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  1. cellum95

    CV Rework Feedback-Balance

    I think that mixing the old and new CV mechanics would be beneficial to all, since historically speaking, CVs in real life had to juggle multiple squadrons at the same time. Controls: There would be a key-bind that can automatically switch between the old and new mechanics, though there would be an additional key-bind so that the player can switch to gain control of one particular squadron. This way, players of all skill levels could choose which mode to use depending on the situation at hand. AA: The AA should stay at its current iteration(by that I mean what is in the game right now, not in the Test Server). Planes: DB and TB planes should stay as such. However, the fighter squadron should remain and therefore be merged with the MB(Missile Bombers(?)) so that the squadron can still do its intended purpose while also giving it the means to damage ships when necessary. Also, US planes should have more health than their IJN counterparts. Not by much, but just enough so that one can notice which squadron which carrier is heading towards them. This is just my thoughts. It was something I thought for a long time when the CV rework teaser was released. -cellum95
  2. cellum95

    Which BB line worth to grind?

    For me, US and KMS BB line, though the French is climbing to be up there as well.
  3. cellum95

    Unrealistic Gameplay

    This is an arcade game, so you really have to expect that realism might be skewed for the sake of game play.
  4. cellum95

    Tactics and Strats for SEA Server

    From what I've observed, most if not all players would follow this: Stage 1: All players would do poking attacks first. Testing with caps and long-range shots. This is where the action is cautionary at first since all would want to gauge the strength of the opponent and would want to know the thinking process of the opposite team with whatever actions they made. This is also where whittling down the health is most commonly seen since it is seen as a safer option. Stage 2: Now there are two ways this stage could go. It can either be that an advantage is sensed and an attack is pressed, or a disadvantage is sensed a rear-guard action takes place. It depends on which flank. This is also where fortunes could switch in whichever direction it likes to go. Some casualties could be expected here. Stage 3: This is the Victory-or-Lose stage. If the fortune is decisively made in stage 2, it can dictate how will this stage will go. If fortune favors, then the enemy team would be routed and your team will be victorious. However, if fortune against, then the opposite will be true. (This is just my observation. Please take this with a pinch of salt)
  5. cellum95

