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  1. MikuChrome

    Twilight Battle is broken

    You just said what most competitive, seasoned, hardcore players been thinking about this game in the pass few years. Nobody is confident about a "good change" though seeing that everything is all about money at this point. I'm looking at you, lootboxes and all other form of broken ships that happens to be obtainable through these lootboxes.
  2. MikuChrome

    Thanks, Santa

    Gotta love it right ? Players celebrate christmas by buying these boxes to see what kind of "special" items they might get. Maybe a new and free playable fun ship, premium account, premium ship, campaign like halloween's. but nope Lootboxes, it is actually ironic that these boxes happens to be giving out a coal. Coal, one of the items to be handing out for misbehaving children. Is he implying the players are misbehaving for buying these lootboxes ? Are the players doing something bad in the game ? You be the judge. Thanks for reading
  3. Dedication can go many ways that's what they're trying to go with I think. Time - Self explanatory Manpower - Effort, Will Research - Something they say some players are crazy going so far doing math and data diggin in the game Money/Resources - The darkside of business, the investor can get anything, normal items, prem account, botting......and even the Rank 1 for rank battle/Clan battle itself. We can only hope they take note about the "darkside of business" and take actions on those doing things the wrong way, otherwise this will not be the last of the "Must be a really dedicated player".
  4. MikuChrome

    Finally, the unicum secret is revealed!

    At first I doubt author's name of the content he wrote, after going through it, It changed my mind and respect this man's another perspective of the game.
  5. MikuChrome

    Zao HE damage ... don't add up?

    With AP shells they say its a bug/glitch, happens when the game deducts 3 parts of the ship's hp on one shell hit. With HE I have no clue, sicne HE should be dealing damage to only one part of the ship so here we are. I'm not surprise though seeing the game is full of small problems that never get address since forever.
  6. MikuChrome

    Balance Wg. Balance....

    Players ask for "something new" to the table. That's where it all started. Devs tried giving them just a "figure" on a ships like Prinz Eugen, Indianapolis, Warspite, and many more ships. Nobody appreciate those ships and whine about it. So they try "Game breaking" kind of new something like Belfast, Kutuzov, Atlanta, Conqueror, and to nobody's surprise those products sold well. Players want and need something to catch up "try hards/troublemakers" Look at Graff Zepp's situation, I heard when somebody tried to voice out opinion on how to "balance" the most Overpowered monstrosity, majority of the owners just say "shut up". When devs try to use the first method of selling only the "figure" with nothing special we go back to the "nothing new to the table" complaints. For Stalingrad, players notice they're gonna be exclusive to these "try hards/troublemakers" so they voice out their "opinions" to "balance" when in reality is just trying to make the ship pathetic. Devs are more than happy to obliged since "majority players" are on the line anyway, destroying what's good about World of Warships in the process. Of which leads to majority of "try hards/troublemakers" to not give a darn about this whole mess inside the community with CC(media) and Majority(playerbase) having the most influence towards the game's inevitable Fantasy Naval warfare. TLDR: Don't take this whole unfinished unpolished of a game seriously, Ignorant is a bliss.
  7. MikuChrome

    Wows in one sentence contest

    "Broken unfinished gimmicky game"
  8. MikuChrome

    I really hate this operation

    Hint: they make it "harder" towards the cheapness not the difficulty. Even if the whole team came up with solid tactic and play perfectly the reward for it does not justified for the difficulty. The main goal of the change is to make the players gaining less from it. Apparently somebody sees this op to be too effective for farming, that "somebody" could be either devs or the players. Devs want the players to play the game longer. Players who play PvP or something else find it "unfair" when the Narai op offers THAT MUCH reward. Which is why we can't have nice things, Narai is just one of that "nice things".
  9. See it all the time, complain about it everytime as well. I wish there is an option to play alone with bots (single player coop) Can't really enforce the players how the game is suppose to be play though otherwise nobody would play since the players is suppose to "play the game" not being "controlled" that's why nobody like backseating. Bot might not require a player to do the sneaky plays or other form of tactical plays BUT that doesn't mean the player won't do it for the sake of doing it. To top that off many players also scared of getting their precious little princess (warships) getting touch or scratch. It is ironic how "kite plays" (moving away from the threat minimizing damage taken) doesn't work in coop when bots have their aim that is actually better than what most players' capable. COOP teaches the players to play aggressive which is something to consider in certain situation in random battle but since everybody treating it as a "chores" the mode itself is probably a forgotten one.
  10. MikuChrome

