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  1. Game crashing after update 0.7.9

    The game kept crashing according to my friends.
  2. Operation zzzzzmo

    OP Ultimate FU is way fun for me . Also there is a difference between boring and forcing. Im just saying they should add a DD.
  3. Operation zzzzzmo

    Right now , some of us don't have Farragut , Monaghan , Mahan nor Sims. While those 3 destroyers capable of destroying the plane due to you can net lodes of Credits and exp , While Gallant , Aigle, Haida , Jervis (if some lucky dog have it ) , Cossack , Gnevy , Baldhead man destroyer and Minsk Belarus Gloating at USN DD ripping off planes and abusing Schnellboot while they kill a small amount of planes and schnellboot. It feels like how Atlanta abused Narai 1.0 long time ago... I wish there was extra more challenging like adding a AI Gaede , T-61 , Maass & Z-39 to intervene us from retreating to the final point for before endgame. Because all this battle-time is ripping off planes , dodging artillery from mountains and #schnellbootabuse is kinda like abit boring bit of it.
  4. Operation zzzzzmo

    I rather prefer Challenging than easier faster OP. You forgot Narai right? Atlanta ruin the game. And so do Sims in this Dynamo 2.0 right here and now then.
  5. Operation zzzzzmo

    Do you not realize this OP is too easy to play and you did not read the word " Boring " right? As in Just TB's , DB's and Schnellboot are easily the most easiest enemies to be killed right? Please read OP first post properly again. This OP is like the old Narai days with 3-4 Atlanta . Please think properly before what you've said about " So don't play it. " . Now this new OP is like old Narai. a 3 Sims could make the gameplay too Level 1 easier than an actual OP itself.
  6. Supercontainer nerfed... again?

    They should re-increase chance again. I mean if beginners got a starter premium, they feel more content.
  7. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    I want ISE on this PC than Blitz.
  8. let's share your experience you play WOWS

    My Experience in Wows is these following GIF : My Favourite Experience :
  9. Most DD players are bad

    Muh Sarcasm. But expect triggered non-dd people elitist.
  10. Assh*les You Sometimes Met

    I heard of this guy. But you shouldn't name and shame it. ( and profanity ). Everybody hates him too . Not just you bruh.
  11. WoWS Update 0.7.8

    Get rid of WGC now! You are making an impact for my pc performance!