    Kancolle x World of Warships

    Here's Chapter 2 Operation: Hold the Line Main Objective: Defend Pearl Harbor from enemy attacks until reinforcements arrive. Secondary Objectives: 1.) Shoot down 20 planes or more 2.) Hold for about 15 minutes 3.) Enemy ships must not enter the Bay Area 4.) Sink the Re-class Ships participating: 1.) USS North Carolina 2.) USS Massachusetts 3.) MN Richelieu 4.) IJN Atago 5.) MN Charles Martel 6.) IJN Akizuki 7.) Z-23 Theatre of Operation: Pacific Ocean 10…9…8...7…6…5…4…3…2…1 Battle Start! As the sun rises from the east, and its rays beginning to hit the Earth’s surface, the early risers might notice something peculiar just at the harbor mouth. If one might remove the grogginess of sleep, they can clearly see the details as the sun provided more light. Surprise came as a shock to their system. Sitting on the water’s surface were warships, metal-hulled warships, at least seven of them. And these weren’t modern ships, no, these were vintage ones. Surprise gave way to confusion as they knew that ships of that kind were no longer in the frontlines, as they were regulated to support roles, being museum ships, or sunk and regulated to the history books. So seeing these ships afloat with nary a scar can give way to implications. While numerous and many, it is just glorified theory crafting at that point. Answers are still needed after all. Suddenly, all seven billowed out with their horns as smoke rises out of their smokestacks, signaling that they were moving. Their combined noise echoed throughout the Hawaiian air, positively waking everyone up. The ships did not care, as their speed increases. As the warships exited the harbor and into open water, the military personnel and ship girls-sans the early risers-of the base went outside to see the spectacle unfold. The distance between their starting location and current position grew by the second. They could see the ships dispersing a bit. While some continued on straight ahead, and others going either port or starboard, they all have the same action: their guns are pointing at the horizon. The Admiral in charge of the naval base, suspicion at the back of his head as he watched, issued an alert level just in case everything went south. As personnel got to their positions and ship girls went to get their rigging, a buzzing noise could be heard. Utmost attention is given to the seaplanes that were in the air and giving CAP to their respective owners. It all made sense when someone called the attention of everyone to look at the horizon. Those who did paled. A mass of black was converging through the air towards the naval base. There was no doubt that those masses of black were Abyssal bombers. It was also a sign that an Abyssal taskforce is near the area. As the ship girls were done donning their equipment, the Abyssal bombers were getting near towards their objective. However, their flight path means that they have to fly above the warships. When they got into a certain distance, the anti-aircraft guns of the warships roared into actions, immediately shooting down several aircraft. Whoever was piloting those enemy aircraft were disoriented a bit, their formation disorganized as they were assaulted by a hail of flak from the anti-aircraft guns of the warships, and from machinegun fire from the floatplanes. It didn’t take long for them to reorganize and start attacking the annoyances. However, because of the combined firepower airborne and AA fire, their numbers were severely reduced, which results in minimal damage done to the warships. As enemy aircraft tries to outrun the range of the flak guns and floatplanes, additional buzzing noises can be heard. It was the squadrons from the carriers, launched earlier per Admiral’s order. The remaining enemy bombers didn’t stand chance, as the survivors were quickly shot down. However, it was not the end. Planes that have been launched earlier by the carriers have notified command that an enormous Abyssal task force is rapidly approaching the base. The Admiral grimaced at the odds and ordered his secretaryship girl to signal out a distress call, who replied in the affirmative and went to do the assigned task. After that, he sent out a simple order: hold out as long as humanly possible. The ship girls deployed all cried out in the affirmative. The warships did not respond but did however trained their main armaments at the enemy. Within seconds, the guns roared to life, their shells flying in the air. A distant roar from the enemy guns let them know that their shells were flying in the air as well. Seconds later, the results were in. Shells from the enemy missed their targets, though not by much. Shells from the warships, on the other hand, hit one of the enemies, though there was no major damage inflicted. As both sides reload as quickly as possible, strike craft from the carriers approach the enemy squadron. They made their attack, braving a hail of gunfire from the enemies’ anti-aircraft guns. While their strikes made home, with two sunk and another severely damaged judging from the multiple fires that broke out, only half made it out alive. But while the