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  1. LawrenceXVIII

    plane bug back?

    Gaede already caused my Fighter to turned Red in 5 seconds.
  2. LawrenceXVIII

    Is there a way to pause Premium Account ?

    I wish it should be stopped. But you know, They're Cows and Pigs. oink oink.
  3. LawrenceXVIII

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.5

    That Rogue Wave Gamemode is the same as Twilight Battle but different changes. What a lame content you guys are. Why not just make a new Scenario involving VI and VII instead. Same looking commander with different appearance with no purpose at all just because its +10 ones. The another day of Camos for T10 Botes which is like from Halloween but Different styles for Madmax-like so on. In my opinion, Make a new Scenarios man. Da heck you guys doing???
  4. LawrenceXVIII

    ST, changes to test ships

    This is quite the worst ST Changes here.
  5. LawrenceXVIII

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Da Heck?! Those are Reskinned version from Halloween Last year's commander. ... What?
  6. LawrenceXVIII

    ST, Clan Brawl and Ranked Sprints

    Brilliant! The long forgotten Cancerous Cruiser will ruin destroyers day I.E , Atlanta/Belfast/Flint . Lets further make Destroyers main angry and fail to do team coordinates once again.
  7. LawrenceXVIII

    ST: New ships - Hayate and Thunderer

    "Conqueror's" Distant Foreign Brother... But with Defensive Fire AA and a x8 Gun which Conqueror has. A Mehest In-future Steel / Coal Ship I've set eyes on. I stick to Conqueror over this. This is more or less a Reskin with DFAA. Original Idea Wargaming. Hayate is at least another New Brawling Destroyer and not Thunderer Reskin of it.
  8. LawrenceXVIII

    Infuriating experiences on this server.

    Cybercafe Blobs , Bots , Coop Elitist , Etc... They feel like getting punched into the face. Especially CV as well. They form a Clump of one ball consist of 5 - 6 Ships ( DD included ) to make CV ate lead ones .
  9. LawrenceXVIII

    I’m Good, Very Good!

    Destroyers is dead. Don't come back.
  10. Soviet Ships don't have a-lot of lines. Let alone some Loaned Ships like Arkhangelsk aka HMS Royal Sovereign.
  11. LawrenceXVIII

    What Does KMS Stands For?

    Oh wow this line could roast some historians.
  12. LawrenceXVIII

    What Does KMS Stands For?

    All German BB line may KillMySelf due to massive shet-storm of Rockets.
  13. LawrenceXVIII

    What Does KMS Stands For?

    When i was a noob , i assumed KMS is Kill Myself. They're all Prefix.
  14. LawrenceXVIII

    Our collaboration with Azur Lane continues!

    I'll pass. Belarusian version of AL... Unethical.
  15. LawrenceXVIII

    waifu lootbox.

    That is a definition of Toilet Paper RNG.