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  1. Kiwi_NZ

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    I think the latest what I know is that, the BOT is taking over, as long you reach open Water. However is this tested just for ships or for Planes too ? Planes can leave the border and you cant shoot them with your AA.
  2. I would say +1 yes, +2 hardly possible, +3 IMPOSSIBLE.
  3. Kiwi_NZ

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    Found a nice Video how to "cheat" with Planes. (starting at 3:40 // flying outside the Map)
  4. The problem with the 5 Point Perk is, that only DDs and CVs need a 5 Point Perk. The required xp is insane as stated from "Harpoon01". If would be nice to have a free selection what to do with the points, instead of that you must have a 1/2/3/4 Skill before getting to 5.
  5. Kiwi_NZ

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    Today I had exactly a battle what you are talking about. It was Domination, we had no carrier so our entire team moved together to be in range for 2 of 3 Caps to win by points. It started very well, after 5 Minutes we had the two caps and the enemy team 5 ships less. The CV on the other team was really good spotting and highlighting me (DD) and the other DD in our team. It took the rest of the enemy quit a while to get us before they could advance torwards our both caps. Going for the CV would be suicide because he was well protected. End of story .... the CV got 8 Kills, we lost the match and I was in a match, not seen very often, where our team worked very well as a group. Even playing well against a single enemy CV shows how much impact this unit (CV) is having, compared to any other class in this game.
  6. Kiwi_NZ

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    And how long has a DD to wait ? Not to mention his perfect accuracy. The enemy of a DD needs just to change direction or speed and it was a shot in the "BLUE".
  7. Kiwi_NZ

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    Naval tactics is not working in public. To punish lone wolfs, yes thats fine, but to yolo in in a 3 ship formation ? Ships need space to each other to maneuver to avoid impact, result is AA is to short for overlapping support.
  8. Kiwi_NZ

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    Naa, I think we can live with Manuel drops. In my opinion AA needs to be a lot stronger + Range. (CA) Have you ever seen a Hightier CV running out of planes ?
  9. Kiwi_NZ

    Issue with U.S.A carrier

    Just only 790 xp. Did you ever had a look to other ship-classes ? A CV should be part of the team not the "King of the Hill".
  10. Kiwi_NZ

    Issue with U.S.A carrier

    Maybe, just maybe scouting and highlighting enemy DDs until they are smashed to death from your team-mates.
  11. As the other has stated, no need for a premium ship at this stage of the current game development. Stopped playing high-tiers (7+) and I have 30 Million in credits. Don´t know what to do with it.
  12. Kiwi_NZ

    Supporting Carriers

    Maybe you should read my posting again. As a CA player I can´t support a BB by just giving AA support. I need to be in range to my BB teammate to shoot at other CA/BB. Maintarget for a BB Player are Cruiser (as listed in Starting Screen of the Match), what I see in most cases they are shooting long range at other BBs. If the Gunrange from a BB would be a bit shorter they could support each other far better. If you are saying all are hammering on you if you are in their range, what about me being in CA or even DD ?
  13. Kiwi_NZ

    Issue with U.S.A carrier

    Yes Japan Carrier are fun to play since OBT, before that it was fun for all ships with decent AA Power. Thats the reason why the majority is saying CV is op, even in NOOB hands.
  14. Kiwi_NZ

    Supporting Carriers

    Do you know the difference between Player-base and NEW Players ?
  15. Kiwi_NZ

    Supporting Carriers

    Supporting a Carrier means that the Carrier has to travel with the fleet. Carrier Noobs are hiding somewhere and are not that effective as they could be. The power of a CV .... we are talking about a game, so realism means nothing if the RANDOM PLAYERBASE is not using Naval tactics. (How could they ?) So for that reason, they (CV) have always the advantage over any other ship class. BBs are the next problem, they have a advantage in all and it takes them 2 shots, to take out any other ship class (Not talking about CV in this instance) If their Gun range would be shorter, so that they are closer to the frontline (Playstyle from @Syanda), a Cruiser could play its MULTI-ROLE. But this insn´t the case, with Random BB Players. At the moment the balance is so disappointing that WoWs has already lost 30% of its player-base, in just 3 Weeks. Just a few are playing High-tier battles because of the MM (Matchmaker)