aircraft are returning back to their respective carriers, the ship girls finally fired their guns after being delayed with traveling. Meanwhile, the destroyers-the ones that are actually made of steel-got close enough to stealth fire their torpedoes, and their subsequent retreat after that. It was accompanied with cannon roars from both the enemy and the steel warships. Seconds later, shells fired from the ship girls earlier reached their target, causing minor damage. Mere moments after that, shells from the steel warships and the enemy arrived at their target. The damage sustained by the former was negligible at best, while those sustained by the latter were added up, with three sunk and four more damaged as a result. The floatplanes, low on fuel, return to their owners. The carriers, meanwhile, launched new waves of aircraft as the firefight continues. However, disaster soon struck the defenders as one of the warships, a destroyer if going by looks, was caught out of position by the enemy, and the Abyssal wasted no time in sinking her. In response, the defenders sank three more of the enemy. While the launched squadrons were making their way towards their target, the defenders sank two more and heavily damaged five. The situation was getting chaotic with each passing minute, as the distance between the defenders and the attackers gets smaller and smaller. Main and secondary armaments rapid fire to deal maximum damage, torpedoes launched carefully to do the same, and finally, the air above them had threats everywhere. Suddenly, a creepy laugh echo throughout the air. Everyone could see that face-splitting grins is splattered on their faces. In their minds, the battle had already been won. Surfacing among the chaos was something every ship girl dreaded. It was an Abyssal that combined the speed of a destroyer, the maneuverability of a cruiser, and the armor and firepower of a battleship. A Re-class had joined the battle. While every ship girl present grimaced, the steel warships did not bat an eye. Rather, they calmly aimed their guns at the new threat and fired. Shells hit their mark, but as the smoke cleared, it was visible to anyone that the Re-class, while damaged, is still floating. In response, the Abyssal fired its fearsome firepower at one of the warships but said warship was lucky that she dodged it in time. The gunnery duel between the two factions continues on with the occasional torpedo and aerial attacks mixing in. But as another warship goes down, this time a cruiser, the tide is slowly turning against the defenders. The power of the Abyssals was getting more and more evident, seen by the battle lines getting pushed back. Damage was mounting every second as the battle raged on. Despite their valiant effort, it would seem that an enemy breakthrough was imminent. However, as another warship, a battleship this time, got sunk, something miraculous happened. After numerous shell, torpedo, and bomb hit, the Re-class succumbed to the ridiculous amount of damage inflicted to her and sank to the bottom of the ocean. It was such an unexpected thing to happen, that the attacking enemy force stopped for a moment, seemingly unable to compute what just happened. It only lasts a moment before the enemy resumed their assault. However, the brief lull allowed both warships and ship girls to regroup and begun an audacious counter-attack. This resulted in a further 5 enemies sunk and 2 more critically damaged under continuous artillery and aerial attacks. The enemy struck back, but then, good news arrived in the nick of time. The S.O.S signal sent earlier had been received by naval command, and had organized a relief force to help them. After hours of traveling, they reached the besieged naval base, bolstering the defender’s strength. Their arrival and the additional firepower that they brought with them took the enemy fleet by surprise. Their battle line broke as they tried to wrestle to attack points at once. The defenders took advantage of their apparent slip-up and soon attacked with all they had left at the enemy. The results were catastrophic for the enemy. One ship after the other was sunk when the full wrath of the defenders was put to bare. Others tried to escape the onslaught, but they were also soon sunk when they got intercepted by the relief force. At the end of the day, virtually all that comprised the enemy assault force was sunk by either gunfire, torpedo attacks, or aerial assaults. Everybody let the adrenaline be flushed out of their systems for a while, before erupting into jubilant cries of victory. A blow of a ship horn interrupted the celebration. All eyes turned towards the warships, battle scars visible throughout their hull, sailing towards the sunset. As their forms become smaller and smaller, questions arose at the back of their mind as the merriments continued. ‘Where did they come from?’ and ‘Why did they return in their original form?’ were some of the questions asked. When the news reached center stage, many feared that the answers might elude for some time. A/N: Second snippet. This is set on the vanilla universe of Kancolle. -cellum95
  6. cellum95

