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  1. Eggy_Bro

    A Case for Pearl Harbour

    Yep. That's basically what I want to suggest to Wargaming. This one's free guys
  2. Eggy_Bro

    A Case for Pearl Harbour

    Scratch Pearl Harbour. WE NEED THIS RIGHT NOW!
  3. So. This is not a defence of the attack on Pearl Harbour. This is just a suggestion. The idea is to have a carrier only operation that recreates the attack on Pearl Harbour by the IJN. (Though I suppose other nations 'carriers can be included if Wargaming chooses to do so) This new operation will address two things: The new CV rework The lack of any dedicated Axis Operations Firstly, The CV rework: When the CV changes hit, experienced and novice players alike will be thrown a brand new system which they will likely be unfamiliar with. A dedicated CV operation like this will be able to help players familiarise themselves with the new style of Carrier combat, as well as the updated anti-air capabilities of enemy ships. Secondly, The lack of any dedicated Axis powers operations: We get it. "THE ALLIES WON THE WAR!" I can already hear the armchair generals typing out their angry protests. But the Axis powers did still have a few naval victories. Among the most significant of these would be Pearl Harbour. The ultimate trigger that brought America into the Second World War on the side of the Allies. While the attack was tragic, it does make for an interesting operation to include into the game. It would also give us the only situation where multiple carriers can work together in a team (Unless WG removes the 1 CV per side game cap). Some Further details and spitballing ideas: The operation would be somewhat similar to Killer Whale or Narai, but with only Carriers. The enemy ships would likely be USN T6-7 battleships and cruisers (Maybe stick some other ships in there as well if you feel like it. But if Cherry Blossom is allowed to have only IJN ships on the enemy side, then it would make sense in the context of "Historical Accuracy" to have all the enemies at Pearl be USN) The primary objectives would be to "Destroy the main force" docked in port. This would probably be comprised mainly of Battleships (Maybe five. Perhaps have Arizona docked in there). After the attack, the carriers have to retreat to an extraction zone before the main enemy fleet of carriers returns. Additional side missions could include bombing airfields, shooting down enemy fighter craft, etc. TL:DR When the CV rework hits, people will need a place to both learn the ropes of the new CV mechanics and challenge themselves with said mechanics. We could do this with a fun, interesting and historically significant operation. Also, depicting the war from the Axis' side would be an interesting new take on a genre saturated with stories from the Allies. I am not discounting the Allies. I'm just saying that the Axis also has stories worth telling. Put down your torches and pitchforks. Being able to attack Pearl Harbour would certainly be cool. But this is just a suggestion. So take it however you wish (An idea, a necessity, an attack on your sensibilities and patriotism, a mushroom with a gender-switching crown, a hat, whatever). Until next time, Fair Winds.
  4. Eggy_Bro

