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  1. yeah, German BB's are in a hard place atm. As Palidum said, hiding at the back in a (supposedly) tanky BB isnt going to win you any friends, and I certainly dont encourage it either. I have in fact stopped grinding the German line and swapped to the new Russian line, but im over really pushing anything in the game atm, I log in and play a few co op or scenarios to get the bonus Xp and leave. For me this is another very good example of the many problems in the game that are getting worse. Sure you can be competitive in a German BB in some games, but generally the meta is against you and you need to work around limitations that just dont fit. The new Russian line (only at T5 so far) seems way better somehow, to the point in co op I can confidently tank and beat bots when out tiered and out numbered in a way I have no hope of doing in anything German. But then I also have 5-6 CV's sitting in port rusting probably shouldn't even get started on that subject. Ive also taken a long hiatus from PVP in general, too toxic, too many problems and I wasn't enjoying it. I hope to be back, but im starting to doubt it. Good luck.
  2. I didn't even try. Looked at what was involved and the time limit, and there was no way. Time over xmas was too valuable for me. Do I care? yes a little. I'm not all broken up over it, but at this stage there is too much in the game that is not achievable for players with limited time and resources, too many missions that are ship dependant etc, even operations, after buying one of the premium ship packs I STILL find I cant play some of the operations. I have said in other posts that new/low tier players get neglected as well as being disadvantaged by poor MM at low tiers, and I still think its something they need to work on. But grats on getting the Duke. Well done. I hope you enjoy it.
  3. Macras

    I love co-op

    Co-op is OK, if you enjoy it that's great. I do it to grind xp needed for upgrades for new ships, it gives me a chance to get used to the ship in the process, and get the captain back up to speed. I think they charge way too much to retrain captains imo. I also play co-op on my laptop while away at work, the connection speed is to bad to play PVP. So there are good reasons for co-op. Unfortunately, the lemming AI makes co op too fast ( and predictable) for some ships to really get a work out. CV's particularly I find the game is over before they have a chance to launch more than a couple of attacks. There have been changes to CO op match making in the last patch that may help, but its an area that could use more love. Something to slow the games down and make them at least a little bit challenging, slightly smarter AI, idk, its not the main part of the game so its a bit limited. And BAN GAMES WHERE BOTH TEAMS ARE ALL BOTS!!!! I think its ridiculous that you get games where 13 out of 14 are bots when I know there are other players on at the same level looking for games. I guess this is due to the waiting time thing, but I never find those games enjoyable.
  4. Golden rule of playing battleships: don't sail in a straight line at the same speed. That's just begging for the enemy DDs to torp you. would you PLEASE GIVE THIS A ****ING BREAK!!!! I heard that already. and I watched the videos OK, no I don't, but IT STILL ISNT FUN!!!! ( I do end up badly positioned often, trying to be too agresive, but learning, give me a break for not being a total idiot though) The VOLUME of torpedoes, the number of DD's and CV's at low tiers is disproportionate. You all keep saying the number of DD's drop off in higher tiers, fair enough, that doesn't help low tier players. the Jingles video linked above boasts he dodged 30 torps (while he did nothing else to assist his team, which lost) I would at times be happy if I only faced 30 torpedoes! I think he underestimated the number of DD's and torps. At t4-5 Im facing 3-5 DD's and 1-2 CV's as well (no not every game I know) that adds up to way too many torps, and a lot of smoke to boot. I encourage you to actually try playing dds past t4 I've only got as far as T5, but doing OK in DD's despite having my poorest crew skills etc. My point is THERE IS NO REASON FOR THIS IMBALANCE AT LOW TIERS. It can fixed, with a few minor tweaks and changes. No big deal. My point at the beginning was a LOT of players get discouraged and leave at this stage because they see they unfairness of the game at this level and believe it will continue. Do you want the player base to continue to increase??. Or are you happy to have new blood that quit after the low tiers because they are easy kills for you?. I gave my experience trying to bring other players into this game, only to see them give up and leave, id rather not waste my time if that is the way it is always going to be. IJN BB line is the first line I grinded and so I naturally did badly in it. I even made whiny forum posts about clevelands burning my bbs from the safety of island cover and dd torps doing so much