    Kancolle x World of Warships

    Here's Chapter 1. Chapter 1 Operation: Valkyrie Main Objective: Save the Bismarck Secondary Objective: 1.) At least 2 Liberty ships must survive and reach the Bismarck 2.) Sink HMS King George V 3.) Shoot down 15 planes or more Ships participating: 1.) USS Lexington 2.) USS North Carolina 3.) KMS Tirpitz 4.) HMS Edinburgh 5.) IJN Atago 6.) Z-23 7.) Kiev Theatre of Operation: North/Mid-Atlantic Area Starting Operation in 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1 “Battle Start!” The sound of her main guns firing were music to her ears. Shells whizzing through the air and hitting her target were a bonus and the smell of cordite was like a drug to her. This is the experience HMS Rodney was feeling right now, and she loved every second of it. Her eyes took a quick peep of her fellows joining her in this momentous occasion. Right beside her was the flagship, HMS King George V, and just a few meters away were HMS Dorsetshire and HMS Norfolk. All three had savage grins on their faces, and she couldn’t blame them really. The cry of ‘Sink the Hood!’ was still in the air following the apparent betrayal of the then-symbol of the Royal Navy. While said ship was nowhere in sight, one of the ships that defeated, then captured, then turned her was here, and they would turn their emotions to her for the moment, releasing some of their pent-up anger. The sight of her agony amuses her greatly. Suddenly, her attention was diverted to her air radar. She could see that numerous, small unidentified contacts speeding through towards them in the southwest direction. She stared at it with confusion and suspicion. Her brain quickly told her that these were Royal Navy Fairey Swordfish en route to help with the sinking of the Bismarck. But she immediately shot it down, as she reasons to herself that HMS Illustrious and HMS Ark Royal doesn’t have planes these numerous, or as fast. The Luftwaffe was also out of the question. The operational range of all available aircraft from captured French air bases fell far too short for them to successfully reach. As her mind overclocks itself to think of this anomalous situation, she jumps slightly as King George V was shouting at her through the radio already. As she looks at her commander, the flagship was asking her what had taken her attention from the task at hand. The others were also looking at her, expecting an answer immediately. Before she could do so, the sound of shells whistling through the air alerted them of enemy gunfire. Not a moment too soon, splashes of water erupted all around them, which made them temporarily lose all concentration and break off their engagement. As they put effort into re-engaging the enemy, another noise took their attention. The screech of propellers cutting through the air made them all look up, and they were shock to see aircraft diving them on them. Their AA guns blazed away, trying to swat the annoying insects out of the sky. But the number of aircraft attacking them were too much for their combined firepower, and soon the aircraft were dropping their deadly payloads. King George V received the most damage out of all four of them. 4 torpedo hits to the port side caused extensive flooding and caused her to list to dangerous angles. What made the damage worse are 3 effective bomb hits that not only caused three separate fires to appear, but to cause her number 3 turret to be destroyed and her number 2 turret to be incapacitated for a while. She reported that her crew were working vigorously to fix the damage done to her. She, Dorsetshire, and Norfolk didn’t leave unscathed either. She was hit two bomb hits which caused a fire to break out on her deck, while Dorsetshire and Norfolk were strafed by the escorting fighters that came with the dive bombers and torpedo bombers. As the planes disengaged and regroup, the four ships were able to look at their attackers with great detail, and what they pick up was shocking. It was the not the dark, navy blue color, or the aircraft that attacked them were of the mono-wing design, but rather the insignia that was etched on their wings: a single, white star encapsulated by a blue circle, a horizontal blue bar on the background, with another bar that was white-red striped on either side of the circle. They couldn’t believe it. Their hearts tried to reason to them that it shouldn’t be possible, but their minds silenced it with the complete confirmation of the facts before them. American planes had just attacked them. Before they could mentally question this anomalous event, more screeching could be heard. Seconds later, the sound of shells impacting the water, along with the sight of columns of water erupting from multiple impact points. The scenario repeated itself many times, straddling them more and more. As they braced themselves for the inevitable shell hits, Norfolk suddenly shouted ‘Contact!’ with all she had. Despite their position, their eyes dart on the horizon, trying to visually identify the contacts the cruiser had detected. It didn’t take long. Seven plumes of smoke had been detected, which indicated a very small task force was attacking them. With a cloudy day, it was difficult to discern the defining features of the task force effectively, especially with the additional smoke plumes that are coming out from their guns. The water plumes did not help either. But lady luck suddenly gave them a break, and soon they were able to see what made up the task force. Six ships, a mixture of destroyers, cruisers and battleships the most probable composition considering the sizes. But those conning towers…surely not…. There were. Her eyes did not deceive in the slightest. Those conning towers could not be mistaken for anything else. The design of American, German, British, and Russian conning towers can be distinguishable to the trained eye, though there was one that was a complete mystery to her. She jerked herself back to attention as King George