    RNG BS

    I got another conspiracy regards to dispersion though. Desync, I'm fairly sure its a thing and what's bad about this is that the player won't ever get inform about it until he make a shot. The game "thinks" the player haven't lock on to the target, heck sometimes I even saw one of the turret just fire nowhere close to where the rest of the turrets aim. It doesn't stop there, the game engine also can't handle any input that is "fast" meaning at very close range of engagement (where everything happen fast), you can get derpy moment likes Torpedo tube on client side is "ready" (showing green) and pressing LMB doesn't result in anything. Guns won't fire eventhough the aiming reticle is "ready" (green). One of the turret just shot nowhere into the air result in hilarious rainbow. (Quite rare now but still possible to happen) Of course this applies to every warship class in the game, destroyers, battleships, cruisers. It is possible this is the main reason experienced players tries to avoid brawling if they can help it. The way to get around it is to do everything manually, locking, aiming where you wanted to shoot at close range before the drive by happens, With "Try your luck" box, you're out of luck here since its pure RNG. I will say you're better off taking other box instead if you're running low on something since you will gain more from it.
  11. MikuChrome

    Yamato problem

    Ahhh another player get to know the truth about legendary ship doesn't do anything legendary for the game. Welcome to the tier 10. Overrated big guns for lolpenning other battleships, in reality the power is just overmatching 32mm of armor plating. If I have to tell you a harsh truth most of the new "fantasy warriors" actually comes from the majority playerbase, they wanted something new, something good "to the table" To nobody's surprise those new "fantasy warriors" powercreep the already existing one but hey atleast Yamato still can overmatch that 32mm plating .... yeah right !!! Yamato is weird, it has all the possible game mechanic's short coming in one. The big guns, 460mm to be exact. Can overmatch 32mm of armor plating but a lot of ships also has armor plating that exceed this. Require at the very least 77mm of armor plating to arm the fuse meaning you get more overpens when you take a shot at something having lightly armored. Extremely high penetration power also result in higher chance to overpens at close range. Extremely slow turret traverse, some say it is to balance the power but what power does the yamato has other than overmatching 32mm plating ? answer is ... nothing. Maneuverability, comparable to the dreadnought era US Battleships so you can guess how terrible it is having to use that kind of maneuverability at tier 10. Armor protection. All or nothing layout terrible armor for a Battleship somehow Montana with the same layout has a better protection than this. To top that off you got that infamous octagon shape citadel for no good reason while ALL other ship has no such weakness, history, intentional, whatever it is, it is stupid. The solution for this is to try to hit the enemy while they're presenting the smallest target to the yamato (bow in or stern in) complete opposite of what players used to with the AP mechanic. But since there are some ships having the bow that happens to be covered with more than 32mm of armor plating that will result in autobounces. Hitting the enemy at longer range is also an option since the further the range the lower penetration value dropped so it doesn't overpen the target. The player can still go for the broadside shot hope to get that precise shot into the citadel and hope it doesn't overpen, hope is the keyword here. So much work has to be done like having to land these limited numbers of shells to the precise hitboxes at precise angle at precise range. Yamato players probably roll with the waifu power or just plain bias towards the ship with personal reason but overall there's always a better choice than a floating hotel.
  12. MikuChrome

    A Case for Inclusivity

    I already given up giving "advice" and try to educate players in game. Yuro and all others (me included) now does it somewhere else that is not in the middle of the match. In the battle the player is already facing with his own pressure of his actions, some does not even care with the "I do what I want" attitude. Reason being giving advice or try to educate someone in the middle of the game is like "Giving orders", "Backseating" and these are the last thing players want when they play a video game. Constructive feedback with nice tone doesn't do anything for the matter either because as you know it, the process take time and most of the time it got forgotten in the blink of an eye. We can reminds them that same "constructive feedback" but at best you get the respond of "ok" just to see happens again and at worst you get "It doesn't work for me" Heck I could go so far saying some of the players even has the "play your own game" attitude towards those who try to educate them. And play their own game is what fishing divs does, how ironic. So yes most of the "constructive feedback, criticism, gameplay judgement" should be given only to the one that seek it.
  13. For me I just play whatever, whenever I want and the next thing I know is I finish the "grind". Good ships work wonder and you won't ever feel the grind, bad ships however is another story. There's no way around it other than FXP or accelerate the process with flags/camo. It doesn't make the whole experience any enjoyable all we can do is live with it. Unless you don't mind the repetitiveness and more concern about gameplay experience you can always go with coop mode. Trust me I skipped my Khabarovsk grind by playing COOP exclusively without stopping, people say coop doesn't net you good reward but in reality the reward is actually comparable to each other. Reason being coop battle will end on average of 5-7 mins while random battle can go like 15-20mins and to top it off your game result is actually more consistant in comparison to random battle. This whole thing is even more consistant with destroyer since you have access to smoke, torpedoes and you operate mostly close to the enemy forces.
  14. I want my shimakaze to have a homing torpedo system to hit target with 100% accuracy> I put my time, efforts and in game money on such expensive ship but it never seems to deliver what its suppose to be doing. Please buff my shimakaze and all other ships I own and play.
  15. MikuChrome

    Regarding being made PINK!

    Its never been "my fault" is it? Your ordinance, your responsibility. When I launch a danger close torpedoes salvo, if those torps hit my teammates I accept my undoing and apologise to the unfortunate instead of going around saying "Its your fault for running into them." We have enough people doing these kind of irresponsibility behavior in the game especially those who never seems to check their torpedo range, which never seems to reach the enemy but his teammates.