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    Imbalanced Matchmaker Tier 4

    Yup, and without a hard rule for it, even with 30k players around, you will get games in this configuration popping up occasionally... based on experiences I have with WoT's matchmaker...
  2. I'm gonna do my best not to start a flame war, but I think it needs to be said. The matchmaker at tier 4 is... well, it's hard to find a word for it, the best I can say is that it's screwy. What do I mean by that? Well, take a look at this screenshot: 2 separate games, and in both games, only the enemy team has an aircraft carrier. Guess what, they wrecked my team COMPLETELY. At tier 4, a single aircraft carrier can reign supreme because simply put, there's no way to counter it. Now, this is where I start going into my arguments, but before I do, I'm just gonna say, I don't think CVs are broken. In fact I feel as you progress up the tiers they become more balanced as more and more counters against them become available, or at least stronger. They're not as hated as artillery is in WoT simply because of the fact that you can counter them or at the worst of times, anticipate them. However, at tier 4 where CVs pop up, these counters are severely limited. Very few ships have any amount of significant anti-air armaments, with the only exception possibly being the Yubari. Even then, Yubaris are rare because they are premium ships, not everyone is going to have them, and the presence of only one Yubari won't make a game changing difference. To this end, the only real, hard counter to carrier borne torpedo bombers at tier 4, are carrier borne fighters. They are the only thing effectively capable of stopping TBs from running rampant. So what happens when one side gets a CV with an anti-ship loadout and the other side gets nothing? Well, as far as I've seen, complete and total annihilation. Because in a battle, the ships that don't have air support, the BBs, the CAs, and to a certain extent the DDs, have to constantly be on the lookout for enemy TBs while the other side can blast their guns away without once looking to the skies. Is that fair or balanced? Absolutely not. It is still possible to win in these impossible odds, things can happen, player skill becomes involved. But take player skill out of that equation and things look a bit grim. The matchmaker is supposed to create a fair and balanced match, at least in terms of ship composition and we can see that there are times when it does not. I do understand that yes, it's the start of Open Beta, and people are coming in and taking their time to get carriers. But without a hard rule, even with more carriers becoming available in the queue, this can still happen. There needs to be a hard, set, unbreakable rule added, at least at tier 4 where if one side gets a CV, the other side needs to get one as well. Otherwise the game becomes unbearable for everyone involved. Thank you for taking time reading this, and post your opinions on it.