V was giving out orders to redirect their fire towards the incoming enemy squadron. Meanwhile, the enemy squadron was rapidly closing the distance while maintaining their devastating firepower at them. The destroyers especially, as they were close and were gunning towards her commander. Their guns were now aimed at the squadron attacking them. With little to no hesitation, they opened fire, managing to score hits on the German ship. But by then, it was already too late. The two destroyers of the enemy squadron turned to starboard and began laying a smoke screen to cover tracks. Rodney could only watch as King George V, heavily damaged and running at severely reduced speed, got hit by a multitude of torpedoes, columns of water erupting from where the impact point is. The extensive damage was too much for the crew of her commander to handle, and soon her already dangerous list tilted even more and more until a part of her superstructure was touching the water. She stood there, helpless to do anything as her commander rolled over, before sinking beneath the waves in a painfully slow manner. She could see oil fires licking the water, the only indication that King George V was even there in the first place. She could see of what remains of her crew, dead or trying desperately to survive in the frigid waters of the Atlantic. She stared. Her mind turned blank as she tried to comprehend the sight that happened in front of her. Oh, she does comprehend the sight, it’s just that her mind is not willing to accept it as the truth. She returned her attention to the enemy squadron, letting her large, 16-inch guns do the talking. The guns of Dorsetshire and Norfolk weren’t silent either. Their guns were sending ‘screw you’ packages in the shape of 8-inch shells hurled towards the enemy. The enemy was not amused with that reception. As soon as King George V was hit by destroyer torpedoes, the Bismarck-look-alike turned to starboard and stagger fire her 8, 15-inch guns at Norfolk. Most of the German shells straddled the heavy cruiser, but one managed to hit her. Thankfully, it only hit the smokestack. Not to drop off the momentum, the accompanying battleship also turned to starboard, bringing her massive guns to bear at Norfolk. Unlike her German counterpart, this battleship that flies the American flag fired all of its guns at the heavy cruiser. She winced at the tight grouping the shells have. But Norfolk was getting none of that. She turned to port, evading the mass of lethal projectiles that caused huge plumes of water to erupt when they missed. Her emergency maneuver, however, caused her to be in range of the squadron’s cruisers. Both of them turned to port and their guns roared at the immediate opportunity to hurt the British heavy cruiser. This is also when the German battleship finished reloading and fired again, followed by her accompanying battleship. Norfolk and her crew tried their best to dodge the incoming fire. This was a great opportunity for her to do massive damage to the squadron that was concentrating on Norfolk if it wasn’t for something that caught her immediate attention. As soon as the heavy cruiser was getting concentrated by the enemy cruisers and battleships, the destroyers came out of their smoke screen and were steaming right towards her. She redirected her massive guns to the oncoming threat and opened fire. One destroyer swerved to port, while the other swerved to starboard, but the result was the same. Her shells missed her intended target, and the destroyers resumed their normal course towards her. Her main and secondary armaments were being loaded as fast as they could be to deter the approach of her enemies. When it was painfully obvious that both of them would not stop their advance, she opted for the next best thing. As they simultaneously turn to port, she turned her bow towards them, hoping that this it is enough. She let two of her turrets continue their ‘talk’ at the enemy. The first destroyer peels away, signaling that she already put her deadly arsenal in the water. Curiously, the second destroyer was not. Her theory-making could wait, however, as she spots the metal fishes swimming towards her way. Fortunately, her calculated move meant that she wasn’t going to eat all those payloads one after the other, and what’s even better, lady luck gave her a safe passage between two torpedoes, letting her sail past them. But her troubles were not over yet. Because of her maneuver, she closed the distance between her and the second destroyer. The second destroyer waited a few seconds before launching her own sets of deadly payload. She could visibly see the underwater missiles leaving their respective pods and into the water. She winced internally. This is going to hurt. Still, she tried to maneuver herself to minimize the number of torpedoes that will make contact with her hull. She visibly cringed as one, two, no, three torpedoes struck her front starboard side. She could feel her crew rushing towards the damaged area and hastily patching up the holes that were made because of the impact. A cry caught her attention, and was greeted with the sight of Norfolk, riddled with shell holes and fires breaking out, got hit by shells from the ­Bismarck­-looking clone. With her damage, it was too much. Water rushed into her hull, and soon she listed to port before sinking beneath the waves. Movement caught her eyes, and she could see Dorsetshire moving away, keeping her fire up. With that kind of opposition whose accuracy, determination and tenacity cannot be underestimated, it was the only sound strategy to do. She also contributed by turning her firepower towards those who were chasing the heavy cruiser. The enemy squadron, however, had other plans. Buzzing noises could be heard above them, and Rodney knew what it meant. The planes that had attacked them during the opening rounds were back and with them their deadly payload. She assumed that she would be the one to be focused