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  1. cellum95

    People you've encountered in-game

    @Andy_Siau ahoy! I didn't notice you in that match until the feed revealed your name. (Also condolence on that detonation. That was unlucky.)
  2. cellum95

    Game Crashing Frequently

    Occasionally, I'm also getting crashes. Crashing while entering a match, and crashing whenever trying to re-connect to said match.
  3. Honestly, I quite like it. Two reasons: 1.) Teammates near the zeppelin immediately moves towards the objective. 2.) Teammates not near the zeppelin began moving to secure the lane and end point, and making sure the enemy doesn't do the same so that when they do win, they could move to make a hammer and anvil situation against the surviving enemies.
  4. My game crashed this early morning. It took me a while to log back in, as the game crashed twice, and when I finally got back, my port changed from Philippines to the Azur Lane Dorm. Is this normal when the game crashes? It changes port when logging back in after a crash?
  5. What I wanna know is what variable are they looking at that deemed Superships a "success".
  6. (Also, while I was trying to discover the button for hiding the UI, I accidentally discovered that you can actually honk your horn in port)
  7. cellum95

    The Viribus Unitis

    I find the Viribus quite fun despite its glaring shortcomings.
  8. How the hell did we manage to even clutch this?! Replay: https://replayswows.com/replay/149215#stats
  9. cellum95

    Novorossiysk , the grind is over

    Finally, the grind is over.
  10. Just as the title says. Replay: https://replayswows.com/replay/144502#stats
  11. cellum95

    People you've encountered in-game

    I would like to give cheers to @FFG_03 with the match early this afternoon.
  12. cellum95

    First impressions: Convoy

    Replay: https://replayswows.com/replay/141163#stats AAAAHHHH-
  13. cellum95

    What is This?

    Ah okay. Thanks.
  14. cellum95

    What is This?

    I checked the Pacific War Campaign in its entirety and I noticed this mission on the right-hand side. Highlighted it with a red circle. How do you even access that?