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  1. Mi_Amore_Cadenza

    USN DDs - How do they Work?

    Will take note of that. I've been struggling to figure out what exactly the Mahan is good at doing. I try not to shoot at anything because the moment I do, I'm lit up and everyone shifts their aim to me. Then I try to NOT shoot and just use torps, but it's hard to get a hit in because, as I said, people are so quick to turn the heck around the moment anyone else on my team starts to fire their way. I'll definitely test out what you've said about using both guns and torps.
  2. Mi_Amore_Cadenza

    USN DDs - How do they Work?

    I've just recently come back to the game after a long while and have lost a lot of know-how on how to play the USN DD line. In my recent games, this is what I've observed: 1. Easily spotted - An IJN DD can stay concealed long before you spot him all the while he can see you. And running from an enemy Cruiser, even at more than 7km, you're still seen. 2. Modules too easily damaged - You get shot, repair. The next salvo that comes in does the same thing and just screws you up all over again, and this time you don't have anything to fix the damage. 3. Enemies are always running away - How does one even manage to get any torpedo hits in when people are always circling around, even without proper reason. Basically, I'm starting to suck at DD play simply because I no longer have a clue as to how things play out on the server. Please enlighten me. I don't like being a liability to my team. EDIT: I'm currently sitting at the T7 USN Mahan. Some tips for it would be nice.
  3. Mi_Amore_Cadenza

    Two Brothers? More Like The Only Brothers

    I meant that on either side it's pretty open. The moment you go there, you have nothing to block shots.
  4. Mi_Amore_Cadenza

    Two Brothers? More Like The Only Brothers

    Ocean is literally a CV player's wet dream.
  5. Mi_Amore_Cadenza

    Two Brothers? More Like The Only Brothers

    There's a lot of room -- and the exact problem is that there there is TOO MUCH room. Open spaces with only a little amount of cover to utilize. You try to maneuver away, and you end up with salvo after salvo of shells coming towards your ship, as well as if there's a CV then you can expect torpedoes from all sides because of the lack of islands to hamper their charge. That's why I've noticed that this map is best for Cruisers.
  6. Mi_Amore_Cadenza

    Two Brothers? More Like The Only Brothers

    *in hushed tones* Those were kind of the only maps we were allowed to play back then... I mean come on, lemme play on Fault Line or North. Two Brothers is so annoying because it's dominated mostly by Cruisers, as per what I've seen. And don't even get me started on that one match where the enemy team had 4 Clevelands. EDIT: There were other maps like Ocean back in CBT, but mostly it was Fault Line, North, Islands of Ice, and New Dawn was for the low tiers.
  7. Mi_Amore_Cadenza

    Two Brothers? More Like The Only Brothers

    Back in CBT it was Islands of Ice. That frozen glacier would be so refreshing right now.
  8. I'm not sure if MM understands that there is more than 1 map in rotation...
  9. Mi_Amore_Cadenza

    I need to play worldofwarships

    Nah. Let's just give him an inflatable "friend" with a picture of WoWs taped to its face.
  10. Mi_Amore_Cadenza

    I need to play worldofwarships

    Seriously, you people think that you can just come in here, ask for access and get it. And you even have the weirdest reasons such as the game being your new wet dream. No. You don't get access simply because you asked for it.
  11. Mi_Amore_Cadenza

    I need to play worldofwarships

    How about no?
  12. Mi_Amore_Cadenza

    How to use DP guns?

    I just found this out last night and I was having too much fun watching squadrons of carrier planes and AA battery fire.
  13. No. Beta Testers for WoWp are not automatically included to be Beta Testers for WoWs.
  14. Mi_Amore_Cadenza

    I Want to participate in CBT

    Watch the video on the WoWs portal if you want to be sent an invite for the CBT. Simply coming onto the forums and asking isn't going to get you what you want.