down, and so she braced for the inevitable damage they would cause to her. However, she was utterly confused when the squadrons of aircraft were completely ignoring her. It didn’t take long for her to realize where they are heading. She watched as all the aircraft dived to attack Dorsetshire with all they had. She watched as the heavy cruiser unleashed the might of her anti-aircraft firepower, but in the end, it didn’t even matter. Strafing runs from the escorting fighters kept the AA gunners distracted while the torpedo and dive bombers make their attack run. She stood there, helpless, as the strikes got home and destroyed the heavy cruiser within seconds. As enemy aircraft regroup and turned to return to their carrier, the full might of the enemy squadron was now turned at her. She screamed, probably a combination of rage and agony, as she was pummeled by shells while she returns the favor as fast as she could. Fires lick her superstructure, hull damage increasing insurmountably, and yet, she stubbornly refuses to sink, not when there are spirits to avenge. But sadly, it was not to be. She felt a massive hit impacting her port bow, and wonders whether it was a hit from the Bismarck-look-alike or from her companion. That train of thought quickly vanished when she noticed seawater rushing in, her damage too much for her crew to handle, and soon the miniature explosions were happening all along her deck. Ah. She was sinking, breaking apart as the waters of Atlantic were slowly taking her to Davy Jones’ locker. If only fate did not intervene… Sheffield could only look on with horror at the events that unfolded. In a matter of minutes, King George V, Rodney, Norfolk, and Dorsetshire had been killed by a squadron that seemingly came out of nowhere, accompanied by aircraft launched from an unseen carrier. She could see them closing the distance with Bismarck, then forming a perimeter around her. Her captain ordered an immediate retreat from the area, lest they caught the attention of the enemy’s saviors. Frankly, she didn’t blame him for his decision. If she were in his shoes, she would’ve done the same. As she turned around to return to her squadron, her ears heard buzzing noises. She looked up, and a squadron of Fairey Swordfish flying towards the carnage. Her eyes widen and radio them to break off their attack and head home, but for some reason, they continue on. She radioed them again, hoping against all hope that they heed her message. It was ignored, and she turned her head while sailing away to watch their doomed attack. She noted that they were still gunning towards the battered German battleship that was now surrounded by the enemy squadron. She watched as they broke off into three attack formations, then dive towards their target. She watched as the anti-air guns of the squadron erupt furiously at the sky. She turned her attention away as soon as the first Swordfish erupt into flames and fall out from the sky. Minutes earlier Ark Royal watched as the last of her Swordfish take off from her flight deck. She could see them forming up before heading towards the final battle. She sighs happily, knowing that the pride of the Royal Navy shall be avenged soon. While she waits, she looks at the squadmate that was with her. Renown stood there, her face stony and unflinching. She contemplates whether that is really her expression or it is just a façade to hide her true expression. Time passed, and soon she looked down on her wrist to see the time. She hummed when she read the time. It was only a few minutes before they would reach Bismarck and aid in the destruction of the one who turned Hood traitor, hopefully. Minutes passed, and soon she felt that something was wrong. Her feeling was being validated as soon as an hour had passed, and the squadron of Swordfish she had sent ages ago did not return. Worry started to ebb into the forefront of her conscious as time marched forward still. It magnified as soon as Sheffield returned to the formation, her expression struck by fear. She could feel Renown giving her undivided attention to the heavy cruiser, and she immediately asked what happened. She braced for the news to hit her. The British heavy cruiser took a moment to take her breath before looking at them and telling the events that unfolded. She could feel her breath hitching as the story is told in great detail, the fury Renown is giving off as it progressed, and the sorrow Sheffield is generating as she tells all of it. As she was done telling her the events, Renown exclaimed in a dangerously calm fashion to go there and crush those meddling infidels. Sheffield argued that they should instead report to the Admiralty on what happened. They both turned to her and asked on what they should do since she is the command ship after all. She was left in a very delicate situation. The options before her were viable, but both had terrible risks associated with them. She took her time deliberating her choices, though her unease is visibly seen when both Renown and Sheffield were looking at her intensely. After much consideration, she said as calmly as she could to go for Sheffield’s advice. She was sure Renown would object with her decision, but surprisingly, with only a huff, she agreed, but she warned that the Admiralty would not like the news. She replied back that they would not, but they would have to accept it. All three of them turned about and head back to their naval base in Alexandria. They just hoped that the meddlers would be dealt with, this time with surprise on their side, not theirs. A/N: It took a lot of deliberation in my half on what I want to write: this one or a Steven Universe one. Still, I hope you guys enjoyed this first snippet of a ‘What-if’ Kancolle x WoWs operation(even though it is set in an AU of Kancolle). Forgive me if this is not up to your standard since this is new territory for me, and can help me on what to improve in the next snippets. -cellum95
  7. cellum95

