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  1. Here's the full replay: 20210613_082151_PRSC108-Pr-68-Chapaev_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay
  2. cellum95

    Dutch airstrike in action

    I'll have to question your argument that it will promote 'sit at maximum range and snipe' playstyle. As others have pointed out, the Dutch cruisers have to get close in order to send off a strike. That, in itself, is a death sentence to the user. Furthermore, there is a visible tell-tale sign of what direction the flight takes, basically screaming 'this is the path this planes would take.' There is also a significant delay between their start flight time, their drop ordinance time, and 'got hit' time which gives you ample time to get the hell out of the way which, in turn, would drastically decrease the damage one would take from it.
  3. Got Agincourt when I purchased with my Beast Token a Jutland and German DD container. (Welp there goes my container luck)
  4. While Research Bureau is massively unpopular among the player base yet WG is adamant that it would stay, I would like to present a suggestion to make R.B a bit more palatable. The current mechanic to access R.B is to get a certain number of Tier Xs, then reset a specific line back to Tier I and that would give R.B Points. The problem with this mechanic is that players don't like resetting all the way back to square 1 just to get a few points and have to grind again back to Tier X to repeat the cycle, and such grind might be painful as the meta had shifted so much that a line that is reset might not withstand against said meta. So, to make it less painful and hopefully, make R.B a little bit more desirable to the eyes of the player base, here's my suggestion for a new mechanic: 1.) All Elite XP of a certain line shall be converted into R.B points; 2.) The rate of conversion is different for each tier; and 3.) The limit is that the line should reach Tier X first-whether it is Researched or Owned before doing the conversion. This does two things: 1.) Players keep their hard-earned ships in their port; and 2.) Players can now grind for R.B points at their own set pace. Any criticism is welcome as this is just a suggestion of mine.
  5. cellum95

    Day 1 Quick Assessment on Skills Rework

    May just I add that the Fire Prevention skill is shafted due to the fact that skills pertaining to gaining a +1 for their consumables is separated for some reason(ie a 4 pointer for Damacon and Heal and 1 pointer for everything else) meaning that weathering a literal firestorm is going to be much, much harder. (The same situation goes for the 4 pointer Damacon and Heal +1 skill)
  6. List of Wishes for the Game: I. Updated 3D Models for the Veteran Lines(i.e Japanese and American lines); II. Introduction of New Operations and Difficulty Levels 1.) Tier II-IV(Easy Difficulty) 2.) Tier V-VII(Normal Difficulty) 3.) Tier VIII-X(Hard Difficulty) III. Introduction of a Recovery System akin to that from World of Tanks IV. Increase Credit and XP Earnings in Co-Op to become a viable alternative to Randoms
  7. cellum95

    The Key to Victory: A Community Halloween Challenge

    Get a key and escape the Polygon: Check Reach maximum Battle Points: Check Edit: Just added my replay here for verification purposes. 20201101_132355_PXSC101-Hindenburg-H2020_e10_FreshGameplay_2020.wowsreplay
  8. cellum95

    ST, changes to the commander skills system

    I'm just going to add my two cents on this topic. I feel like the skills should be divided into two categories: General and Specialized. General Skills are skills that gives ships all around benefit that can be picked up no matter the ship class. For example, skills like Concealment Expert and Adrenaline Rush is a must-have for the current scene, so it makes sense that these two would be available for all ship types. Specialized Skills, on the other hand, gives ships certain advantages on a specific field at the cost of other fields. For example, a higher average damage for both HE and AP at the cost of RoF and Accuracy. It is also possible to mix different skills specializing on one field, but again, those skills are giving an advantage in exchange for a disadvantage.
  9. cellum95

    What is this?

    This is the first time I've encountered this.
  10. cellum95

    USS Montana-Where To?

