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  1. LasIslasFilipinas

    Carry or not to Carry

    Yes! Carry to victory! I am feeling the hype!
  2. Maybe he thinks that if there are enemy fighters that would go and cross you, he will eliminate it, though what he is doing is seriously wrong. And awkward as well I guess?
  3. LasIslasFilipinas

    1 day premium account available in WoT SEA.

    I am still taking my time to rest in tanks as I became saturated due to the abundance of Bots, AFKs, and noobs. But good for the guys that still play tanks!
  4. LasIslasFilipinas

    MM & Div Fail

    Some of those guys intended to platoon like this in order to mess things up for players who want to really enjoy the game.
  5. LasIslasFilipinas

    Glad they buffed the Ishizuchi

    If the Ishizuchi is buffed, do you think that there will be a chance that they would buff the Mikasa as well? Say decreasing its dispersion? ^^
  6. LasIslasFilipinas

    I feel CV is more useless in 0.5.5

    Even though I am still at my Hosho and on my way to Zuiho, I find this discourse very informative as I get to know the details of high tier DDs, especially the Fletcher that you guys were talking about, and characteristics of the Saipan. Will I be able to fend of against the Saipan even with a fully upgraded Zuiho?
  7. LasIslasFilipinas

    Torrent file needed

    As for my case, I think there were 3 or 4 times wherein I experienced the "deleting old files" phase and took me for 2 hrs and 30 mins. I really thought that once you finish the patch, it will be smooth sailing like in previous patches, but what happened was the complete opposite. It will be a lot easier if you will just reinstall the game even if it is on 9GB.
  8. LasIslasFilipinas

    So this is what WoWS devs do all day

    Guys! Its just simply part of their routine and exercise. )))
  9. LasIslasFilipinas

    the best moment in the game

    What an inspirational video! How I wish I have more friends to play with to feel the LOVE.
  10. LasIslasFilipinas

    Better reward system

    If you are talking about rewarding the player that would do good in a single battle, I think the "Courageous Resistance" like in WoT would suffice. Though if you are pertaining to an action conducted by the players in early game, I don't think it is enough to decide for rewards as these kinds of things is more likely to be determined at the last phase of the match nearing to the end game. I am old and mature by heart is a kid, haha! A deadly combination. ;)
  11. LasIslasFilipinas

    Premium Account Discount - WoT

    Damn, how I really wish that I don't have any other bills to pay so that I could invest in my account. These discounts are so tempting, but I really need to resist and I should say that I am doing well, haha. Or I can try not to eat for 5 days or a week for sometime in order to make myself happy by obtaining in-game benefits. lol. Me as well, haha! It also depends if there are commotions within my travel route and I would be forced to take alternate ways home.
  12. LasIslasFilipinas

    Increase the space for division

    If you mean by 3 players/friends aren't enough for a division, I would disagree somehow. It would be an imbalance in a games if you have 4 coordinated players in a single game. If you have 4 players, then each individual can possess each of the different types of ships. Besides, unicums will always be in a division and will knock the hell out of you, especially in the higher tiers. :p Btw, are you sure you always play in a division with 3 players?
  13. Yes! Source! I do believe that these rumors regarding the ships that WG will be releasing soon is to get the news from the community contributors at the least and posts from RitaGamer and the like. Though obviously, what you said in general is inevitable. Oh and I don't know that you can pad your posts, wahahaha!
  14. LasIslasFilipinas

    I wonder when the TIRPITZ will return

    Hopefully by the time the Tirpitz will come out again, it will be in discount and I will have cold hard cash to buy it.
  15. LasIslasFilipinas

    Add Heroic Resistance Award in game please

    Definitely agree. I know that some of us players experienced our best moments in a losing game and it disappoints us (and irritates as well) that after what all we did in that particular game wasn't really enough to carry noob players. Credits and more EXP please, just to give credit to those abled players. If "Courageous Resistance" will be implemented, do you think it should only be for losing games and not for winning games? Just a thought.