damage at that time. But I took advice and improved as a player. And you can clearly see my other t4 BB has much better stats as its a more recent line I grinded after I learnt to deal with dds. So stop whining and listen to the advice of people who actually know how to deal with it. Don't be another generic newbie with Dunning-Kruger Thankyou for your insult. Please don't try and use Dunning-Kruger in an argument until you at least learn correct grammar. So, as an inexperienced player, with poor captain skills and experience you did BADLY!!!!!!!!!!! My point!!!! There is no reason for it to be this way in WG games, other games manage to introduce new players in a much fairer method than WG. Its my opinion that WG don't consider low tiers (up to T5) important and neglect to even try and keep it balanced. How about maybe some of you more experienced give some ideas and suggestions on how this could be achieved without ruining the game experience? I do consider it important and think WE WOULD HAVE A LOT MORE PLAYERS if WG would pay attention to this area of the game. Again, I state this from my experience trying to introduce other players, not just based on my own opinion. just about anything (DDs included, since you can get full penetrations with your AP shells which deal about 4k per shell at high tiers, imagine eating those in a DD and just melting instantly) if you have good aim and good RNG Disagree, just from my experience so far, my AP shells from all my BB guns over pen, doesn't seem to matter where or what angle I hit them at. I get an average 200? (don't quote me) each hit. On rare occasions I do get a high roll, but they are the exception not the norm.Swapping to HE gives a little more reliable damage, but it takes time to swap. I don't have all those fancy crew skills remember. As long as you don't overextend and stay with your team, instead of going on your own adventures to god knows where by yourself, you should be relatively safe from torps. That doesn't mean you should sit behind the team at full HP, you just have to position yourself such that your own dds can spot the enemy dds/torps before it reaches you. You want to know how man replays I can show of whole teams of BB's sitting back at full health doing nothing else? Often ending the game with very little damage and blaming everyone else. This is maybe a by product of what I am talking about. Adding on to the CV issue, there is really not much you can do at low tiers, but when you move up, just stay close to your cruisers as their defensive AA can spread out drops which makes it so much easier to dodge Not Fun Jimmy :) Your expecting new players to know and do all this while they are supposed to be learning to aim, angle, position, co ordinate with their team?. Admittedly t5 is probably about the time this should happen (if not already), but I don't think many new players are learning much getting deleted by waves of torps in the first few minutes of each game. You all still keep referring back to high tier and experience. Please note, as I said previously, I was asking people opinions on the changes and balance, but also specifically mentioned LOW TIERS and INEXPERIENCED PLAYERS. I'm not too worried about T10, I know that the top end of the game will look after itself, and long term players will very quickly start to scream if they think their precious top tier games are under threat. Low tier players don't seem to get much of a say, they just get trolled if they say things aren't working.
  5. Praise the Lord!! Sorry, just having some fun and had to say it. Thankyou for taking the time to make some serious and positive comments, and yes, this is my only account for WoWs (they still haven't sorted my WoT account out yet after the transfer, its now a separate account) As for your suggestions, I agree and have been told many times that playing multiple ships/tanks/whatever isn't the best way to get results, but, this is a game and its what I like to do. At the moment the plan is to get to T5 and decide where to go from there, I had already settled on German BB's, IJN cruisers (and CV, but I'm having trouble with manual drop, so they are on hold for now) I had nearly decided on the new Pan Asia line for DD's, but ill take another look at the American DD's as per your suggestion. I didn't dislike any of the DD's really, maybe just the pommy ones, I couldn't work out why they didn't get HE, I like HE :( I did do a couple of randoms in my higher tier premiums, but they are mainly for operations etc, and make credits easy to get. Also for the captain training aspect. My original post was as much as anything asking for other peoples take on the patch and changes introduced. Although there haven't been many comments made here, there have been other posts on this forum and others, in game and elsewhere, that lead me to believe that what I'm saying is still a fairly widely held view. While I can change tactics, ships, crew skills etc, I don't think it changes the fact that many people don't like the