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  1. TexWalker

    South Dakota as Tier 8 Premium

    The Sodak as a tier 8 US BB premium. It's probably already being sorted at the HQ. Self explanatory really as it makes sense and should sell bucketloads as its an iconic ship.
  2. TexWalker

    Cruiser Rebalance

    conk the US 203mm's cant HE spam because of that nasty 15 second reload thing remember? mentioning the rock paper scissors thing russian destroyers at range can easily HE bleed most cruisers, especially at higher tier. still coming back to the cruiser game balance thing...
  3. TexWalker

    Cruiser Rebalance

    Let's not touch on Japanese HE in current iteration... doing insane HE damage instead of just above the average of other nations seems broken - zao for instance. the in-game performance of the myoko and mogami is super good currently. talking about the cruiser line as a class and its in-game performance doesn't seem like they have a purpose though. good aa? 1 in many games you actually get to use that aa and its only to counter an enemy cv. rethinking the playability of the cruiser class in general I guess is the suggestion... just got carried away.
  4. TexWalker

    Cruiser Rebalance

    Without saying pay2win (just did - whoops) the premium cruisers available are currently better than their unlockable counterparts - look at the kut and chap for example, which is bad enough, then look at the kutozov compared to the new orleans.... they really need rebalancing. Looking deeper cruisers currently don't cut their weight in combat for the most part. Even a small reduction in their surface/air visibility across the whole cruiser class might make them more combat effective. DD/BB seems to be performing their role - however I would question the average income per game of a player running CA/CL by comparison - especially US CA/CL which the playerbase knows are not up to par.
  5. TexWalker

    My own World of Warships youtube replay

    game moderator earning money from playing a game they mod (albeit earning nothing off it - read more). seems like a conflict of interest. but whatever. why are no game mod/devs stats available from the WG servers? even more suspect. insert conspiracy theory!
  6. TexWalker

    Division Groupings

    Pretty simple suggestion, add a message that prevents divisions from taking ships into a game that are more than 1 tier apart. Prevents 'fail squads' and the anger of their team.
  7. TexWalker

    Cowardice and Incompetence - Asia server meta

    If this is the ex-MP twisty I remember, who used to rage about SK's on TS... yeah well... just lol. The guy is complaining about cardboard players though - if he thinks it's bad now just wait until we get real competency based MM - just like WoT. Mwuhahaha. He won't need a door, the wall will be soft enough to walk right on through.
  8. TexWalker

    USS Indianapolis (CA-35)

    add a tier to the portland class and give it a buff? nope... keep this at tier 7. the gun dispersion and real gun velocity make it better than the new orleans ( at tier 8) with a better profit-per-game than a tier 8 premium (as in the expenses are almost negligible). this thing in-game has worse stats than the NO, but it plays like a superior ship to the tier 8 CA. seriously wg, the NO needs a buff if your tier 7 premium is better than the tier 8 ca fully upgraded... just laughable.
  9. TexWalker

    How to avoid HE spam from cruisers

    HE spam isn't the issue, it's the rate of fires catching. It's probably close to 3-4 times more than it should be - should be to both get a player uncomfortable about using their DC crew early in a fight (tactically speaking - in case a fire happens early in a fight), but not enough of a likelihood that you always have time for your DC crew timer reload - that would seem to be the right balance in theory. Currently its just not working.
  10. Not talking about tactics, talking about DPS/damage models and the current iterance of game balance. Tried fighting a cleveland with aim assist on the ocean map - you cant keep at 12-15k range. Baltimores laugh at this thing,
  11. got the warspite and I repeatedly get farmed by multi-gun cruisers. its either cruiser dps is just too much at the moment, or armour isnt being calculated correctly for battleships. I suspect the former as almost all the aim assist players are sticking to clevelands and fusos currently.
  12. TexWalker

    HMS Warspite

    Yep that seems spot on. For an agile brawler she just seems to suffer from that turret rotation seriously badly - would be quite enjoyable albeit that one factor.