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    Prinz Eugen. MEH premium ship.

    Any idea of the release date on it
  2. bloodraven83

    Lower Battleships main guns dispersion.

    they always say bad roll of the RNG well the RNG sucks
  3. bloodraven83

    What a joke!

    I couldnt agree more with you Yobbo i have a premium account and i am so sick of the RNG and is NO YOU WILL NOT HIT THAT AND IF YOU DO YOU WILL DO NO DAMAGE yet i get demolished repeatedly by these Ubber players that hit me every salvo do 10000 damage per hit and thats with me speeding up and slowing down jinking left or right and yet at anything over 4 km i cant hit and if i do 100 damage and thats in battle ships i do more damage in cruisers if the other player dosnt have the deflecta sheild and the gizmo that lets them know exactly were my shell will hit. May be is just us older players in Australia that cant play and get frustrated at it.Lastly will War Gaming do anything about the Aim Assist mod that,s available and seems to be very popular. if they wont police it maybe they should make it available to all players ?
  4. bloodraven83

    The Warsprite worst accuracy ever

    LOL hilariuos responce
  5. bloodraven83

    The Warsprite worst accuracy ever

    Why don't my torpedoes work on the Warspite and why cant i find the button for the cruise missile or the ejection seat. as to P.v.P v Co.Op some of the teams you get in P.v.P are appalling so when my blood starts to boil at the ineptitude of my team i go Co.Op and the world is good as to the name sorry now were is that Nautilus sub and my nuclear anti air misilles i thought i had
  6. bloodraven83

    The Warsprite worst accuracy ever

    hi thanks for the replies i had 8 games after the post eventually won one i used to think it was a beast and i got a lot of 1 salvo kills with it but none since that patch i also used to do 6000= per hit but my average using Ap today has only been 800 and 1200 with He thats in the Asia server my damadge per battle was usualy 60000+ now i am having trouble getting high 20s and thanks loose bowles for that usefull information i appreciate it lol
  7. Hi i purchased the Warsprite as the English Navy was well known for the exellence of there gun crews, who drilled to an very high level.since not the last patch but the one before that, the accuracy has become impossibly bad that if you shoot at a still battleship at say 4 km away 2 shells go over 2 go under 2 go to the left and the last 2 go to the right this happens so frequently i have started to wonder if there is a Deflecta Shield you can buy that only works against a Warsprite. how dose the mechanics work? the 2 barrels are perfectly parelel to each other yet the shells must come out the barrels at an angle moving apart from each other. this makes no sense. i can see how if the powder charges of these guns was not exactly the same they would travel at different speed causing one to fly further than the other but what mechanism would make them move apart horizontally, or is the just a mechanic that makes ever shell land some were in the theoretical dispertion zone if that's so that's just lazy programming. PLease undo what ever changes you made to it as of now it is a Turd
  8. bloodraven83

    Australia - World of Lagships

    i too am in an established neighborhood so i will probably never get the NBA i stopped playing Tanks because of the lag and jittery play i have a beast of a puuta but makes no difference we need a server in Indonesia if not Australia