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  1. Greetings, Thank you to all Indonesian players who came yesterday to support our event! If you any inquiry or more feedback about the event or related to PanAsia ships, do not hesitate to do so! Cheers, L.S
  2. Hi, Don't forget our Event this Saturday and see you guys at there! Cheers, L.S
  3. Hi, Sadly is already full at Main RSVP and secondary list is merely a backup list in case if there any absence player from Main RSVP, they will get the slot. You may try to walk in but most probably you will not get any goodies such as t-shirt or bonus code during the Event as the amount is very limited. Regards, L.S
  4. Hi Indonesian Captains, You may check RSVP list via this post below, kindly click the SPOILER (Reveal Hidden Contents) to reveal the name list. Regards, L.S
  5. Maybe or maybe not, let's it be surprise to you guys
  6. Hi, RSVP is closed now and thank you. Regards, L.S
  7. Update the current number of RSVP.
  8. Hi Drakon233, Not sure what you mean by random dev, however the WOWS Asia Producer is Hisashi Yaginuma from Japan, he will be there to meet and greet all WOWS players and feel free to ask any question or feedback to him during the Q&A Panel session on that day. Take a look at the portal news to check our Macho Producer Regards, L.S
  9. The entire event, you can check at the timeline provided at 1st post.
  10. Hi KazukiHaga, Good to hear that! See you on 11th! Note : Update the current RSVP.
  11. Hi, We are sorry regarding this as is hard to find a cyber cafe venue that can held up to 250 players at the same time, and as we are not really familiar with the Jakarta, we let the agency suggested to us. We may do a surveys and choose the next event based on the player's feedback, if the requirement are met and, sorry for the inconvenience. Regards, L.S
  12. Yes, RSVP will be closed once it's reached 250 slots and will be reveal One Week before the event date. Regards, L.S
  13. WG account will be provided. Feel free to join the Casual Tournament. Hi, The casual tournament is one of the activities, we still have Q&A with Producer and WOT activities at the same time, so yes, non-participant may join the Gathering as long as they're Wargaming's players and make sure to RSVP to get the slot. Remark : Update the current rsvp number.
  14. Greeting Indonesian Players! RSVP now for the WGG Indonesia 2017! Community Contributor's RSVP List lolievangeline Sekba Main RSVP List Secondary RSVP List
  15. WOWS Casual Tournament Purpose : Build the hype for the WOWS during the event. Introduce competitive content to the players. Team Selection : 32 teams. Random selection via RSVP. Random selection during Event if any team have absence member. Match Setting : Match Size : 3 vs 3 Mode : WOWS Training room. Ship Restriction : Tier VIII Premium Ships Only, no Carrier is allowed. Battle mode : Domination. Bracket :Single Elimination, Bo1 for Qualification Rounds and Best of 3 for the Final. Battle Duration : 10 or 15 minutes (final). Map : Random selection between Ring, New Dawn, Strait, Fault Line, Polar and Islands. Prize (per player): Champion / 1st Place 4,000 Doubloon (12,000 Doubloon per team) Keyboards (x3 per team) 1st Runner Up (2nd Place) 2,000 Doubloon (6,000 Doubloon per team) Headset (x3 per team) 2nd Runner Up (3rd Place) 1,000 Doubloon (3,000 Doubloon per team) Mice (x3 per team) 4th Place 1,000 Doubloon (3,000 Doubloon per team) Total Prizes : 21,000 Doubloon Keyboards x3 Headset x3 Mice x3 Rules : i. Players will be invited to the room based on the time schedule ii. If a team does not show up and ready for the battle by the scheduled time, they will automatically forfeited. iii. If a team cannot provide the full number of team, they may still attempt to win the battle with the current member they have. iv. The Organizer are entitled to find substitute player for the team before the qualified round started. v. Each team will be given around 5 minutes to check and setup their team. vi. Player are not allowed to use their own peripherals.