    A Case for Inclusivity

    Shorter than my wall of text. Kek.
  5. So... this post has been inspired by a comment on one of my older posts. "Noob players who crowd the playerbase and reduce the skill level should leave." I believe is a rough interpretation of what was said. I am of the opinion that new players should be nurtured and given the chance to get better over time. I suppose most people could be of my opinion, but stay silent about it. But that just leaves the loud majority of posts berating new players who don't know any better. Now we can't solve idioticy, but we can always help cure ignorance. I'm definitely not the best player out there. I'm not even in the low unicum ranges (I think). However, I enjoy playing this game, and the communities I've engaged with have built a very positive experience. So to maintain this game's health, I'm going to make a case for Newcomers and Inclusivity. Since WoWs became available on Steam, there has been a great influx of green commanders. New players who found this game interesting and want to give it a try. The training wheels for this game, I feel, come off when a player reaches either tier 4 or 5. That is about when a player has to start playing against actual players should they wish to sustain reasonable growth. However, according to friends of mine who used to play, this is also when a lot of new players simply drop out and stop playing. (ie, they stopped playing when they reached t5) I switched over to playing against actual players really by accident when I reached t4. I had a violent shock back then. The skill level difference in playing against predictable AI versus unpredictable humans was immense. By the time I had joined WoWs though, I did have CS:GO and TF2 under my belt. So I at least understood the concept of differences in player skill. And that improving would increase my enjoyment of the game. So I persevered, eventually getting good enough to reach the higher tiers and do reasonably well. Most new players coming to WoWs though would probably be less experienced. They might not have yet grasped the concept of having to improve their own skills in a game. After all, a wide range of games are based off the concept of merely having your ingame avatar get more powerful while you yourself as a player remain relatively unchallenged. In WoWs, however, you as a player have to improve along with your ship. As you climb up the tier ladder, you will face more seasoned players with more experience with the game. They know how to manage their consumables, how to coordinate with each other and how to use map geometry to their advantage. New players need to learn these skills to be able to do well, in lower tiers yes, but especially in higher tiers. There are people out there who help. Yuro to name one produces guides on how to optimally play certain ships. Even through memes seemingly inserted purely for entertainment, his videos both show and tell players how to improve. (This does require players to actually put effort into analysing his playstyle and understanding why what he does works, but I didn't say getting gud was easy. Also honestly, Flamu's guides are very much catered to NA and don't suit the Asia meta as much) There are some out there who are seemingly out to make the problem worse. Those who chose not to learn, and refuse to take input from others. Worse still, they take any opportunity to beat down those below them, giving them the smallest sense of superiority to pad their fragile egos. These players do nothing to help new commanders who genuinely want to improve. More than likely, they will end up driving these new players away, with their perceptions of the game forever soured by a few bad apples. Bad apples will exist in any game. That is an inevitability. But for those who believe that nurturing new players should be the way to go, try as much as possible to encourage new players. Do not just give them purely positive feedback. That is a fast track to breeding complacency and causing even more potential toxicity. Try instead to give constructive feedback. Help them rectify their problematic points and teach them how to get better. (I understand that better is a subjective term. But in this game it usually manifests as higher average damage and better win-rate) I have found that certain clans are quite supportive and friendly when it comes to playing and improving. The guys over at [1-ATF] were a bit overbearing but still helped me learn how to play destroyers effectively. (Thanks) These would be the ideal kind of clan most players join first. There are some who only provide positive feedback, however. And while it preserves the player's will to stay, does not encourage them to get better. And they will inevitably get upset when someone calls them out on their apparent lack of skill. (Certain Australian clans that shall remain unnamed I'm looking at you) TL;DR, I believe that us more experienced players should help newer players and encourage them to get better. We should not drive them away, but we should also not praise them to the point of complacency. A positive community focussed on improvement and growth is the best kind of community. Memes included. This has been a long post. For those who took the time, thank you. I hope this post has encouraged you to help. If not I hope it was at least interesting to read. Until next time, Fair Winds.
  6. Eggy_Bro

    On the subject of Legendary upgrades.

    Duely noted with thanks.
  7. So... The legendary upgrades state that they expire at the end of the year. The 7.6 update states that they expire at the end of the year. But then Notser comes in and says they don't expire. What gives?
  8. Eggy_Bro

    A case for the IJN

    Hence why I do not want them to do something like lower the cits or add radar. There is a non-gimmick way to 'fix' the IJN lines. I just don't have the answer.
  9. Eggy_Bro

    A case for the IJN

    I'm of the opinion that nurturing new players and helping them learn is an overall better option for growing and maintaining the player base. But I get where you're coming from. Cue <content removed> montage. Hell you can easily find some clueless bb player sniping from the blue line almost every game. (But clueless bb players can be seen from all nation tech trees) Insults/Derogatory Comments. Post Edited. User Sanctioned. ~ADM_dude
  10. Eggy_Bro

    Which server I should paly?

