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  1. Sega888

    Colorado - what's bad aside the range?

    21 knots at teir 7 isn't a good idea when your teammates will speed away leaving you alone against other ships.
  2. Sega888

    They are "poi"ing

  3. Sega888

    USS Albany

    I tend to follow BB with it epically the USN BB and the Japanese tier 3 BB since USS Albany can keep up with them .
  4. Yamato's 18.1 AP damage need to be increase to compete with Montana.
  5. Tier 8/9/10 U.S. BBs are actually better than their Japanese counterparts. The SC although slower has better armour, AA and better gun accuracy because of 3 gun turrets. Iowa is more beefier than Izumo and faster. And Montana actually does more AP damage as their 16 inch AP damage is almost the same as Yamato's AP damage and with 3 more guns.
  6. Sega888

    Should i go US cruisers?

    No torpedoes from tier 6 onwards when you play US cruisers, they have better gun performance and better AA than IJN cruisers. IJN cruisers are usually more balance because you can deal with battleships with the torpedoes but they are harder to use.
  7. Sega888

    How many USS Arkansas ?

    Not going to sell it
  8. Sega888

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    Well it depends if the high tier IJN CV are too dominate, currently a very good CV player in NA is getting over 10% more WR in his Japanese CV than his USN CV. Despite this I don't think they want a repeat of Arty in WOT where other classes refuses to play tier 9/10. There is a cap to 2 CV per team but there will be far fewer matches than low-mid tier.
  9. Sega888

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    Nothing wrong with low tier CV because they are depended on their team.
  10. Sega888

    Don't want no Ishizuchi

    The fire control module increases BB accuracy.
  11. Sega888

    Don't want no Ishizuchi

    I actually have it in the NA server and the ship is pretty nice to play.
  12. Sega888

    Warspite being removed

    At least I got the Atago when I heard about its removal and already have the Warspite.
  13. Sega888

    To buy or not to buy, that is the question.

    Better get it before it is gone for a long time.
  14. Sega888

    Warspite being removed

    The developer say that they might be selling it again in a special event like the queen's birthday although he has no idea if they will ever sell it again.
  15. Sega888

    Warspite being removed

    Confirm by a developer, warspite will be a rare vehicle so once the patch is here it will be gone for a very long time.