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  1. Windforce

    erm, forums u wot

    Yes I got this warning on firefox as well, had to put it under exception in order to bypass it.
  2. Windforce

    Heres a question i was thinking about..

    However, the repair cost is lower , so the amount you earn can always make profit, unless you YOLOSWAG and die and do no dmg.
  3. Windforce

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    I just asked a friend to bring his Bogue while I just YOLO rushed the enemy in my Kamikaze. (In Co-Op)
  4. Windforce


    Mission Success !
  5. Windforce


    Only in Russia can you break a Doubloon in half
  6. Windforce


    Dont buy it, it isnt worth it cause it will suck all your time in WoWS into playing that one ship. Go buy a [Censored] instead.
  7. Windforce

    Do not discriminate only Japanese warships

    I just use the torpedo aim assist to see the ship's heading
  8. Windforce

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    I got "Aiming - Too much effort" in my Atlanta (lol no secondaries) by opening fire with 1 Salvo (all guns on target) and got the medal.
  9. Some time ago (True Story) Had been using Polandball mostly (Byskawika) to grind the captain skill. Some few games later, I entered battle rushed forward spotted a few DD and started opening fire like I do in the Polandball. "Why does my gun seem to have a shorter range?" It was then I realized I had entered battle with Minekaze........ (Needless to say I got beaten up quite badly that game, but survived somehow )
  10. Windforce

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    We need this (above) as a forum emoicon pls !
  11. Windforce

    Amazing New Game!

    There is the TOG II* ;)
  12. Windforce

    Suggest a nick for me....

    FEXP_PLOX Win10_ON Anchor_Drop
  13. Windforce

    What are the Arpeggio Battle Voices Saying?

    Best is Maya. CARNIVAL DAYO.... ohwait.............