    Or how bad NA players are. Kek
  11. Eggy_Bro

    A case for the IJN

    Aye. Going back to the IJN ships, they are fun after 'git-ing gud'. But as a newbie, I detested playing that line.
  12. (Disclaimer: This is my opinion. It is purely subjective. Take it as you will, but don't take it out of context. Also I will not be counting premium ships. So all you Asashio mains calm down.) So I, like basically every other weeb, started the game playing the IJN line. I've cut my teeth and ground my hours away to reach Shimakaze, Zao and Yamato. I have enjoyed my time with them, but over time, I find myself being drawn away from the IJN. These days, it just feels like every other tech tree can offer better alternatives at any tier (With some unique exceptions). Take the tier 6 Aoba for example. Back in the days when I first started, there were three other alternatives: Cleveland, Budyonny, Leander, Le Galissonniere and Nurnberg. Now, when we compare Aoba these ships, Cleveland provided a better fire rate and HE spammability. The newly balanced Pensacola boasts superior AP shell salvos at the same calibre. Budyonny brings better range, speed and shell velocity to the table, and Nurnberg brings 1/4 german HE penetration, higher fire rates and forward firing torps. Leander boasts heal, smoke and forward firing torps once again. And finally, I have not played Le Galissonniere enough to have an opinion on her. Now there are some exceptions. Fubuki's 10km torps are unmatched at tier 6 (Which is a great advantage especially when you get up-tiered to tier 8). Amagi is still fun to play. (And arguably superior to Izumo) Furutaka, being the first cruiser able to mount 203mm guns, is unmatched in her tier as well. (But is outclassed by Myoko in most cases with matched to tier 7 Yuro pls) There are some standouts but for a lot of the grind to the top, there are other ships from other tech trees that one would rather be playing. The issue which I can discern is, that the IJN cruiser and destroyer lines' sole distinguishing feature to wargaming is their torpedos. The problem with that is that torpedos are a very inconsistent damage dealing tool compared to guns. They do massive damage when they hit, but it is unlikely for more than two torpedos from a single salvo to actually hit. And that is when they are actually aimed properly on target. Additionally, these IJN torps have larger detection radii compared to other nations. So effectively, it is likely that in an average game, you won't actually be doing that much damage compared to other destroyer lines with faster torpedo launcher reloads. Now some will say that this is compensated by the IJN's better concealment values but this advantage is effectively nullified by the prevalence of cruisers with radar. It doesn't matter how well hidden you are. Once you try to contest a cap, some Worcester, Minotaur, Des Moines, Moskva, etc., etc., etc. will be waiting to spot, and annihilate you with their radar. (And that's only mentioning tier 10. Belfast please) On top of that, The IJN destroyers do not have the firepower in their guns to make use of their concealment advantage against enemy destroyers. Then there is Xatu with his gunboat Yuugumo that puts some Cleveland players to shame. So compiling these issues, the lackluster gun firepower compared to other nations, reliance on an unreliable tool to deal damage, handling that feels inferior to other nations and concealment that doesn't really matter anymore, it's easy to see why one might get burned by playing the IJN tech tree lines. It just feels like they could be playing something better at that tier. Now to move on to why wargaming should make the IJN lines more fun to play. (Especially in Asia) It is likely that most players in Asia (And a significant number from the rest of the world as well) will start out with the IJN tech tree. If they start playing with a line that feels inherently inferior to every other line in the game, they will get burned, and they will tab out of the game. I myself know many friends who have played WoWs only to quit, having started, then burning out on the IJN line. This effect trickles down, as these burned players then share their experiences with their friends, turning them off from WoWs. I stayed because halfway down the tech tree, I took a break from the IJN line to play the German line. And it turned out to be so much more fun and engaging to play. But had I stayed stubbornly on the IJN line, I would likely have burned out and left as well. (I now own a sizable fleet. And I'm happy where I stand) Wargaming should make the IJN line more fun to play. How would be another question which I do not have the answer to yet, but making the IJN line at least fun to play (NOT Overpowered), would help to draw in and retain new players which decide to start with the IJN line. These new players who stay longer could then potentially become paying players, buying doubloons for premium camo and premium ships, earning Wargaming more money. (And isn't that what business is all about?) This is my case to make the IJN more fun to play. I'm not asking for a direct buff. That may not solve the problem. Radar is definitely out of the question given the current state of the game and lowering citadels is not the way to go either. Asia is very much a growing market for gaming, with a lot of potential for revenue. America may be louder online, but the rest of the world happens to have more actual money to spend. One would spend money on a game, but only if it was fun. And because most of us have little time, we go off our first impressions. And if our first impression happens to be poor, it is unlikely that we'll come back. This has been a bit of a rant. Now I know a lot of people will be inclined to disagree. That I understand and accept. But the ultimate point I'm trying to make is that Wargaming should make the IJN lines more fun to grind and play. And not just the top tier ships. This may cost them their egos, but will definitely pay back the debt with interest. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Eggy_Bro
