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    Its Kuching Bro Malaysia Penisular Sarawak.
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  1. LawrenceXVIII

    What is "Balance"?

    " Balans "
  2. In my opinion , I am going to sell Saipan because of no longer in use for me and/or I seen Zoup using a saipan because of low volume of planes where you only allowed to drop down a x2 AD-2 Skyraider due to in favor of Kaga because of high volume of attack strike planes.
  3. LawrenceXVIII

    Atlanta needs a serious Buff

    This is the first time I've heard someone saying " Atlanta-needs-a-serious-buff " . Atlanta does not play as your average cruiser. BUT instead, you played as a " Large Destroyer " . Use it as a Ambush point. 127mm gun is best used to make people losing their mind for island lobbing . So use HE often. And WAIT! Did i forget , Atlanta has a torpedo for surprise use right? well... okay then...
  4. LawrenceXVIII

    Update 0.8.0 Is Postponed

    I want AL Kaga or Forbidden ver. Taihou. Another question besides Enterprise Big E, Will there be a return of Graf Zeppy?
  5. LawrenceXVIII

    Update 0.8.0 Is Postponed

    So... The shenanigans continues... Anyway I can still hiatus since i still hate the Marathon PEF nonsense. I want to sell my Saipan already dammit.
  6. LawrenceXVIII

    Your most unique and fun ship design!

    Sampan Boat with Yamato Defense belt. a Mere torpedo cant do anything. HP is 200000.
  7. LawrenceXVIII

    Prince Eitel Friedrich or PEF

    I rather use my Arizona . All or Nothing Armor, Not good Anti Aircraft nor Speed or even Reload BUT at least these thing has the nastiest Accuracy and Heavy power that obliterates everything in path.
  8. LawrenceXVIII

    Expand Operations

    I want to see a Operations involving Tier 8 . Or WW1 Based when you only used Tier 4 BB's Dreadnought Ironclad Botes with Armored Protected Cruiser only and no Early DD.
  9. LawrenceXVIII

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    Hope its my chance to become ST. Been here since 2012..
  10. LawrenceXVIII

    Operations Directive Four Grind

    Mackensen is only excellent in any OP Situations. Not just Raptor. But that talks needs to refer to Random or Ranked Sprint ( Current ).
  11. LawrenceXVIII

    Why Special commanders doesnt have ranks?

    Well its true Standard Commanders arent real but Weegee is weegee. But again anime waifoos or whatever somehow does not have ranks at all. I have 2 last name Bells in UK line , Steve and Lawrence Bell.
  12. LawrenceXVIII

    Camouflage Design Contest -Minsk and Leningrad[GLOBAL VOTING]

    Dunno why people take no.12 ??? K-141 Kursk and No.11 DD is better.
  13. LawrenceXVIII

    Why Special commanders doesnt have ranks?

    Isoroku and Halsey are the Real Life Commanders so they got a Rank. But those like Jack Dunkirk , Overchkin , Non Naval Real Based Commander and other Fictional like your Waifoo Japanese Azur lane or Kancolle is not ranked in. @Labeat