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  1. TheMen

    Design A Patch Event...

    hello , i have question to ask , that i win the contest at 5th and as you shown that i will get hood , but i got kidd instead . anything wrong because i just want to make sure that no mistake when you give the prize , thank and sry about my english
  2. TheMen

    Design A Patch Event...

  3. TheMen

    Design A Patch submission

    Patch Name: Poseidon's Fury Owner In Game name: TheMen Desired nomination: My English isn't good so i will try my best to explain :D , I try to create some Unique, eye catching like what WG said and also relative to Sea and battles . Combine them i got the god of sea "Poseidon" and make he more dangerous with 1 eye and torpedo and skull. So enjoys my patch and thank for reading :D The 1st picture is my Perfect patch and the second is first paint but not suite his beard :D . and also file rar for 3 perfect pics with black ground logo poisedon.rar
  4. as title , i played missouri with premium ac + flag + camo ,but the credits is not good as before the patch , only me or everyone think it's was nerf ( hidden) by wg ?
  5. TheMen

    auto damage to fighters

    my 3 squadrons fighter attack the 3 enemy squad fighter , but i win and have 2 squads left with full and 2 , but squad with 2 fighters still taking damage from nothing , the icon of squad alway light and show that get damage from something , maybe undersea , and i call that squad back but it died all later , then i release the new squad and it keep get damaged, i give other to patrol my ship and see what happend , the squad then die all , OMG so pain !!!!
  6. TheMen


    I know how you felt dude, this ship too expensive and the accuracy is bad but no one believe you, I had one and I now how bad it is, paper armor, long big and bad accuracy, low damage also :d
  7. i don't know what caused damage to my fighter in tier 7 hiryu , it's keep damage to my squadron until it destroy and keep damage to the new squadron even my squadron flight alone , no enemy fighter , no cruise or destroyer nearby , what happend ? how to fix it
  8. TheMen


    nvm i will keep enjoy the game , atleast i saw something happend in forum , cheer seeder
  9. TheMen


    @Retia iam not native english so my english not good , but still you can understand what i meant , so no need to borther another guys to make it perfect ok i don't talk about armor and aa , but the gun is not accuracy . it's shot like shotgun , the bullet spread out even the size only 360 mm . germant always have good gun with accuracy
  10. TheMen


    @First time buying WG stuff???? , no i play wot and bought t54 , lowe , jad 88, and in this wows i bough sims , murmansk so iam not baby , thank, @Pinnacul i don't know your latin " Caveat emptor! " so if you don't mind pls use english to express your mind ,thank ok to sum up , this is my oppion , i just want some change for tirpiz ,that all
  11. TheMen


    iam bad english but i know you guy understand what i want to describe , well i want to use word "original" , i meant tirpiz had power full armor and gun , and aa good , the german gun always good , but wg make it weak than nagato and north cali , i just want wg make some buff for this ship , because it's expensive and not fit money i pay
  12. TheMen


    well , i bought tirpiz and now very disapointed this premium ship , it's not like what wargaming said , the armor weak to 1 vs 1 , the gun is inaccuracy and weak damage althought with high rate of fire, it big and long to avoid torb , in my oppion i want WG stop hidden neft it . and make it like the origin .
  13. TheMen

    What happend to wows

    well , i have pensacola , ijn carrier tier 7 , fuso , and bogue , i know you think iam newbie have so much money and buy tier 8 premium no play from the bottom , but i did it already ,now i only see more battleship in march, and don't see des like before .
  14. TheMen

    What happend to wows

    it's not OP , i bought it and see it very weak armor in tier , 1 vs on north cali tirpiz will die , amagi also . i just complaint about the patch 0.4.1 , no more destroy in mm ...... they neft so much
  15. TheMen

    What happend to wows

    today i see my mm all is battleship , no more destroy ship ,less cruise , less carrier , what happend pls patch game again , or this game will be world of battleship . and i see 8 tirpiz in team , lol