly spamming them till that came in all was good.
  8. Hey all, Just thought I would drop a little hey and say the game is what I expected and that's FRIGGING AWESOME anyway enough with brown nosing, 1 little problem is I have been sunk sooooooo many times on my battleship by the much loved and needed DD's and cruisers I know they are hard to master and yes I have done my fair share of once or twice hitting team mates and I have straight away said sorry etc etc. When it goes to full release with there be a tutorial for all classes of ships that should see a mild drop of friendly incidents. But enough dibble time to head out to open waters. See you in the wild blue yonder