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  1. I see my thread is not locked yet but yeah correct, I thought it meant you just needed to have logged in once at any point, I've had "remember me" ticked for as long as I've been on this forum.
  2. Matto97

    New Face on Asian Forum

    I welcome our new WoWs Lemur overlord.
  3. Edit: Nevermind, fixed, just had to log out and log back in lol... please lock thread.
  4. Matto97

    Introduction thread

    Well never made an official introduction here since my last and first poast was being sad about missing alpha so hey guys. Been playing WoT obsessively for the last year or so and have a feeling WoWs is going to do the same for me. Just praying to get into the beta, something I dearly regret missing in WoT's dev cycle. Will probably lurk alot more here then post while the forum is in bare-bones mode so to say, as you guys ready up for beta phase. 2015 will be an exciting year. Cheers, Matto.
  5. Matto97

    Alpha Thoughts

    That feel when I signed up for alpha the day the link got posted up on the WoT ASIA portal and still haven't got an email back. RNG must of gave me a low roll.