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  1. Arch_Admiral_Hood

    Race III - PADD Gadjah Mada

    IGN: Fleet_Admiral_Hood
  2. Arch_Admiral_Hood

    Race III - PADD Jianwei

    IGN: Fleet_Admiral_Hood
  3. Arch_Admiral_Hood

    Race III - PADD Shenyang

    IGN: Fleet_Admiral_Hood Time in screenshot is UTC+8
  4. Arch_Admiral_Hood

    Melon senpoi as the mascot of warsheeps Asia :3

    I don't mind
  5. Arch_Admiral_Hood

    Hall of Fame Q4.

    Aoba - 1884 Base XP
  6. Arch_Admiral_Hood

    Hall of Fame Q4.

    Tachibana - 644 Base XP
  7. Arch_Admiral_Hood

    Hall of Fame Q4.

    Campbeltown - 1584 Base XP
  8. Arch_Admiral_Hood

    Hall of Fame Q4.

    Clemson - 1540 Base XP Isokaze - 1535 Base XP Edit: Added Isokaze
  9. Arch_Admiral_Hood

    Hall of Fame Q4.

    I feel that 1 T7 Destroyer is missing from the list.... Was it Leningrad?
  10. Arch_Admiral_Hood

    Hall of Fame Q4.

    Kamikaze - 1761 Base XP
  11. Arch_Admiral_Hood

    Hall of Fame Q4.

    Nagato - 1715 Base XP Storozhevoi - 809 Base XP
  12. IJN DDs are useful because of their concealment and long range torpedoes, however you should take note that in your Example 1, you cannot depend on Mutsuki most of the time due to the fact she has slow torpedoes and her guns aren't that useful either. Most of the destroyers you will meet in Random Battles will be driven by potatoes but don't expect that much because it is Asia afterall and in their minds, IJN DDs are torpedo boats and they will depend more on torpedoes instead of their guns, which is of course not quite true. If you want to ensure your DDs can actually help the team, you should help your destroyers by taking down enemy destroyers.
  13. Arch_Admiral_Hood

    Hall of Fame Q4.

    New Mexico - 1806 Base XP Edit: Added in New Mexico
  14. Arch_Admiral_Hood

    Got to Love this New Mechanic!

    So Apparently my ARP Ashigara has the ability to do what she does in the picture below when I was Ranking earlier.... GG Well Played Wargaming! Interesting and Fun Mechanics! P.S. I still get hit by enemy shells XD
  15. Arch_Admiral_Hood

    I guess I will just leave this here...

    After the 0.5.5 Update I decide to just leave this one here...