    Kancolle x World of Warships

    Basically, what I have in mind for this fanfic was to do little snippets done in Operations. These snippets would be done in the original and alternate timelines of Kantai Collection. The stories would be in the perspective of a single or numerous ship girl/s in that snippet. So far, I'm working on Chapter 1 which is entitled Operation: Valkyrie and is set on the Eternal timeline created in the thread of SheoDarren in Sufficient Velocities. Here is a sneak peek: Operation: Valkyrie Main Objective: Save the Bismarck Secondary Objective: 1.) At least 2 Liberty ships must survive and reach the Bismarck 2.) Sink HMS King George V 3.) Shoot down 15 planes or more Ships participating: 1.) USS Lexington 2.) USS North Carolina 3.) KMS Tirpitz 4.) HMS Edinburgh 5.) IJN Atago 6.) Z-23 7.) Kiev Theatre of Operation: North/Mid-Atlantic Area So, what do you think?
  8. cellum95

    Roles of Every Ship Type

    Most of these can be classified as Braindead. For the second line of your Cruiser part, that's why I put the Harassers role since some cruisers really do need those islands more than others. I agree with the second line of your CV part.
  9. cellum95

    Roles of Every Ship Type

    First one: If he has no camo, then either: a.) He's a newbie or; b.) Dangerously Daring i.e he solely relies on the Captain skill, Concealment Mod, and smoke. All aforementioned generalized role(since someone replied a more detailed one) of the class is still in effect. Second One: Bait if he is in a good position. Cheeky(Dangerous) Tanking is also a good description if he is also in a good position and calculates all known risks before doing such maneuver. If he is doing in a very bad position, then Not Much Helpful would be an apt description. Third One: Also Bait if he manages to do health managing very well. If not, then Useless. Fourth One: Sneaky Breeki if he/she is trying to snipe the enemy carrier early in the game. Other than that, if he/she is still doing it for the rest of the match, then they can be classified as Not Much Help.
  10. cellum95

    Roles of Every Ship Type

    Thanks for the input. Greatly appreciated.
  11. Destroyers: Scouts Cappers Harassers Morale Boost/Degradation Cruisers: Harassers DD-Destroyers General Support Battleships: Snipers(Only applies for advantageous position finding in the early game) Brawlers Damage Dealers Meat Shield Aircraft Carriers: All of the above sans the capping.
  12. cellum95

    How to deal with unsportsmanship in team play

    Basically every match in a nutshell. Though I would add that a team that has at least a semblance of map control also helps.
  13. cellum95

