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  1. Unique and weird ship designs

    There are a few weird ones during design studies. for example, the Tillmans were such.
  2. Inertia Fuze chips off 3% off your chance to burn people but if shooting thinly armored areas like the prow, it'll do something i.e. Cleveland with Inertia Fuze can somehow lolpen 32mm of plating. Oh the horror of DE Groz still is fresh in me mind...
  3. WE SHOULD ALL HAVE MAG DETS! You get a mag det, YOU get a mag det, EVERYONE GETS MAG DETS!
  4. [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    tfw not enough runs to get a hoody or a shirt oh well grats to the winners~
  5. HMAS Sydney (D48)

    I dunno if its in the bit but there are some engagements that make you go "dafuq bro" in most cases like how Renown and her retinue of destroyers forcing the Scharnhorst Twins to run like lil children off Lofoten, how Gneisenau managed to ninja right under Rodney's nose or Graf Spee scuttling because of the threat of a bigger force that was to greet her when she attempted to ninja vanish, but one particular yet should be still in hot water was of the light cruiser Sydney dying from a pirate that also had to scuttle because she was so messed up by said light cruiser retaliating. I have no idea if Sydney going over is a sensitive subject for AU guys but got interested in it after trying to find British heavy cruiser plans. I PRESENT TO YOU HMAS SYDNEY (D48) GLORIOUS LEANDER Well, if anything, this thing was one of the modified Leanders as people have seen on Perth so she roughly has the same sort of bits all Leanders had as well as the modified ones so she's not exactly a unique thing to behold, but boy did she serve, and well at that. They also can into seasoned skills after the Med Originally named Phaeton, the Australians were at the time wanting to grab some new ships from the UK and got Phaeton, which was still in the slipway and already had a keel and a solid hull, to roll with the RAN and got renamed as Sydney (to be fair, the AU skubs DID get that weird looking but overall effective battlecruiser at one point in WW1) and after shakedown, served with them and she should have had friction in the Australian government because she be a Brit ship instead of building a ship keel up in their own slipways despite the fact they actually managed to grab a light cruiser nearly finished and not like having the Crown go "you need cruisers? k we'll let you have this slightly battle hardened ship. no worries, right?" this time around. The cruiser had the basic gist aboard: protected with nearly 2 inches of belt and plating, a 3 inch protective walling for the squishy bits like engines and magazines, and was armed with 6 inch guns in AB-XY dual configuration, a bunch of 100mm guns, some HMG's and GPMG's for close-in AA and could run at nearly 33 knots. If anything, she's a Leander on slight hax but a Leander nonetheless. I could have sworn there was a model for Sydney once and not just a Perth colored to look like Sydney... Well after shakedown, she had some peaceful runs and hair raising suspense with the Royal Navy but her crew and officers are all Australian now and she was with her heavy cruiser colleague HMAS Australia of the County class and then finally went to Australia for port calls and training sailors on how to cruiser. When WarDec happened, she was going on patrols, joined heavy cruisers on trying to find Graf Spee, had the occasional repairs and resupply and went back to sentry duty by patrolling and was also peeled off for convoy escort a couple of times when she was asked to go to the Mediterranean via the Suez along with other ships, and was usually sticking as part of the unit where Warspite is after linking up with the 'Scrap Iron Flotilla' because Sir Cunningham wanted her close by (candidate for Legendary Commander plox). Had a lot of action there from blasting ports, escorting units, playing tag with Italian ships and got a 'mild' hit near the forward funnel during Cape Spada and more sea stalking apart from rescuing sailors which also got her snagged with full honors "Mediterranean" and left with a really gritty crew after their cruise in the sun compounded with gunfire, plane and fast craft spam, and orders being shoved down their throats. How to light cruiser Australian style. She went home in order to spread the grit of veterancy as well as resume to sentry duty since Perth was taking over for her and to accumulate manly experience for the sailors when she encountered... ... her. Auxilliary cruiser Kormoran. Now as you know, the Axis navies, most notably the German