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  1. LawrenceXVIII

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.1

    My feedback is none of these made me happy. I cant do anything there.
  2. LawrenceXVIII

    PSA: Operations will be temporarily disabled

    Bring back Hermes, Cherry Blossom and The Ultimate Front, which we used to farm Tier 7 and 8 Ships . I don't want to go to Random anymore due to this " Mess " .
  3. LawrenceXVIII

    Press " F " for Narai

    Dynamoh was once too good for DD lolzy. But i want them all T7 and T8 OP Back.
  4. LawrenceXVIII

    Press " F " for Narai

    Cherry Blossom , Hermes & The Ultimate Frontier was once a good T7 and CB was an T8 OP. Now our Narai is removed due to " TECHNICAL ISSUES ".
  5. LawrenceXVIII

    The New Invisible Soviet Railguns.

    Petropavlovsk is beautiful but its just, too large for a Heavy Cruiser lol. Might already need to classify this as BC. Also how could some ppl think that Alexander Nevsky is a CL when clearly anything bigger than 180mm guns is Classified as CA??? I mean look how big that AL.Nev is.
  6. Writing is far too op4me please nerf Shark
  7. LawrenceXVIII

    Maybe New ship for America?

    And im sure il completed the set.
  8. LawrenceXVIII

    Maybe New ship for America?

    Regia Marina Battleships perhaps?
  9. LawrenceXVIII

    Roma is not trash tho.

    I don't get the point people said the accuracy sucks at mid range.
  10. LawrenceXVIII

    Flambass' Live Tutorials

    Some people are crazed worshippers.
  11. LawrenceXVIII

    Flambass' Live Tutorials

    CC's are just nothing. Just learn yourself only.
  12. LawrenceXVIII

    Flambass' Live Tutorials

    Flambass , Notsers , I chase , Zoup and or Jingles??? Nah i dont need to learn from those guys. You only learn your mistakes or be better than them.
  13. LawrenceXVIII

    Aoki Kantai has returned

    Wheres muh ARP Kongo?
  14. LawrenceXVIII

    New French T10 Premium the Marceau