direction this is going. I made the point people get VERY frustrated getting one shot or killed by invisible opponents (even though it takes some skill on their part to do it) its still a widely hated mechanic. Time will tell, but I think (my opinion, nothing else) that in 6-12 months we will see a "correction" , maybe not, but, as I say, in other games similar things have happened. In regard to the other post above with a video by jingles. Thankyou. I did watch it. I do also have one of those exact same battleships, and have no trouble at all in it either, as Im very sure jingles was aware of. Take a look at the ship, by far the shortest BB, and despite its slow rudder shift quite manoeuvrable (and if you fit the rudder upgrade, it becomes more nimble than many of the CA's at that tier). Also doesn't face CV's with their torps at T2 either. So a completely irrelevant upload by him that didn't prove anything IMO. The biggest target for torps are mid tier BB's, longer, bigger, slower to turn and highly visible no AA defence to speak of(maybe not true after t5, at T6 my new German BB, now with a 10 point captain, so some AA skills and upgrades, does make a dent in AA attacks), and routinely hunted by every DD and CV in the game, yeah OK I know its their job, but ATM its getting old. Seriously, I don’t care about my win rate. If the same rules apply to BB’s and DD’s on *both* teams, how could that even affect the win rate? It doesn't, and I didn't say it did. It affects THE ENJOYMENT of people trying to play BB's, and to a lesser extent cruisers. My win rate is a touch under 50% last I checked, good enough for me starting out, but its a lot easier to enjoy DD's running around stealth killing BB's with a single salvo and then racing on to get to the CV before anyone else atm than it is grinding mid tier BB's, who sit and hammer other BB's for minutes at a time to get a kill, all the while dodging torps from the air and smoke clouds that appear randomly all over the map. Again, my opinion, but seems to be shared by many. Ill also go back and have a look at my stats page, but I suspect BB's take way more games to level up than the others. Ill get back to you on that. PS. I care a little about my win rate, I don't lose deliberately, but more about how well I play. Thankyou all, Happy hunting and feel free to message me any time I'm on, I haven't done any division play yet, and my current clan has been deserted over xmas
  6. Macras


    Hi All, Just a quick question regarding manual drops on CV's. I have been trying to practice these in Co-op games, the biggest problems I find are A/ Co-op games move to fast and are over to quick, this cant be helped, and does help to test skill, so no prob. B/ I have a hard time seeing or "picking up" the small icon to move or adjust my manual drops. Part of this is my eyes aren't the best any more. I'm sure I'm not the only one having this trouble?? I have looked in settings, but cant find any way to adjust this, please correct me if I didn't find it. ( my PC and monitor are pretty good, so fairly sure its not that, I run almost all setting maxed with good framerates etc) Failing that, are there any mods available that can improve the visibility and make it easier to use?. It would be really handy to able to change the colour and maybe make it slightly bigger than it is. Thanks all.
  7. Macras

    Why is this allowed?

    Why not? Obviously its bad if hes on your team, and is pretty suprising. It is a really easy ship to do well in. Im using mine to learn manual attacks, but even just doing auto attacks the spread of those torps is pretty effective. There has to be room for bad players somewhere ? And it makes me look good (ok, maybe just a little better)
  8. DD at low tier atm is way too popular. I know this will even out over time, It always happens when a new class/ship/tank/character is introduced. My question is, if the smoke mechanic continues into the higher tiers, do you think it will be a problem or not? Maybe it will help make DD more relevant at that level? My previous experience, based on a LOT of years of gaming, is people REALLY hate being killed by things they cant see or control, and I worry if WoWs isn't heading into that territory. Also, do you think that the new DD line really has anything to offer the game overall? I think at low tiers atm its making playing BB's very un enjoyable, and I cant really see that changing. Its way too easy for even an in experienced player with a low skill captain to take down a BB at the same of even higher tier, and the opposing BB player in many cases cant even fire back or defend themselves effectively. They are completely at the mercy of their team. If you read the other reply I made on this thread, you may understand where I am coming from about the need to keep low tiers balanced and playable, without a good introduction to the game at this level, many people just give up. Ultimately, what we want is MORE players, and the game to be stronger. Is this the right way to go??