  13. Eh... So this one will probably be the last one I do for a while (At least until enough shifts in gameplay happen). Per the usual disclaimer, This is all just my opinion. Take it as you will, a guide, a gospel, a badly cooked salmon filet, but this is purely subjective. So. Destroyers are probably my second favourite ship type to play. Fast, agile, able to deal large amounts of burst damage with torps, Destroyers are the WoWs equivalent of the assassin characters in RPGs (Or the Scout and Spy from TF2). Understandably, this makes destroyers the first pick for edgy edge lords who generally like to live on the flank and refuse to play the objective. But most people who do stick to destroyers all the way to high tiers are those who are competent and know how to balance playing the objective and flanking to deal damage. I myself started on the IJN line but reached tier 10 on the USN DD line first. (Because USN DDs are just so much better at securing caps and winning) Now for those who are still undecided as to which Lolibote Destroyer line to start with, here is a basic description of each line with a brief guide on what playstyles they bring to the table. (Keep in mind the date this thread was created) I will not be going over the exact specifics of each and every value and statistic for every destroyer because that would detract from my point of how these ships feel to play and also make this thread way too long. I may touch on premiums, but not all of them. As usual, we begin with the United States Navy Destroyer Line: Guns and Layout: From tier 1 to tier 9, American destroyers are armed with guns mounted in single turrets along the entire ship's hull. At tier 10, Gearing gets three twin guns in AB-X. The guns get increased damage and fire rate as tier increases, but the general characteristics remain the same. These guns have low shell velocity and high arcs, making long-range engagements difficult at best. In close quarters, however, the high fire rate of these guns can shred any enemy foolish enough to get in close. (Those who have gun duelled a Myoko in a Kidd know what I mean) Armour Piercing rounds are effective against light cruisers in close range, but in general, you want to be running High Explosive. It is more effective against enemy destroyers and battleships. Torpedos: Up to tier 7, American torpedos are, as the wiki describes, a bit of a joke. You could hit an enemy battleship with every single torpedo in a single salvo, and it would still survive with a significant amount of health remaining. Seriously. But from tier 8 onward, American torpedos get a significant improvement. Admittedly they do start off a bit slow, but the tier 9 Fletcher is a very effective torpedo boat, almost rivalling Yuugumo at the same tier. Concealment, Armour and Speed: American destroyers are still quite small. Even though their concealment is larger than their torpedo ranges for most of the line, past tier 8, they have detection ranges rivalling their Japanese counterparts. Their armour is thin, but average for a destroyer. They can feel a bit sluggish when it comes to speed, especially when you swap speed boost out for defensive AA fire, but handling is in general pretty good. Gimmicks: American destroyers at higher tiers can switch out their speed boost consumable for defensive AA fire. This special DFAA multiplies the ship's AA by four, making you a nightmare for any carrier unwitting enough to attempt to drop you. American destroyers also get the longest lasting smoke screens in the tier for tier. Then there is the USS Kidd, which is the only tier 8 destroyer which gets repair party, giving it the highest potential survivability in its tier. (TL: DR) American Destroyers excel in close quarters combat. While their concealment leaves something to be desired at lower tiers, their guns can shred all who oppose you in your capping conquest. Islands are your best friend, helping you block sightlines and avoid damage. Use them to your advantage as much as you can. Highlights: Clemson (Seal Clubbing here we come), Fletcher (This thing is really powerful) Lowlights: Mahan (Just not very good at anything) Second on the list (with the usual weeb joke stuck here), the Imperial Japanese Destroyers: Guns and Layout: IJN Destroyers start a bit like American destroyers, with single guns but mounted on slower turning turrets. But from tier 6 onward, Japanese destroyers switch to twin gun mounts mounted in A-XY formation. This means that more of their guns are mounted on the rear than in front, making firing while retreating a more viable option. The guns themselves are relatively similar to the USN guns. The same calibre, about the same damage, but sporting a significantly lower rate of fire compared to their western counterparts. Additionally, their twin turrets turn relatively slowly. This makes IJN destroyers much less suited to gun duelling at any range. Torpedos: IJN torps are powerful, to say the least. Tier for tier, they have the best damage potential, with the range to realistically utilise them against enemy ships. From the very start of the tech tree, Japanese destroyers get the ability to torp outside of their detection range. This