Kriegsmarine, had adopted commerce raiding as a form of harassing attack and hoped to starve out vital stuff needed for the war effort, and while u-boats were playing pin the depth charge on the Atlantic, there are the really ninja surface ships like Kormoran which had guns hidden in the hull so that they could yell out "SURPRISE, DUMMKOPF!" at any unsuspecting enemy or a merch ship. Now blasting unarmed merch or civvy ships is against the rules and may constitute to war crime, there's a sort of loophole in regards to armed merch ships, however Kormoran was aggressively using that loophole... and Sydney got trolled so bad its not even funny. Note that perfidy got a nasty no-no in the Hague on how to war but pirates didnt give a shit about what was in or what was not... to a degree. Perfidy is bad, mmkay? It makes you look like an untrustworthy asshat who would turn on friends on a drop of a hat. piracy like a battleship appearing over the horizon and shooting you is one thing, getting close enough to blast a target while disguising as a civvy is another K in signal flags. Raise it when hailing another vessel if you want to establish comms with em. Sydney was asking for ID and the unknown vessel responded as the Dutch Straat Malaka as Kormoran attempted to ninja vanish away from the light cruiser and even tried to delay comms by feigning confusion by raising flags, but when the light cruiser was getting too curious and too close as the alleged Dutch freighter was unable to give out a secret signal, she removed her protective covers on her guns below the hull and suddenly blasted Sydney. For all its worth Sydney was whacked considerably when she was attempting to run but was fruitless as the cruiser sank afterwards as she did peel off while Kormoran, which was also damaged from that because Sydney retaliated when she was blasted upon, had to scuttle after that engagement... and what happened afterwards contained copious amounts of derp, rage, questions of 'why's and 'how's and dawning of the threat of such pirates operating in territorial waters. They found the German survivors of Kormoran and grilled them so hard with questions on whatever the hell happened to Sydney and they could only run with the fact they just told them they blasted the living shit out of the light cruiser first, and it blasted THEM in turn as it disappeared over the horizon after their ship was also messed up. The derp being "omg Japan was in it" and some weirdly absurd conspiracy theories on how the ship sank. They finally found where Sydney was after a long while... ... and based on the testaments on the German sailors, it wasnt that far off. They tried to find the ships back then but to no avail until a dedicated team found em, and the light cruiser had shown where the Kormoran's guns hit and it was not a pretty sight, although it did solidify some theories on why Sydney sank. In-game wise, Perth is basically the rep for the modified Leanders so I find no sound reason to place Sydney in the same tier but if what-if's were present, then Sydney should NOT have the same smoke screen behavior as Perth and have her guns reload at 6s with the same ergonomics as Perth but with better range of 14km Derp.exe has crashed.
  6. the Normandie battleship

    I can't draw worth a damn so I'll just badpost like an idiot because honestly, the damn dread piqued my interest due to the contest so plis gibe Roma _(:3」∠)_ loljk, but really, the battleship piqued interest since the design is sort of 'atypical' of 'standard' dread design like Queen Liz, New Mexico or Bayern (Fuso dont count because she took a different approach on how to dread) PAINT HER LIKE ONE OF THE FRENCH GIRLS Now in response to the French being mocked as having a 'piss poor navy' and 'lolships', it should be known they did had a boner for naval bits and they did had a formidable navy, and when HMS Dreadnought came in, the scramble to who can be gud@dreads started happening with them stroking said boners so furiously that we may only have a glimpse on what in flying hell they pulled out of the brainstorm in front of the design table that were practical and feasible and not just a wet dream of a designer striving to make the Marine Nationale OP. Well... to the French, they were more worried about the guys over at the Albion sipping tea like the magnificent bastards that they are secretly since GLORIOUS BATTLESHIPS can into their coast at any given time and that would simply not do... and add Italy deciding to stroke their navyboner furiously as well brought it a necessity to git gud in regards to battleships, one of which was this lumpy dread. I PRESENT