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  1. Scott_Free

    Any way to change the server NA to ASIA?

    I saw a thing along time ago to change the region folders or something over from NA to Asia for World of Tanks. Never seen anything to do the same for this game so I am afraid you'll have to do a complete reinstall of the Client http://worldofwarships.asia/en/content/game/
  2. Scott_Free

    Need Some Advice.

    I've been enjoying it thus far. Been getting kills and actually dishing damage on BB's and other cruisers with AP. Finally can actually try to aim for citadels because my guns can rotate in time xD
  3. Scott_Free

    Need Some Advice.

    Pfft try 100 with average of 18 K damage, then again all I've been playing is the Furutaka so that can't help.... Finally got the Aoba so now I can actually start thinking straight in a game!
  4. Scott_Free

    Is it matter who got the finishing blow?

    No such thing as kill stealing only kill "confirming" . So no, not really.
  5. Scott_Free

    Need Some Advice.

    Yeah i would love to, I just think everyone is busy all the time xD
  6. Scott_Free

    Need Some Advice.

    Since I don't want to create a new thread I will just put this here. I find that in a lot of games i play, if i don't feel as if I have control of a situation I suddenly begin to panic and make stupid decisions. As this happens to me in WOWs I usually end up turning around and end up spending half the game semi running away from something or trying to get closer to enemies to actually start doing something useful. I find I have transferred the same mentality from WOT which is the inability to trust anything on my team and I feel as if even in a group I am going to get singled out and my team will run away. I did take advice from earlier and started playing my cruiser in a passive manner and it works out to an extent... However. I find that when i play like this I find it hard to lay down fire constantly. I think it comes down to lack of trust in my team mates that really leaves me towards the bottom of the scoreboard in the post game stats.
  7. Scott_Free

    Need Some Advice.

    struggled to find someone who either speaks or english or (not saying I am a skilled player) can actually play the game at a certain level of competence.
  8. Scott_Free

    Need Some Advice.

    Well If i actually had any friends that didn't rage quit Wot a few months ago i would "division" with them, for now its the terrible solo Que in a floating citadel with slower turning turrets then my BB.
  9. Scott_Free

    Need Some Advice.

    currently at the awful furutaka tier 5 Jap Cruiser, finding it hard to use and its making me hate this game Dx
  10. Scott_Free

    Need Some Advice.

    I am having a bit of an issue in the game right now where i find myself leading a group of Battleships/Cruisers, dishing out a little damage and getting wrecked by half the enemy team. Now i know you could say that I am playing too aggressive but I find even if i hang back a little and wait for team mates to arrive I always seem to get caught out alone and my team never pushes a flank. Game after game I see my team hanging back afraid to push a flank and I am usually the one to cop the onslaught of enemy fire while my team mates play it safe. I quite enjoy cruisers and find I am best suited to their diverse gameplay, but still every game I find it hard to get a co-ordinated team that can actually play on the attack and start taking zones or key areas on the map. Basically my question is, how do i combat this and what would be the best way to play cruisers?