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    CV Rework : What do you want to see?

    2/0/2 on Ranger and Lexington feels fine if they attack concentrate their attacks, this dealing considerable damage to enemies, but i agree that 0/1/3 should be replaced with something like 2/2/0 or 1/1/2.
  2. Snak3


  3. 我是日航母玩家,虽然还没玩排名战,但近日在public test稍有测玩美航母。 个人主观认为美国航母玩家可以利用制空权的优势把敌方战机彻底歼灭。基于美国鱼雷机稍微逊于日本鱼雷机,开始我也认为美航母并不能在团队发挥优势,但昨天测完Ranger和Lexington过后让我对美国航母有所改观。 如附图,在歼灭32架敌机同时,我的两个俯冲轰炸机团队成功摧毁两艘Yamato,一个造成93,026伤害。 美国航母和日本航母各有千秋,美国航母主力是战斗机和俯冲轰炸机而日本航母主打鱼雷机歼灭敌人,战斗机着可用于护航。
  4. Snak3

    Balancing CV's

    Precisely. Yesterday, I was targeting a DD coming in towards my CV at close range as most my team are busy with their own agendas. He was about to shoot a full salvos of torpedoes, my 2 torpedo bombers ready to take off against it. Time is of essence. My first TB squadron drop all torpedoes, all missed as he knows how to turn his ship and slow down to allow them to pass by harmlessly. He then proceeded to fire all his torpedoes towards my CV. All missed by a slight margin as I guessed he fired them in a haste. Thank goodness I was able to get a hit at him with my 2nd squadron as the torpedoes were angled differently. Now, did someone just said DD are defenseless against torpedoes? TB needs to be nerfed just because someone can't avoid them? Where is the fun in that if you can't accept challenges in game play?
  5. Snak3

    I have a CV idea

    Hi Typhoon, Seems like you have a very interesting prospect brewing over there. Historically, the IJN has 4 powerful carrier groups, i.e. the Akagi, Kaga, Hiryu and Soryu While the USN possessed the Enterprise, Hornet and Yorktown. The advantage of the USN is having Midway Islands with their AA installations and some Army aircrafts (which of course, we all know contributed nil to any damages to any IJN warships). While IJN advantages is having a massive armada (including the infamous Yamoto and some powerful cruisers) that dwarfed those of the USN. It remains to be decided whether you want this to be played out accurately historically or just any random ship configurations will do. If it's the latter than it would be easy for WG to implement, otherwise WG have to change the battle machanics to come out with historically accurate carrier stats and battle groups. Of course, if they are willing and managed to come out with a new battle mode to allow players to jump right in to a battle, allowing them to choose any carrier groups with pre-selected battle groups to escort them without considering whether the players possessed any carriers beforehand, then it would be feasible and not to mention lots of fun if players are given incentives to play this game mode (remeber what happened with historical mode in WOT?), I would forsee that Midway Island will be the point of capture, as it is the main obejectives of the IJN while the USN will be alloted the task of defending the island with AA installations intact to discourage bombing from the IJN airforce. Once the IJN players captured the island, the USN players will have a limited time to recapture the island, barring which, any sides who hold the island for a certain amount of time will achive victory or when any sides lost all their carrier groups. Anyway, randomised CV vs CV would be a great idea as it would meant the importance of aircarft carriers would be tried and tested realistically with AA, battle group formations, CAP, radar searching, scouting and intelligence all played out in tandem. The vital importance at hand is to have a map large enough to accomodate this gameplay and battle time would be increased accordingly.