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  1. seanl

    Minimum FPS for quality gameplay

    10 FPS? It must be extremely choppy! I would say 30 FPS is satisfactory.
  2. seanl

    New captains! Never buy Tirpitz!

    Anyway, if you can afford to buy more than 20 premium ships, you must be rich.
  3. seanl

    New captains! Never buy Tirpitz!

    Thanks for reminding me, Northern Tiger. Any more premium ships that are craps?
  4. seanl

    Is there a way to pause Premium Account ?

    Pause your premium account? Only in your dream. Time and tide wait for no man.
  5. seanl

    No one wants to answer me

    His title is in English but the content in Chinese. Interesting.
  6. For tiering up and you just want to keep 1 tier 1 ship, which cruiser would you keep?