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  1. Kruntski

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 3

    Hi Conan, I'd like to be considered for supertest. I've been playing this game for a longtime.
  2. Kruntski

    Reddit Contest for Marbleheads

    Thanks Conan. You're the best!
  3. Kruntski

    Reddit Contest for Marbleheads

    Hi Conan - Any updates?
  4. Kruntski

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Is the blue line fixed in today's patch?
  5. Kruntski

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Well the blue line problem has been around for at least 6 months so zero progress is pretty accurate. The blue line abuse thread is over 3 months old, more evidence of lack of developer action.
  6. Kruntski

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Let's hope the problem is fixed before this thread gets to 100 pages. Lots of great suggestions from players but zero progress from the developers. I wonder if any developers actually play the game. Surely one bad match with a blue line camper would be enough to make you go back to the code and fix the problem.
  7. Kruntski

    Reddit Contest for Marbleheads

    Exactly. The lack of feedback from Conan suggests his attention is elsewhere.
  8. Kruntski

    Reddit Contest for Marbleheads

    Asia server doesn't have a CM. They would have commented by now if there was one.
  9. Kruntski

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    I've endured. Where is the solution?
  10. Kruntski

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    Why are we still discussing the blue line problem. Everybody knows it's a problem, why hasn't it been fixed yet. I've concluded that WG developers don't really care about the players. We've seen plenty of premium ships but bugger all fixes to well known issues.
  11. I play on Asia because of ping and timezone but follow the game on global communities. A lot of English speaking players from Asia server follow this game on redit and YouTube, as do many players from the other servers. I've noticed when they have giveaways and contests that EU and NA players are eligible but not Asia players. Why is this? Why no love for players from the Asia server.
  12. Kruntski

    Reddit Contest for Marbleheads

    Do they have Community Managers for the Asia server? I don't remember seeing anything.
  13. Kruntski

    0.5.0 notes, eh?

    It's a shame that one user taking the piss has managed to highlight how inept WG are at capturing user feedback on the game. Just about every point in that list is a well known user gripe that are consistently ignored by the developers. Somebody should give the guy who wrote the list a job as a WOWS producer.
  14. Kruntski

    Ranked battles - the MOST stupid thing on WoW

    I think ranked battles are a good innovation from WG. Let those poor souls who obsess with win rate move their attention to ranked play which will be the true test of skill. Hopefully that will keep stat related toxicity out of random play.
  15. Kruntski

    In game chat thread

    +1 but that would involve WG listening to their users so not likely to happen.