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  1. AK_tantrum

    uncontrollable aircraft

    I have. Every few games I get massive lag spikes every couple of seconds for the entire game. This causes the planes to fly in circles making it almost impossible to to any damage to anyone. I thought it might be a mod conflict so I did a reinstall. After two games, the same problem. I had a similar problem in the past because I use camouflage remover, which just needed an update. I don't know about this time. Good luck!
  2. AK_tantrum

    Can't connect to server

    Likewise. Nice to see we're all in the same boat, so to speak. They'll fix it sooner or later.
  3. AK_tantrum

    game randomly crashes during matches

    BTW, do you use any mods, skins? I use skins and my game has started crashing occasionally again. Much less now, for some reason, but it still crashes from time to time. I tried without skins, camo remover or flags; no crashes. I added camo remover (camouflages XML) and it crashed. I updated camo remover and no crashes. I re-added the skins and flags and it worked for about 10 games, and then it crashed again. So, it might be the skins, or it might be something else. It's very annoying though. Again, good luck!
  4. AK_tantrum

    game randomly crashes during matches

    I had the exact same problem. I did a delete-reinstall and I haven't had this problem since. I was dreading doing the reinstall because in the past this has taken a very long time. It was done in under 2 hours this time. Good luck.
  5. AK_tantrum

    Not liking the new sound effects

    The wind sound when zoomed out sounds like something left over from the Halloween mission. Plus the radio sound bytes, zoomed out, really? Come on WG, fix it please.
  6. AK_tantrum

    Battle of Jutland

    http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/history-feature/naval-battles-100-years-jutland/ Okay, better than nothing. HMS Caroline please!
  7. AK_tantrum

    Battle of Jutland

    Thanks TE_Deathskyz! It would have been nice to see something in game though, even with only 2 RN ships available. So, HMS Caroline, the next RN premium? #3
  8. AK_tantrum

    Battle of Jutland

    Greetings fellow captains, WG staff etc, It's been 100 years to this day. The greatest naval battle of all time. Even the mighty Warspite took part. Why is the battle of Jutland being ignored? I would have expected, at least, some bonuses for using British or German ships (the few that there are), or some discounts, or something.
  9. AK_tantrum

    No premium ships or specials for sale in shop over Christmas?

    Yeah, I saw that too. And I played a game yesterday with one of them, an M. Kutuzov, on the enemy team. Why don't they just tell us what's happening? It's Christmas and I want my present!!
  10. AK_tantrum

    Warning icon in port

    I read somewhere that it's about the mysterious training rooms, and that they are unavailable when you see the warning sign.
  11. My first "Treasure Box" was empty!! qqqq
  12. AK_tantrum


    Halloween is not an English holiday and it wasn't spread to the US when it was an English colony. Halloween is Irish/Scottish ie Celtic, and was spread to the US by Irish immigrants escaping the potato famine in Ireland in the 19th century. It was originally called Samhain, pronounced Sow'een. It's the night the dead come back. I live in Japan and it's getting bigger every year. And I mean parties, boozing and dressing up as anything you want. It's big on the Yamanote line in Tokyo.
  13. AK_tantrum

    Server Lag

    This is not a problem confined to Australia. I live in Japan and got major lag/packet loss last night trying to play ranked battles. Weird thing is I hardly ever experienced any lag during OB.…