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  1. Montana or Kekqueror can ELIMINATE them all. ( If that person aint stupid. )
  2. Still no answer. I'm not snappy, i get annoyed if some people tells me Integrity this and that, it kinda annoys me. If i am snappy, il yell someone in full caps. But i dislike this word " INTEGRITY" because every thing i hear in and out of this forum, its not gonna work. I did this so many times even when im still a beta tester people integrity stuff, even when they are helping me . But that is marginal level 1000 not working on it. I'm waiting for answers.
  3. Skyraider is too Post WW2 plones fren. ( saipan kek ) Thats why we have Avenger and BTD-1 in Regular plones.
  4. This is i always hear this " Check the integrity " nonsense this and " Check the integrity " that. Its STILL fine. Its your game camo glitch.
  5. Still useless tho, Des Meme with his ugly friend Montana are be like Kek AA Defense of 100. Memetaur too. You could not forget 6.12 when Desmemes and Grozovoi be like x4 DFAA Skills.
  6. That is impossible. This is a top notch PC specs, thats impossible when temp issue when it was standard 62 Degree Celsius . So thats highly unlikely most of the every day this is rare to me to see a bloody colored QE when i applied HUNTER camo.
  7. ( Will imply wont get on fire when its still 30 seconds duration ) So they wont get an easy ARSONIST the moment when IM DEAD!
  8. For all aircraft carriers in the game we increased the action time of the "Damage Control Party" consumable from 5 to 30 seconds with the probability of catching fire from HE shells brought in line with that applied to the stock hulls of Tier VI carriers. We expect that the increased action time of the "Damage Control Party" consumable will reduce the popularity of the hunt for counterparts. In addition, the extended action time of the "Damage Control Party" will allow several squadrons to take off even under a shower of high-explosive shells, but the chances for high-tier ships to catch fire when this consumable is on a cooldown will grow along with it. ~ WG ~ To ALL HE SPAMMING ANTI CV FIRESTARTING ROF ATLANTA-LIKE Cruisers and DD (NOTABLY SIMS ) ( FOR THOSE WITHOUT EMERGENCY TAKE OFF SKILLS ) (and sometimes DB sniping CV ) :
  9. I already saw this for some months now.
  10. Actually at rare times when using Catapult fighter, iona voice is still at present.
  11. This Dock can do too ( Exception of Iona's I-401 )
  12. I use the Steam version for my buying options only to send gifts to my main account.
  13. Brexit! and Colonize! QE will give you 381mm
  14. Hope so. but this QE is all bloody mary , so i could scare them with that!