    For as long as I can remember, the OG Tier X Battleship USS Montana has been competitively viable ever since the game went live back in 2015. An alternative to the other OG Tier X Battleship, IJN Yamato, it offers an alpha strike potential and accuracy in exchange for slightly worse range and the inability to overmatch 30+mm armor plating. Add in a powerful AA suite and a relatively small detection range, there's a reason why US BB captains tolerated the grind from Tier III to Tier VII as it lead to 'very worth it'' ships like the North Carolina, Iowa, and finally the Montana. However, the recent additions to the game throw that viability into question. Kremlin, Thunderer, and other 457mm armed ships that can hurt those that have 30mm armor plating and have gimmicks that make the game health worse really puts the Montana into a spot wherein it will be left behind to collect dust and the grind along the US BB Line being not worth it. It doesn't get any better with the addition of the split US BB Line, with the new Tier X BB having 457mm guns. So how would WG make the USS Montana still viable despite the ever-changing landscape? I have a few suggestions, and just to be clear, these is what I think would benefit the Montana currently. Suggestions: 1.) Increase sigma value to 2.0 or 2.01 and slightly buff vertical dispersion. 2.) At medium to short range, there's a modifier to the guns that can make them punch 30+mm armor plating. 3.) A slightly better heal recovery against HE and AP hits. 4.) Slight AA range increase and damage What do you guys think?
  11. With all those Elite Ship XPs just sitting around, I'm wondering if its possible, besides the usual method of buying gold and then using it to convert it to Free XP, to normally convert those Elite Ship XP into credits and other in-game currencies? The conversion rate would be *insert high amount of E.S* XP* to 1 credit/in-game currency.
  12. cellum95

    Azur Lane-themed PVE Operation

    Edit: I just realised that if this is going to be actualised, Sirens would have BS mechanics. So I would assume there would be something that would be our own BS mechanic. *Looks at the Halloween consumables such as North Carolina's 0-dispersion Railguns, Bismarck's/Tirpitz's No U Shield, and etc.* That might work....Eh
  13. (While I don't play Azur Lane, I do follow visit game's reddit page and what pulled me in is the in-game lore. Not much is known, however what can be inferred is that the 'current' timeline is a simulation created by the enemy, the Sirens.) For this PVE Operation, here's the general gist: An AL resource-scavenging group is forced to fight when Siren Forces, lead by Purifier, descended upon them. Purifier then deploys a Mirror Sea, but something went wrong. Instead of the usual Siren-dimension, this one transports them to our game. Meanwhile, we are deployed to investigate the strange anomaly that popped up. The group sent is a 7-ship strong squadron. Requirements: 7 ships(CV, BB, CA/CL, DD <- can be flexible) Tier 6 - Easy Mode Tier 8 - Normal Mode Tier 10 - Hard Mode Rewards: Up to 3 commanders from AL side Up to 3 commanders from Siren side 500k credits 10k Free XP AL-themed camouflage Map: ??? Name of the PVE: ???
  14. cellum95

    One reason why I prefer to stay in Asia is....

    1.) Individual player skills are surprisingly mid to high level 2.) Instant teamwork when situation arrives 3.) *Players are competitive 4.) *Each know their roles well enough * - Debatable
  15. cellum95

    Script for Future Video

    I'm planning to do a video on the general roles of the various ship types. This is my first time to do this sort of thing, so I'm wondering if the script that I've done is sufficient for the topic that I've chosen. Line 1: Welcome to the video that will do its best in describing what role a ship type is expected to do in a match. I will be doing the general labels, since one nation is specialized in doing one thing than the other which will be covered in a later video. Note that this is a result of observations and actual gameplay experience. Without further ado, let’s get started. Line 2: Destroyers are generally the stealthiest, fastest, and most maneuverable ships in the game, but also the most vulnerable. With their speed and maneuverability, it is the job of this ship type to capture or deny a capture point, while also doing reconnaissance and harass the enemy fleet. They are also expected to kill enemy destroyers, although some are better than others, which we will be covering in a future video. Line 3: Cruisers is best summarized as ‘jack-of-all-trades, masters of none.’ They are armored enough to bounce some shells, while having enough firepower to vaporize the health pools of enemy ships. They also have fair to strong anti-aircraft suites that can wreak havoc on the attacking planes’ health pool. They are also fast enough to sneak in to capture or deny caps, although the latter is done more than the former. Line 4: Battleships is famously defined by their firepower, armor, and large health pools. They have the largest guns compared to the other types, and this is used to slap big damage on enemy ships. While a secondary role, their extensive AA suite can screen the fleet against aircraft when cruisers are too far away to help. Thanks to their armor and large HP pool, they are expected to bare the brunt of the enemies’ fire, allowing other ships to safely engage the enemy fleet with minimal repercussions. Line 5: Aircraft Carriers are, obviously, defined by their strike crafts. They are expected to spot the enemy for the team, while swooping in to deal harassing damage to soften the enemy and disrupt their concentration. They are also expected to protect their teammates against enemy aircraft by using their fighters. Line 6: Those the general roles that the ship types in World of Warships are expected to do. If you like this video, please like this video and to share with all your friends. If you like to put your own cent on each type’s roles, please comment down below.