TO YOU THE NORMANDIE. Because dreads will be dreads, even if you give them a "what-if" fit. EXCEPT GIULIO CESARE. Old gal got a facelift that compares her to a post-dread. Rollo would shed manly tears at this. For starters, the preceding Bretagne were considered really reasonable for French dreads in terms of built and in the day but as the dread race started to pick up, even France wanted to update its capital ship list and so decided to go to drawing plenty of "what-if's" in regards to battleship, and one must say, they had some of the most interesting yet strange designs. Here's one of the proposals... and here's another. Honestly, midships turret is just lol on a dread. Now sure its practically a solid idea to bring more guns to bear but the space for that should be best used for new boilers and engines. The Italians who had midship turrets due to their AB-P-XY dreads like the Conte di Cavour and Andrea Doria had it removed because it was, basically, a rather inconvenient thing and they could cram better hax with all that space. That aside, it was already in the works that they were to keel the things to augment their navy with better battleships and so had worked on the class, the first one being Normandie herself, followed by her sisters Flandre, Gascogne, Languedoc and Bearn. Well, Bearn wasnt exactly a battleship when she was finished and was reformatted to a carrier halfway without receiving her fit, and this is saying much that the Normandie didnt even serve and were scrapped afterwards because the French economy was still weak and fielding a crapton of battleships costs upkeep that burns the national treasury and nobody wants another ragequit that leads to revolution, now do they? Normandie had an impressive 12 inch belt, 13 inches of turret, a reasonable deck whose thickness I forgot and 13 inches for the conning tower. The offensive assets slated were a dozen 340mm guns in three quad turrets on the A-P-X layout, some 139mm secondaries, Hotchkiss 47mm guns for its AA suite and 18 inch submerged torpedo tubes because dreads back then had em. The lumpy dread could be able run at 21-22 knots so its by all means very reasonable. Oh and Bearn had improved shafts and number of screws which meant 4 of the things instead of the usual three. Hooray, I guess? About the guns... yeeeah... Since the damn things weren't exactly fitted out prior to scrapping, the guns were allocated to the Army and they found their bits there, the 340mm guns being used as rail guns (to those that rage at rail guns being impractical, its actually a very sound idea of artillery that can roll around in tracks since the only thing thats limiting the accuracy is the rails themselves. you cant traverse the cradle the gun is on like a warship turret but you cant deny the fact that being shelled by a big ass caliber battleship gun on traincar is outright scary), the 139mm guns were crammed to coastal turrets and some should be reportedly used by the army as their better field artillery. Seriously, for guns built within 1910-1915, they've got good reliability to still be firing even in WW2 when those that do have them, especially how the Germans 'borrowed' some, used em to degrees. The quad gun turret is basically a big ass turret with a thick divider that separated each pair since the reasoning for that was, apart from saving weight, the prospect of cramming more dakka on a battleship without compromising weight or structural integrity, if either starboard or port pair were to be incapacitated but the turret itself can still traverse, it wont lose all its firepower in a single direct hit... well... at least that was the prospect since this quad turret concept practically being 2+2 any way you look at it went on to post-dreads like Dunkerque and Richelieu. If you want quad turret that was there, the KGV's attempted that. Cue Victor Frankenstein shouting "live! LIIIIIVVE!". Sadly, they actually floated out but were too late to see any extensive action, let alone the glorious commissioning and fitting out that culminated in the shakedown cruise because if they did, THIS would probably be queuing up with them on how to git gud@battleships: The Austro-Hungarian Tegetthoff dread (I'm lazy to info raid about this ship tho) which would have proven to be a real troublesome thing had she faced sheer combat. Jokes aside, I wish the players who unleashed their inner artscum a good luck and to those that want to have a hand in painting French girls, why not give it a go? morinaga Richelieu for motivation (seriously, the artist makes shipgirls into goddamn models) Derp.exe -debug -modredact has now crashed.
