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  1. Update 0.7.0 Feedback

    Romah is super stronk!
  2. I got Gallant ( LUCKILY can do ez DoY missions ) and Arizona ( To train USN BB lines ) Last time.
  3. LawrenceXVIII gib santa box plox Please? So i can hope to cross fingers for new bote. Santa too late as well.
  4. Enough with those clones really...
  5. Do you want to Print money?

    Needs real money printing. Better Counterfeit it.
  6. Is this even a fair MM?

    Its for their or your punishment for bad deeds or something ;v That's why they slapped 2 Payfost and Atlanta to teach certain people a lesson.
  7. Does DoY need buff?

    Nope. Still stronk so forget bout thinking of Buffing.
  8. How to Ranger

    Ranger best played with someone whom you division with Atlanta Dfault... I mean now USN Lines are crappy before Loadout change... 202 being gone. For now as for 1 1 2 Loadout, when fighting against other planes its best use your Fighter as bait to your allied ship with Stronk aa and dont let him get away when engaging Auto attack. When you sees a full strike group, your FT is extremely powerful ( especially 7 when Air Supremacy Skills Level 4 ) you have to line up properly in strafe attack in order to have easy Plane Kill Ribbon bars. 2 Dive bombers is best used against CV. Saipan for example is going to feel in between 21 k - 25 k But even though you missed a few , at least you still score 10k - 12k. for Torp bomber, use it to scare of make DD cower in fear. But then again USN CV is so borkenly weak that 2 0 2 is gone a IJN CV 3 1 2 Hiryu will rekt you. Transition to Essex if you can or Jump yourself to IJN CV.
  9. The Ultimate way to drive CV to extinction is to : Not Playing Them. Remove CV. Don't listen to people whom says " Its what they need historical CV's " Ignore those Intelligent minded plebs. Should begone in the first place.
  10. I want to play Rubber Ducky.
  11. They will face the wrath of the Stand Fans.
  12. An Argument for CV Removal

    I don't like the part where 2 CV vs 2 CV is a stupid thing I've ever seen. But nowadays Almost mid to high tier ship have sophisticated AA power to just to make their CV planes suffer a small drastic blow. Even my Kaga had that painful fate losing my Fighters due to low durable fighter planes.
  13. But but this could make my killing difficult! I want their BLOOD!!!