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  1. babamok

    Is Hotspot a better map?

    Hotspot is dynamic and full of action. This is the map where I always see BBs fighting at close range and it is so epic. IT IS FUN compared to the map Ocean.
  2. babamok

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 3

    I am from Malaysia and I would like to join the super testers. Must be a WoWS Player with at least 300 battles across different ship classes and nations.- CHECKED Must have good standing and clean records in forums and in game.- CHECKED Must have Skype and TeamSpeak for communications - CHECKED Must agree to this NDA / Set of Rules (or see below) - CHECKED Must be active and dedicated in testing sessions. - YES SIR! Must be able to follow directions and provide structured feedback. - YES SIR!
  3. babamok

    dont buy the Warspite

    You must be kidding. I love Warspite so much. Very stronk' ship
  4. babamok

    I want the Tirpitz

    Might be a bit off topic but hey, Warspite is available for this week! Grab it. I've got mine today and I love it
  5. babamok

    [Vote] I hate Hotspot the map

    Its a good map. Not a passive boring map. Full of action. Tell your team to regroup and focus fire on C (one of the tactics).
  6. babamok

    How far away is clan wars?

    I want clan war features!! Oh wait. Even my depot is not available yet.
  7. babamok

    SuperTester Accrediting Thread!

    This sounds sarcastic to me.
  8. babamok

    I want the Tirpitz

    So when do you guys think it will be available? Your opinion is greatly appreciated.
  9. The concept of NF1 clan war is epic. Where there are landing crafts used for Harbor Assault. Capturing the tiles before the final fight in the harbor (if the attacking clan managed to reach the harbor).
  10. babamok

    I want the Tirpitz

    Not fair. WOWS NA still have the Tirpitz for sale. https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/vehicles/ And WOWS EU still have the Warspite for sale. https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/?item=1483
  11. "I am not agree" "when I asking them" Sigh.
  12. babamok

    I want the Tirpitz

    Yeap seriously. Please bring back the Tirpitz and Warspite