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  1. LawrenceXVIII

    It's been Half a month so.

    Thanks all but for now , I only occasionally come here.
  2. LawrenceXVIII

    It's been Half a month so.

    Ello peeps, How's you guys lately? I am back in this place. I heard there's some Boosters Similar to WOT, so i sold all the said useless camo and other things .Also i bought me the Eagle* I didn't know that CV is very Ruthless favor in Aggressiveness.
  3. LawrenceXVIII

    After resinstalling

    IF they changed or not. Otherwise I haven't played this game since D7P Acquisition.
  4. LawrenceXVIII

    After resinstalling

    YET another reason not to reinstall the game despite that. I'm gonna extend my interest to download Weegay until November and find out.
  5. LawrenceXVIII

    7 achievements in one battle

  6. LawrenceXVIII

    Wargaming leave Russia and Belarus

    Did i hear woogoi Belarus and Russia got oofes now?? Perhaps I can come back and shine again! But I will wait again longer to see if there's good change or not!
  7. LawrenceXVIII

    I have Returned from this dead game.

    Time for me to go again. I really thought they had changed after I left. But somehow its garbage again. Im glad Sub O is gone. But he will still work as Weegay so....
  8. LawrenceXVIII

    I have Returned from this dead game.

    Sounds like im going back to play other games than this .
  9. LawrenceXVIII

    I have Returned from this dead game.

    Expected. I was told that Italian DD is going to be dismal.
  10. LawrenceXVIII

    I have Returned from this dead game.

    Sounds like its more deader than expected.
  11. Left after i got D7P. What did i miss in this very sorry excuse for a game?
  12. LawrenceXVIII

    0.11.1 PT服中文字体出现错误

    Bro, This is a English Community, Not Chinese. Go here instead : https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/forum/20-繁體中文討論區/
  13. LawrenceXVIII

    ✏️ Operations / Scenario Survey (Survey Ended)

    Make it available for Tier III to V. So people can get the hang of it.
  14. LawrenceXVIII

    So, Did You Get Santa's Gift Yet?

    I am yet to hoping for Hood or Ise for Christmas.
  15. LawrenceXVIII

    Ralphs 5th annual santa crate giveaway

    I get is Camo so i forgot to screenshot. Sorry.