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  1. ​I don't think anybody is saying the IJN DDs are not workable. They can be made to work. However, by and large, they are: a) not as good as DDs from other nations; and b) not as much fun as DDs from other nations. They are ok at lots of things and not great at anything. If WG was trying to make them more versatile and more fun, they have failed. Personally I don't really see the point of the new line. Other than the Akizuki, the IJN DDs are more of the same. WG have missed a great opportunity to make the IJN DDs more fun.
  2. Not enjoying the Akatsuki at all. In the current meta where there are 3-5 DDs on each side, the crap concealment makes this ship difficult to play. Sure the torps are good and there are nine of them, but it is difficult to get close enough to fire them accurately. I have no idea what WG were thinking with this ship.
  3. Phelebas

    Cannot Play Ranked Battles

    Just played about 10 ranked battles. Nine of the 10 were on the same map and 60% loses. I am already bored of ranked. The constant going up and down the ranks is frustrating beyond belief. I think WG need to rethink ranked. After a few days playing, it becomes a real chore. Goodbye ranked.
  4. Phelebas

    ARP Hiei

    Could someone explain the point of having so many versions of the same ship? I already have 3 Kongo-based ships. What is the point of having another?
  5. I am curious whether anyone else finds the content on the worldofwarships.asia website underwhelming? Whenever I look on the NA or EU websites, they seem to have interesting articles or specials. For example, on the NA server they currently have specials on all Japanese battleships. What do we get? The Puka Puka fleet.
  6. I am done with ranked battles. Can't seem to get three wins in a row and it is getting to too stressful. WG need to rethink the progress in ranked battles.
  7. Phelebas

    Conflicting objectives

    I think you missed the point. In my opinion the game should be structured so that the average player should be able to participate and complete missions. That is players who actually have lives and cannot devote 10 hours a day to playing a game. If the missions are structured in such a way that the average player cannot participate, it is going to alienate the player base. Would it not make more sense to stagger the events?
  8. Phelebas

    Conflicting objectives

    Does anyone else find it strange that WG are running two events with conflicting requirements? I would like to participate in both the Arpeggio missions and in ranked battles. However, in order to complete the Arpeggio missions I have to play in random battles. Given I have limited time to play, I have to make a choice whether to play random or ranked. I think ranked games should also count towards the Arpeggio missions. Alternatively WG should stagger the events so players can participate in both.
  9. I find Atlanta very situational. For every good game there are five bad ones. The guns are rubbish and she gets citadelled from every angle. She is also a poor money maker because it is difficult to do a lot of damage. Save your money and get any tier 8 ship. They are all better and easier to play than the Atlanta.
  10. I think your interpretation of the text is different to mine. This is what is says on the website: Treasures are objects that can contain different reward types in varying amounts. To begin earning Treasures, players must achieve the corresponding milestones to activate the weekly Treasure draw, which will gift players with a Treasure each week. An empty box does not provide a gift. I certainly have not been provided with a weekly gift. Besides, how does providing empty treasure boxes encourage players to continue participating? This is hardly motivating. Don't get me wrong, I don't really care that much. I just think it is stupid to provide empty boxes as 'rewards'.
  11. Just opened a create and it was empty. WTF? This must be WG's joke.
  12. The process seems a bit flaky. What happened to the 3x bonus we were meant to get? Now the treasure should be unlocked but isn't.
  13. Phelebas

    Level 3 Japanese battleship problems

    I just unlocked this ship and don't like it one bit. The biggest problem is the range. In order to do damage have to get really close and then everything start shooting at me. It will be a real grind to get past it.