means that you can safely strike any enemy ship without getting detected. Their damage is also one of the highest tier for tier. With just two well-placed torpedos, they can sink an enemy cruiser with ease. And even a single hit will spell disaster for any destroyer. And the speed of these metal fishes is nothing to sneeze at either. It is advised to keep a tight spread on your target to get as many torps to hit. Concealment, Armour and Speed: Japanese destroyers have the best concealment ranges in game. The tier 8 Kagerou and Harekaze can reduce their detection range all the way down to 5.4km, making them the most stealthy ships in the game. Armour wise, the thin profile of IJN dds makes penetration damage much less of a threat. However, their armour is slightly weaker than average. (Not that that makes much difference when it comes to taking HE damage). Without speed boost, the IJN ships feel a bit slow (OSOI joke here). You will have a hard time outrunning enemy ships when trying to disengage. Gimmicks: The IJN gimmicks are once again, TORPEDOS. These fish, while questionable when it comes to hit-rate, are deadly when they do connect. Additionally, higher tier Japanese destroyers (With the exception of Shimakaze) can equip torpedo reload booster. Being able to launch up to 16 fishes at once makes for a terrifying sight, be it spread far apart or concentrated close together. This is fantastic for psychological warfare and effective in making cautious enemies think twice about entering any point. Line Split: The IJN Line splits from tier 5 to an additional, more gun focussed line. This line stops at tier 8 with Akizuki, which has an even higher shell output than Gearing and a single quad torpedo launcher. Additionally, Akizuki has the highest default health pool for any destroyer in its tier. However, it has to be noted that using the Akizuki effectively requires a lot of investment in the way of captain skills and upgrades. Without these, the duck is quite difficult to do well in. (TL: DR) IJN Destroyers can hold their own in head to head combat but will struggle. Their concealment does allow them to engage first and spot targets first, assisting their allies in spotting targets while capping objectives quietly. Torpedos have a high skill ceiling and require a lot of game sense to use effectively. Highlights: Fubuki and Shininome (The jump from the comparatively anaemic Mutsuki is very welcome), Akizuki (DAKADAKADAKADAKA), Yuugumo (Surprisingly effective gunboat) Lowlights: Mutsuki (Low output in both torps and guns), Hatsuharu (A painful stock hull grind) Next, we have my personal favourites, the Kriegsmarine destroyers: Guns and Layout: Tier 2 to 5 ships get 105mm guns. From tier 6 to 8, German Destroyers are equipped with 128mm single gun mounts that turn slowly and have average fire rates. Tier 9 and 10 ships get the same guns mounted in faster turning twin mounts. Admittedly I did skip the 150mm option all the way through, so I have no idea how those feel. The 128mm guns maintain the typically German shell characteristics. HE with better penetration but lower damage and fire chance and AP shells with high damage against broadside targets. Shell arcs are flatter than USN shells, but engaging at range is still challenging. Torpedos: German torpedos do not do a lot of damage when compared to other nations' fishes. But they travel fast and reload quickly. The most effective tactic is firing one salvo, waiting about fifteen to thirty seconds, and firing another salvo on the same target. Nothing is more satisfying than hitting an enemy with two salvos and watching them helplessly flood to death because they burned their damage control. Concealment, Armour and Speed: The KM destroyers do have above average detection ranges. Going head to head with Japanese destroyers, these ships will get detected and fired upon first. Additionally, their increased size and displacement makes taking heavy penetration damage from battleships a real risk (On top of that is the fact that you will just eat more shells because of your size). They do have decent speed and handling to compensate, allowing to dodge incoming shells with relative ease. Gimmicks: German destroyers from tier 6 onward get German Hydrocoustic search. This does not come into play that much until you reach the higher tiers where approaching an enemy ship's smoke screen and exposing them becomes more viable. And at tier 10, the Z-52 gets 5.9km hydroacoustic search range, giving them an active radar within their detection range. This makes them the king of the cap, especially if that capture point has islands in it. (TL: DR) German Destroyers start off as more support type destroyers. At higher tiers, however, they can hold their own and effectively deny any capture point they choose. Their size does make them an easier target to hit but their maneuverability can help get them out of any unfortunate scraps. Highlights: V-25/ G-101/ V-170 (Forward firing torpedos WHOO), Z-52 (My personal favourite. King of the cap with a large enough health pool) Lowlights: Z-23 (A little hard to play especially with all the competition at tier 8) On to the next, the big bears. The Russian destroyer line: Guns and Layout: Up to tier 7, Russian destroyers are equipped with single mounts. After tier 8, they get twin mounts. Their guns are 130mm guns, are similar to German guns but with better HE damage and fire chance. On top of that, they have higher shell velocities, making long-range engagements against enemy cruisers a much more viable option. AP damage is also nothing to sneeze at, allowing you to penetrate medium to lightly armoured