  9. Partly my point, (from what I have heard and read from other players, all CV's used to be pretty unbalanced/OP) Now we have 1 particular US CV, and then the rest of the IJN line, that are not equally matched, and yet no one can explain why they cant make some slight adjustments to balance them, rather than the sledgehammer approach they usually seem to use. IDK so much about WoWs, as I admitted, I only recently started playing. WoT ill use the T10 example, want to guess how many of the total number of T10 tanks are played regularly? check the stats, and with every release, the new tanks( esp prems) are better. While I'm sure this is to encourage people to grind the new lines, it makes a lot of the old content redundant and I presonally just don't have time for it. Actually, I was referring to several of the private reviewers, who are given access to "press" accounts with all the ships and content free. I'm not to bothered, as I said I can afford what I spent, but I would imagine there are quite a few others that may be. Heard all this before., and I don't disagree. ill make a point from my personal experience based in WoT again. Over the years I have tried to introduce 5-6 people, who all had previous MMO experience, to WoT. Guess how many still play? 0. ( they all still play other online games, some of which are a lot more complex and steeper learning curves than WoT and WoWs) Put simply(IMO, and this is part of what I am trying to get across), if your not looking after the low to mid tiers, and at the same time your allowing your experienced players to farm new players to improve their stats, they don't stick around. I can give you contact details for each of those people, and you can ask in person why they quit. WG needs to address the fact that in both WoWs and WoT the most imbalanced tiers are the low tiers where the new players need to learn the game and get experience. Actually I do OK in DD's, and did switch and join the crowd and did OK, but atm if you are trying to grind low tier BB's, your going to find your win rate very dependant on the DD's on your team. (IDK but) isn't that why everyone hated the CV's previously? they had too much influence on the outcome of a game? The other point or question I was trying to make was, what did the new DD line bring to the game? Im really asking this as a question as I don't have experience at high tiers yet. But I think once again WG has been forced to look to a gimmick that is going to upset gameplay and balance to try and make the new line different. My final point or concern would be that in 6-12 months time you are going to find DD"s over populated in t10 matches, and numbers of BB's dropping. If there really has been a lack of DD's at high tiers, maybe this will be a good thing. IDK. But as I said, in other games players very quickly got seriously frustrated by dying to things they couldn't see and hit. I hope this doesn't turn out to be the same mistake all over again. PS, thankyou for your reply, at least you tried to present an opinion without being too negative or just dismissing me as a complete noob with no idea.
  10. I was going to come and rant about how I felt after this weekend, but ill try and keep it a little positive and ask everyone else's opinion. I only have low tier ships and am new, which is why I'm seeking everyone else's opinion. It may be a little too soon to tell, as they are new there is more of them than normal, but I'm going to suggest, that unless there are some changes, this is going to be the "new normal". I didn't have a decent game in a BB or CA all weekend (less so the CA) Just way to many invisible ships and torps coming from anywhere and everywhere. I (personally) felt that DD's in general certainly didn't need any "extra" help and had generally already been overpopulated, at least at the low to mid tiers where I play atm (quite common to have 3-5 DD's even before this patch). WAAAAY to much smoke and invisibility. I may be noob at Wows (and tanks) but I have been playing MMO's since they started, way longer than I like to admit, and even way back in the beginning, being killed by things you cant see was always a source of great hatred and angst on forums and in game ( probably second only to too much crowd control back in warcraft era PVP), and in many cases did lead to a lot of people stopping playing a particular game until it was sorted. Hence my surprise with the new DD's and their smoke ability. CV's, IDK I have HOSHO and, courtesy of the IJN bundle, the Zuiho. I haven't played the Zuiho enough to form an opinion, but as far as HOSHO goes, there really is a problem when being confronted by the US carriers. I don't mind one having an air superiority advantage, but there should be an element of skill to it. ATM if your team has the US CV, you 99% assured you are going to win the air battle. Not sure how to fix that, but way one sided atm. Also noted, that on the rare occasion a CV tried to spot a cap area that was being camped by DD's, they had no luck at all, so why people think that CV's are unfair and disallowed in some game modes I cant understand. I'm way less frustrated by CV's that the new batch of DD's. The IJN bundle, I got as an early xmas present. My advice- DONT. Some good ships in it, and some absolute rubbish. Ill leave that for a separate rant, but I cant understand why as a company WG has such a problem with getting any sort of consistent balance. My second point (that I will take up with these certain reviewers in person) are the reviews for premium ships have some considerable bias, and unfairly promote the advantages of prem ships with absolutely NO mention of any downsides. Anyone else with prem ships like to look at the review of that ship and compare reality to what is publicised online and let me know if its just me? im not crying about the money I spent, I can easily afford it, but I would like to stop others being hurt or disgruntled by this. I just think that A/many of the reviewers are being a little too optimistic in their views and opinions. B/ WG really ned to work on some of these ships, not just premiums, but some of the poorer tech tree ships as well. I cant really think of a single improvement to the game after the weekend, Maybe someone else can think of one? Not talking clan battles , just purely lowbie PUB battle perspective atm. Sorry for the long post. Please do try and give some useful (hopefully positive?) feedback and ideas.