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  1. New Ship Trainning

    Its like having a man who has high experience with a Sniper Rifle A. Suddenly he's been given a brand new Sniper Rifle B. It doesn't matter how experienced you are, something new is new you're not going to master it right from the get go with the pass experience alone. It takes time to get the grasp of something and this arcadey system happens to reflect this in some level.
  2. Enough with all the "we are the players we pay you to give us what we want" Everybody knows in multiplayer game players are essensial to the game without them nothing happen alright but at the same time it is these players who ask too much without thinking. We have good example on premium ships already with the best sample being Kutuzov, Belfast, Saipan, Kidd. Players ask devs deliver eventhough its destroying the game bits by bits. All groups of players spend their money at the premium shops alright, all of them support the devs for what they're doing the difference here is one is paying without saying a thing and the other one just keep asking for more and more and to my knowledge devs always deliver. We are all the players the difference here is one going through more while the other one doesn't eventhough they think they do with "the same amount of playtime" Competitive players never ask for an overpowered ships to be their reward they just expect something worthwhile as a reward. The other group never ask for the same reward as a competitive players, they just want something as a reward but since they see competitive players get rewarded they spit on them. And gods know these group do in the game besides playing normally just like competitive players did on daily basis in random battle, the difference here is one participating the end game content devs developed (Clan Battle) and the other Doesn't, they still play random battle or coop for that matter. Devs tease all the players (including the competitive ones) with the ship and everybody sees the light of "worthwhile reward for going through the clan wars with its competitiveness" Majority players aren't happy about this demand the "Equality" as they spend "as much time" as the one participate the clan wars. Competitive players a little upset but still agree with the Equality treatment and silently rant it from the inside. Devs heard the wish and grant everybody the "alternative way" for a reward that is meant to be Exclusive. Again competitive players remain silence with a little lost for words when their potential worthwhile reward for participating the "End game content" devs developed being accessable just by playing normally. They felt their effort is wasted, time wasted everything they gone through..... wasted. Yet they remains silence and not create some post to demands whatever they want. The alternative way doesn't look promising for some group of players, so they create a post asking for what they want just to triggers the competitive group the so called "Eilitists" group of players. I demand a new term to call these group of player something. because they're complete opposite of "Eilitists" they're not even casuals, casuals just play the game silently and having a blast with their time.
  3. This topic has gone far enough. Cleary neither the parties is willingly agree to disagree. A loop of madness someone being selfish and will call anyone trying to explain the situation "being selfish" and "Eilitists". Eventhough the one party is clearly asking to be rewarded for doing less but his eyes he's contributing the same. Now the reason being the product is "OP" eventhough the product is not even finalised and all info is taken from videos on Youtube or wherever and every players deserve to have one. You do you man I do me. You play singleplayer game and you want to be reward while someone play a multiplayer game going through all the crap has to gain the same reward as "equality" otherwise its "eilitism" I don't know why this thread exists when the devs clearly give you what you couldn't have access in the first place they did allow the player to work their way towards the reward but apparently its not enough. I think we need a new terms for the one being complete opposite of "Eilitist"
  4. There we go, the player the game/community deserve. There needs to be more player like this who doesn't get offend by anything they "missed out on" just because they don't participate on what "they could potentially get by participating something" Its like asking for EXCLUSIVE Event items from devs that the said player missed out on for not participating the event with personal problem. Let me reminds everyone that this is suppose to be "exclusive" and the devs are generous enough for the "alternative way" and here we are whining about their "alternative way". Well said.
  5. The reward used to be "Exclusive" that said group of players who put many efforts on competitive meta. The next days dev announce they will have an "alternative way" so every players can have access to them. This of course make seasoned Competitive players and some clans lose their motivation to go through competitive meta (clan battles). Some doesn't like the idea but they all agree the "Equality" across the playerbase. Now the Alternative way is finally announced and nobody is happy about it eventhough it does open up the "alternative way" for the players to have access to what they couldn't. I don't know maybe they shouldn't bother in the first place if its gonna cause quite a dramas.
  6. So players who go through all the competitive crap, salts, coming up with the tactic to fight off the other clan with another tactics suppose to be rewarded with nothing ? They deserve to be "equally" treated as others who play mostly solo with no community interaction and against the Environment (bot) ? Please...... There's a reason why after the rumors and "What is coming up next" heard, some clan just lose all their motivation to play the clan battles. I do agree they should at the very least reward those who spend their time with the game but you can't just make it the EQUAL reward for those who only spending the time for the game. To the one who also spend their time for the game BUT go through with the hard works coming up with tactics, getting better aim in competitive matches, learning game mechanic to the last bit. The system does at the very least make the player doesn't go completely left out and that is something to say the least.
  7. What's wrong with MM these days?

