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  1. Give Video so i want to see how the enemies suffered the annoyance from you.
  2. I demand an explanation.

    Same here for no reason.
  3. "Legendary" Upgrades

    Wows is Final Fantasy now. Is Square Enix bought this game?
  4. You dare Disobeyed dear stalin?! WHAT COWARD?!
  5. Eww go back to Lolyland Kancolle Shirotsuyu.
  6. 1/10 Not Loud Enough for Dear Stalin. You should join me in Gulag too you filthy traitor. Get purged!
  7. Wheres the Tea? Oh well , i must escape Russia, i dont want to risk getting ez Gulag :v
  8. Stalingrad Sucks anyway. Let alone easier citadel.. :v
  9. Ditto im a 26/08/2012 guy in WOT and a CBT in WOWS. But since when you play Ships in 2012? Because , your status implied beta tester, so.. you should be a Beta Tester since early 2015.
  10. Oh boy.. but for now i feel like if this keeps going on even if you saying this correctly , admin dont even care and start closing this thread.
  11. Yeah but its time for you and kesk to stop. The thread will be closed this for unnecessary bashing.