targets. You can deal a lot of damage at range with your output and shell speed. Torpedos: There are no destroyer torpedos as useless as those found on Russian destroyers. With a minuscule four kilometers of range (Up to tier 7) coupled with long reload times, using these fish is a suicidal pursuit. Things do improve at tier 8, with the line split introducing more torpedo focussed destroyers. But in general, Russian DD torpedos are more of a deterrent or distraction than an offensive tool. Concealment, Armour and Speed: Russian destroyers are the largest destroyers of the bunch. They have thicker hulls as well however, meaning they are more likely to take penetration damage from AP, and their detection range is on par with light cruisers. They do get a healthy speed advantage though, reaching 40 knots with aplomb. Because of this speed, however, their turning circles are a bit wider. Stay at range where your speed can help you outright outrun enemy shells. Gimmicks: Russian Destroyers are pretty clear-cut. Their gimmicks are their speed and high-velocity guns which make them ideal for harassing enemy ships and rushing down unwitting destroyers in smoke. At tier 9, the main line gets the option to swap smoke out for repair party. And the secondary line can switch engine boost out for defensive AA fire. This effectively allows russian destroyers to fill the role of a light support cruiser for friendly destroyers. (TL: DR) Russian DDs are not made for contesting caps. They are at their best when harassing the enemy at range, outrunning incoming fire with their speed. Their torpedos are usible at higher tiers but once again, should not be the focus. Highlights: Ognevoi (A bit of an outlier, but the most fun I've had), Khabarovsk (Holy damn this thing can put out damage), Grozovoi (100 AA rating for a destroyer. Nuff said) Lowlights: Everything below tier 8 (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. But this is just my opinion) Finally, we have the newcomers. The Pan Asia destroyers: Guns and Layout: Pan Asia destroyers are a mish-mash of ships from other nations. You have a Minekaze at tier 4, you get a russian ship at tier 6, and American DDs from tier 8 onward. One notable ship is the tier 7 Gadjah Mada, which can best be described as a tier 7 Gearing. Paired with the right upgrades, the Gadjah can sport a fire rate rivaling the tier t10 American Destroyer. This makes the Pan Asian the ultimate destroyer hunter at tier 7, overshadowing most, if not all the other options. Gun wise, the Pan Asia line sports guns which are effectively identical to the USN Line. All their advantages and weaknesses apply as well. Torpedos: Pan Asia Destroyers are unique in that they get deep water torpedos. These special fish do not hit destroyers, but can hit enemy cruisers, battleships and carriers. This is a disadvantage in the initial destroyer duel, but after the point is cleared, you will be able to deal much more damage in hits and flooding. When it comes to speed, these torps swim about as fast as their American counterparts in teir. Not bad, but not great either. Concealment, Armour and Speed: Once again, the Pan Asia destroyer characteristics are very similar to American destroyers (Almost a copy-paste). Pan Asia destroyers do trade a bit of their survivability for added concealment though. Handling is once again very similar, if not the exact same. Seriously. It's almost laughable how similar these lines are. It's almost like they just went, "What if <Ship> but with deep water torps?" Rant aside, handling is about average. Enough to get you out of the engagement should you wish to retreat. Gimmicks: Pan Asia destroyers get two unique features. A smoke screen that is active for 30 seconds and lasts 70 seconds. With premium smoke, you can reduce the cooldown time to 80 seconds, meaning you could set a new smoke screen every 10 seconds. Then, at tier 8, Pan Asia Destroyers can switch out smoke for Radar. This radar reaches a range of 7.5km and lasts for 20 seconds. A pretty poor radar for a cruiser but a very potent utility for destroyers especially if working in a pair. (TL: DR) Pan Asia destroyers have the USN guns, speed and maneuverability. While their deep water torpedos can put them at a disadvantage in a destroyer duel, their guns are more than up to the challenge. Get in close, eliminate the opposition and free up space for you to get the bigger targets. Highlights: Gadjah Mada (This is the most fun destroyer to play at t7), YueYang (The second most effective destroyer in Ranked [Z-52 forever!] Fight me.) Lowlights: The low tier destroyers up to tier 5 (Just not enough targets to hit with deep waters here) In Summary: (Because some of you would have fallen asleep by now) The USN DDs are the best all rounders and the best for newcomers The IJN DDs are focussed on stealth and torpedos. Except Akizuki, which makes her quite fun The KM DDs are great at constesting caps with their Hydro The RU DDs are focussed on ranged guns and speed The PA DDs are US DDs but with deep water torps and a tier 7 that is actually fun to play I hope my opinions have helped those who are as yet, undecided. And for those who have already been there and done that, I hope this was at least a good read. Unfortunately, this marks the end of this 'Opinions' series. I am not well versed enough on carriers to have an opinion on them. Maybe I'll do video guides in the style of Yuro and XboxAhoy when I get a new PC. Until then, Fair winds.
  14. Eggy_Bro

    An Opinion on Cruisers (May 2018)

    Aye. But once again, this is just my opinion. Maybe I was just playing her wrong, but I didn't really like her.