    For the first time everybody here is on the same page dealing with the playerbase. At first glance whenever I see someone ranting about anything related to this I thought "Here we go again" Not this time though, yesterday I give it a go just to see the playerbase is just ...... terrible I rather play with some other forumers and COOP bots. Like some of them I saw manage to perform WORSE than COOP BOTS .... you know AFK for about 10 mins and after he got in he proceed to yolo to the enemy without pointing his gun at the enemy!!! I doubt Tutorial will do anything to help the matter, most players just treating it as another house chores get it done quickly and forget about it. If the player really has the urge to actually getting good at the game he would've do some research or actually think of what mistakes he's been making.
  8. How To Play Akizuki

    Play her like British Cruisers. Akizuki's true power lies in AP DPM meaning she will require some teammate's support to force the enemy to show a broad. Try to memorize the armor layout of potential ship she'll be facing (Yes all of them, tier 6-10) since she has a very low caliber armament the penetration power is on the low side. Forget about citadel damage, her AP shell doesn't pack enough punch to go through a citadel of a ships at that tier. Unless You happens to position her VERY close to the enemy ship (Within 4 kms and below) The trick here is to aim at the lightly armored part of the ships, casemate, bow, stern, superstructure, any part that doesn't exceed 60mm. IFHE will allows her to deal damage on soft targets use this AS A LAST RESORT, situation like when the targeted enemy is angled. HE damage is not comparable to AP but its better than no damage when angling comes into play. Without IFHE you can imagine the awkward situation where Akizuki cannot do damage against a Destroyer of the same tier or higher. IFHE is a must have for Akizuki to prevent such inevitable but she's NOT your typical HE spamming Destroyer. Basic Firing Training vs. Demolition Experts. Its up to the player what he/she wants, one is to increase Damage Per Minutes and the other one is just trying to compensate the drawback of IFHE effect. For me I rather have more DPM to burst at the given time available in a gun fight than RNG chance to set a damage over time on the enemy. She is not just a Destroyer Hunter, she's more and its up to her commander's capability to deliver such potentials.
  9. I guess the whole problem here is just "seeing the threat" on the line up. If you get hit by a torpedo at 20 kms away you deserved it, at that kind of range torpedoes are likely to spread wide enough creating the gap even for a broad of a battleships. If that said Battleships happens to be at the back 15 kms away from the front line, even better scenario for Asashio since no Cruisers/Destroyers will ever spot those incoming torps for that Battleships. Paranoia is not going to help you in the battle it won't help you with anything but instead observe where your Destroyers/Cruisers are, use them as a minesweeper to make your maneuver. Don't go anywhere alone and don't take "safer" route for your ship, its your ship's safety at the cost of your fleet's. How ironic the "safer move" to stay at the back happens to also be battleship's demise because they won't ever spot those incoming torps. Solution, Go with your teammates atleast stays within 7-9kms gap, Don't just go around saying this is a multiplayer game where you can't trust random teammates from the get-go. Without Cooperation from the players nothing good will ever happen in fact its a start of a team's downfall and we can see that from bad players driving a DD in many games already. If your teammate destroyers happens to be one of those bad one, just find a Cruiser who is willingly to hold his ground on the flank. If all your teammates failed you and you can't cooperate with them just do what you think is the best solution for the situation and accept the inevitable that is going to happen next.
  10. birthday giveaway

    Woah I wasn't expecting this. Thank you !!!
  11. birthday giveaway

    Aey Hapyy Birthday and welcome back. Welcome back....to the world of pain, salts, questionable human intelligence and most importantly, the most realistic naval simulator video game available on the internet. (The last one is totally not sarcastic) All hails to the great (detoantion)King of the WoWS !!!. Just in time for ranked battle.
  12. How to improve solo win rate?

    Okay so playing for the team and trying to win for them, educating them what could and what couldn't is contributing to my own needs and I'm being selfish. That is very clear for me now. After all this time me and others who tried to do something, educating someone or anything is just our own selfishness. Alrighty then why do me and others ever try bothering with this. Why bother carrying, why bother getting good at the game. Little hint: There's so much great players can do by the way even the team is filled with 5 unicums and the rest only know how to throws. But okay its those 5 players' business to get better at the game, to carry harder not those only know how to throws.
  13. Camoflague will destroy this game

    The only counter to passive plays and kite plays is concealment and apparently it is destroying the game. Not absurd range on Battleships/Cruisers. Not Div Anchoring. Not even CV Div. but conealment. Since when did World of Warships try to be realistic naval war simulator again?
  14. Lets debate: Stats matter

    Very subjective matter. One thing for sure, being too bad or too good doesn't make the whole community any better. Even in PvE "Co-op" games players still manage to start a war for no good reason most of the time its start by someone wanted to "mess around" on another person. As long as both parties doesn't get on each other's neck everything should be a-okay. I doubt that though since we're all humans.
  15. Arpeggio ships should be improved

    Some part of me agreed with this "Constructive gameplay idea" for gameplay wise. However World of Warships has its own core gameplay already, trying to give the same class of ship with special ability is like trying to break the core gameplay's balance. Premium ships are a good example of this already. Not to mention having these special character/ships with special ability will powercreep the original model of the same ship class. Also devs doesn't want the game to turn full arcade as everyone knows from some of the feedbacks on spacebattles already. Players either hated or loved spacebattle so the same apply for this gameplay idea. Arpeggio of Blue Steel collab has already ended so that could be another reason for devs to not make any sort of change related to those collab products. we can only hope for 2nd time but that's unlikely.