    Gneisenau-German RNG

    A few weeks back I unlocked and purchased the Tier VII German Battleship. After a number of battles in it, I can now comfortably say my opinion on this ship. Note: I haven't fully researched the ship, so pls take this with a grain of salt. Survivability(Health, Armor and AA Defense): The health is ok. 50k+ health isn't bad at all and fully upgraded its health raises up to around almost 60k health. Armor-wise, again it's ok. The armor can certainly hold its own, but the fact that it only offers protection against 15" and below caliber guns means that anyone sailing this ship has to keep in mind that equal-tier ships(Nagato and Colorado especially) and above can cause significant amounts of damage when showing a decent amount of your broadside. The AA Defense is average. It can do the job done, but you're not a US Battleship that has absurd amounts of AA strapped to its hull, so your best protection is to stick with teammates to stack up the damage. Firepower(Main and Secondary Armaments): The 15" guns of the Gneisenau is the very definition of Battleship RNG. When I first got it, the dispersion was so bad, even with the broadsides of the enemies showing up, the guns somehow miss them. The only way I have managed to compensate was to use the spotter plane, and even then, with only 6 guns(two per turret), you really have to take precise aim and hope to RNG that they hit. With the FCS Upgrade, I suddenly find it respectable. At least some of the shells hit when aiming the broadside of a barn from the inside. On the other hand, the Secondaries of this ship is fun. With the Secondary Armaments Modification alone it can make the health of destroyers dwindle in a respectable amount of time. Still, don't solely rely on those since you can get carried away easily of dreaming in CQC with the enemy, only to watch yourself fighting multiple enemies instead of one. Also torpedoes, nuff said. Maneuverability: The speed is phenomenal. Hell, the speed is almost comparable to that of the USS Iowa, at Tier 9. Still, the speed comes at a cost. The turning circle/speed in this is horrendous.
  14. cellum95

    Battleships - Massive powercreeps?

    While it's true that BB is an easy ship to sail-massive hitpoints, a lot of armor, and generally long range-it's the mastery of BB's that determines the skill level of a certain player. Not to mention that each BB line has a unique flavor to them in which switching from one BB to another needs adjustment. US Battleships from Tier III-Tier VII are slow, but speed has been traded for good armor protection, strong AA, and good guns(though their range is..lacking). This means that you have to choose wisely in which direction you go and follow the pace of the battle so that you can still do meaningful damage. Once you transition to the fast Battleships in Tier VIII-X, you have to change tactics. You still have the strong AA and great guns(now with range!) but now you have speed at the cost of armor protection(though it's still strong when angled). Mindfulness is key in driving the high tier US battleships since a wrong turn means a paddling from the enemy. (All US Battleships have great maneuverability, making them good at torpbeats especially when the Steering Gears Modification is equipped). Japanese Battleships(with the exception of the Kawachi at Tier III) are fast snipers. They generally have the longest range guns of any of their peers which means that the players who commandeer them can get the first shot off. However, the trade-off is that their armor protection is...alright but not great, and with the addition of their not-so-great AA defenses(though the Yamato have something to say about that), mindfulness is crucial in their survival or else, like I said in the US BB segment, the player will get a massive paddling. German Battleships are like US Battleships. Tier III-Tier VI are slow, but heavily armored ships that have great guns. Coming to Tier VII-Tier X you still have the benefit of strong armor protection, insane firepower but now you have speed. However, the guns of every German Battleship is bad in terms of accuracy which means that careful aiming is required(though you still need RNGesus for that). Their armor protection is also something to be considered. The turtleback armor is great, but only at close to medium range. At long ranges, these ships can be susceptible to citadels because most of the shots will plunge through their deck. Even at their effective range, the armor is still susceptible to huge damage because there is an exploitable gap in the armor scheme. Careful management is required.(Their AA is adequate, even reaching US standards, though Secondary Build is still favored for vaporizing anyone who dares to come close). UK Battleships still have that level of skill, though its toss aside for HE loldamage. Switching between AP or HE is more of a matter of how the enemy is presenting to you. If angled, shoot HE. If broadside, shoot AP. Try to keep up with the flow of the battle so that you can do the maximum potential of both shells. While I do have an Italian Battleship, the Giulio Cesare, without the full tech tree I can't make an opinion whether or not they play like one of the previously mentioned lines or they add something unique to the table. I don't have a French BB so....:P