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  1. Battlecruiser will be like Ise (and CVBB version) , B-64/65 , Tosa lines already.
  2. Or what? you want to make a T10 Yamato have 2nd Options to armed 510mm Gun?
  3. Well they could at least rework a Mechanics of 18" 460mm. Just change Alpha Damage then.
  4. Increase the Reload time lol as i suggest of 36 - 40
  5. I think Izumo should replaced by Yamato while T-10 will be A-150 Super Yamato. The Yamato will nerf the reload to 36 - 40
  6. Which is why when people wanted to waste moderate amount of cash for just a simple +10 Commander and some minor boost which is when some people can do it themselves. You know what if a bad player buys a Ship +10 Commander and plays like peanut? I mean some people ( aside their work jobs ) can train themselves with a simple +1 or +3 to learn more than just play once or twice with +10 skills. My main complain right now aside the same market strategy basic is that badly skilled people may buy them outright and will play like they never play battleship before. Even thought is mildly cheap for most Weekly's.
  7. ^ still booish k bye
  8. Every weeks are meh. Actually Sims and Alabama right now is Cool. But the everyday Lines are meh. Yeah i agree that one point not all people don't have higher tier BB's. But why not get a Cheaper BB than Weekly version? all you do is to buy a BB with +10 Commander and some Missions for particular BB. You know when Kaga came out for first time, I bought it on First release. this is a real deal. Well i dislike flamu too so that's agreedable. But for a person who crave for Italian line feels right place at home. I know that i played duca and its very undergunned, loses to a simple Omaha, but if you played for a long time to look in deeper, people know its a real deal Light cruiser, you could make DD angry after you defeated them.
  9. Mister/Misses. You could get it straight away in-game shop . Why waste extra dosh for a mere +10 commander when most people can do it easily? From 1 to 10 commander can be done in just 1 - 4 Hours on Heavy run. But actually i dont care anymore , everybody can go ahead whatever they want for buying a ship with a +10 Commander. And since when i said YOU are lazy? i don't even know who you are too. infact i don't know random people.
  10. I agree to that point Belfast wasn't popular but its still a sell well ship and guess what? every T7 Match I've played , you will never failed to encounter at least 1 or 3 Belfast in Allied or Opposing team. See what i mean J.Cesare was teased in Late August, now its Mid September. I admit i only hype those more than the first release of British BB long time ago. But i don't mind how undergunned Duca is , Regina Marina ships are high armored along with good speed but horrendously low firepower lines ever, Try Vittorio Veneto Its a 380mm on par with Bismarck or Tirpitz . See? the market is something wrong before the gamescon of GZ.
  11. Which is why i only wanted specific ships. ( I still don't even care if i wanted so bad will be come a common sight, Kaga is one example. ) I rather collect something worthwhile for my Ship Performance and not your everyday match with Saipan or Belfast along with Atlanta and Scharnhorst. Also i do remember NA got Arizona, idk why SEA butthurt about Arizona? Its just your so called playing as New Mexico style BB. But i still will not buy anything related to certain ship with a playstyle. ( unless you want that for extra new mexico playstyle when your New Mex is downed and go to Port ) As for Alabama , that one i know the riot too. Just because ST got South Dakota while the user butthurt and became alabama. ( People these days are ungrateful ) ( But again whats the big deal about South Dakota Class Battleship? I mean its relatively similar to North Carolina . ) And for Belfast , People hated it and yet i seen alot of them. What is this logic? As for Giulio Cesare : Yeah well early phase this long? I remember duca'D'Aosta is way faster release than T5 BB. And you do not forget GZ been taken off the ship which is more expensive than Enterprise, Inferior than other T8 CV (aside Enterprise T6 FT ) downright insult for those who own it, and people's main favourite dream too.
  12. Dude , Not like before, that Dunkerque and Arizona is rare but now why would you want to waste something for a Ship with a fancy +10 Commander ( because you want a mere dumb +10 Commander for purpose of playing badly you lazy twat, get a real training commander to freaking train yourself . ) when you can buy them manually in-game . I don't care its the balance, its the same repentitive premium i've ever seen. ( ALABAMA is acceptable since not all have that which i can take it back but WHY Arizona and Dunkerque? ) I'm one of the DAMN FEW's who want Non-mainstream ships like Duca'D Aosta , Kaga , HSF Harekaze and HSF Graf Spee or EVEN the utterly Broken Graf Zeps along with Enterprise and so on.
  13. Its still meh to me now. I'm waiting for special ships like Giulio Cesare. the RELEASE of that.
  14. I agree with basic marketing strategies, BUT now in-game which you can instantly get Dunkerque and Arizona. ( Aside Alabama which i know is rare to be seen ) They should impress us something special. I Rather ask them to sell us SOMETHING interesting. Admiral Makarov notably. or people want ( MIKASA which i dont have long time ago because didnt make it that time ) DD is the same thing . " Blyskawica and Anshan " ~ Commons ( Sims is a good thing i wanted to see )