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  1. Hi Windforce,

    I have had to upgrade my computer as the previous one has died (RIP!).

    Could you please send me the link for the ST forum, Discord and Link to update the Wargaming Center.


    Many thanks and Happy New Year to you!


    Kind Regards

    Lt Dan


  2. Windforce

    erm, forums u wot

    Yes I got this warning on firefox as well, had to put it under exception in order to bypass it.
  3. Windforce

    Heres a question i was thinking about..

    However, the repair cost is lower , so the amount you earn can always make profit, unless you YOLOSWAG and die and do no dmg.
  4. Windforce

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    I just asked a friend to bring his Bogue while I just YOLO rushed the enemy in my Kamikaze. (In Co-Op)
  5. Windforce


    Mission Success !
  6. Windforce


    Only in Russia can you break a Doubloon in half
  7. Windforce


    Dont buy it, it isnt worth it cause it will suck all your time in WoWS into playing that one ship. Go buy a [Censored] instead.
  8. Windforce

    Do not discriminate only Japanese warships

    I just use the torpedo aim assist to see the ship's heading
  9. Windforce

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    I got "Aiming - Too much effort" in my Atlanta (lol no secondaries) by opening fire with 1 Salvo (all guns on target) and got the medal.
  10. Some time ago (True Story) Had been using Polandball mostly (Byskawika) to grind the captain skill. Some few games later, I entered battle rushed forward spotted a few DD and started opening fire like I do in the Polandball. "Why does my gun seem to have a shorter range?" It was then I realized I had entered battle with Minekaze........ (Needless to say I got beaten up quite badly that game, but survived somehow )
  11. Windforce

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    We need this (above) as a forum emoicon pls !
  12. Windforce

    Amazing New Game!

    There is the TOG II* ;)
  13. Windforce

    Suggest a nick for me....

    FEXP_PLOX Win10_ON Anchor_Drop