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  1. Rhades

    Safety warning in firing Torpedoes

    Oops, your right no Tier 1, no problem in giving a warning with my team i can do that, but the problem is my team mate they did not warn me. lots of this happen if you watch video in you tube. A guy manage to destroy a Battleship with his Cruiser very happy proud, all of a sudden a torpedo alarm came up he panic search the area, there white torpedo coming on his broadside 4 salvo. His ship sunk and no warning he received from his team mate. The game is free and enjoyable but the player who do not follow rules of engagement should be punish.
  2. Rhades

    Safety warning in firing Torpedoes

    Really no damage in WOT Blitz, that nice, well at least no worries there.
  3. Rhades

    Safety warning in firing Torpedoes

    I am just concern that the team kill would be reduce, and torpedoes are devastating Tier 1 destroyer can destroy a tier 7 or 8 battleship if got lucky in WOT you got no chance Tier 1 tank against tier 7 or 8. but here the higher the tier you got the more devastating power you have, to destroy the enemy.
  4. Hello, I just hope the guys in war gaming would find a safe way in firing Torpedoes. I'm not a Premium Account user, but it would be a disappointment if you are been sunk by a teammate who fired his torpedo everywhere. I know at the end of the game you will be compensated, but I liked to finish the game and hone my skill. but I got sunk because a team mate try to sink a island which i am using as cover. A simple warning on the mini map when a friendly ship fire a torpedo his ship would blink or change in color, When you select the torpedo and no enemy ship targeted but a friendly in the area, "WARNING friendly ship in the area". When you aim the torpedo to the friendly ship, "Warning that a friendly". The game is fun and I enjoy it you given us the opportunity to own good ship with powerful cannon and devastating torpedo. But its not fun at all if you got sunk by a friendly who did not fallow rules. Right now I play in Co op credit and experience low, But it safer.