  7. the Akagi carrier

    When I sorta said technically, I did mean the layout that was prospected on Amagi. the strange ass AB-PQ-XY and the general sleek design build that did reflect on Tosa and Kii's builds as the Kongos were still, back then, intended to what they were to do before getting their shit reformatted so Amagi is sort of there as the gap before Tosa and Kii but if we speak of by right of keel, Amagi has no place on the battleship line so to say (its rather interesting they used the Amagi rather than prospecting a what-if for Tosa as the tier 8) .. now I'm rather curious on what the name of a reformatted Kii would be like if they had went and proceeded to keel her and then turned her to a full on carrier
  8. USS Helena (CL-50)

    That moment when she was damaged during Pearl Harbor and still kept fighting like mad~
  9. USS Helena (CL-50)

    Well with the US cruiser split being announced and all, I was quite surprised that of the St. Louis twins, it had to be Helena who will represent her sister because NAMES, HURR (we actually have two names for Saint Louis here: the armored cruiser St. Louis, the light cruiser St. Louis which was basically the Brooklyn light cruiser on bullshit levels of hax, and the French Saint-Louis. sooo name redundance is somefin we dont need right now). TAYM 2 BADPOAST. I PRESENT TO YOU THE ST. LOUIS CRUISER HELENA (CL-50) I wish it were this Helena but alas, no... THIS Helena. GLORIOUS LIGHT CRUISER HAX B4 CHEATLAND This is the Brooklyn. Now take tech hax, engine improvements that dont let you be dead in the water after a lolpen into the engine rooms and more AA guns crammed aboard her into a new 'repeat' but improved hull and you have yourself a St. Lo light cruiser. Normally, her and her sister St. Louis as well as their Brooklyn predecessors are observing the WNT's amendment in the London Naval Treaty 1 because some signatories were bitching about the cruiser being as constricted as the capital ships and that would simply not do. Because politiscumbaggery, the US could technically get away with making decent ships like heavy cruisers (as much as you hate the Pensacola in-game and how lol she was in real life, she served, got hurt bad, but served to her capacity) and light cruisers, and this is where the needs were asked for their future light cruisers. They should have glorious cruising range, guns to fight their contemporaries and armor to stay in the fight longer... and the Omaha wasn't exactly fitted for that... "scouting" cruiser sure, but something the Board had asked for she was ill suited for. Its also not helping that Japan suddenly had chucked the Mogami with FIFTEEN 155mm guns and decided to base the raw, balls out offense of the light cruisers early on with the Myoko's ABC-XY and then behold, the Brooklyns got keeled in the 30's because dakka scare (honestly, I believe you skubs would do the same when you hear reports of a light cruiser having THAT MUCH GUNS although to be fair, the Japanese sort of skirted the damn rules on how to cruiser with the Mogami and the US didnt know 'bout that) and tried to improve stuff from there basing on the decently good Brooklyn that was suited for their needs: the result being the St. Louis cruisers. Call her a 'repeat' or 'pointless' but those two got tech that inspired quite a lot of US cruisers like the Cleveland and the Baltimore. How to screw over the aim of the enemy in a St. Louis Just like her predecessor, Helena has fifteen 6" guns improved from the guns of the Omaha, some 127mm guns, some M2HB's when she came out although this got changed when she got several sets of 40mm Bofors and 20mm Oerlikons and she was protected with a max of 152mm of belt, 2 inches of deck, nearly 6 inches of turret and 5 inches of conning tower and could run at nearly 33 kts which is damn impressive for a weighty light cruiser like her. About the ABC-XY layout tho... you can imagine the problems with aggressive combat with the C turret facing aft and this is saying Mogami's own ABC-XY with turret C superfiring was the most superb and weight distributed layout you could observe since B turret way up there means the barbette needs to be longer and more weight is getting in the forward section instead of the midships thanks to the superstructure. But no matter, she was built and she got a lot for her buck. Had her shakedown and commission then went over to where Graf Spee scuttled herself and had a little peacetime at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese paid a surprise visit with bombs and torpedoes and her crew had to scramble to battlestations when the alarm and klaxons were raring around... only to eat ordnance herself. you can thank navsource for this. She was struggling to join in the fight and her AA guns started humming hours after the base was ringing for air raids and if anything, she was enduring the stress and damage dealt to her all the while her AA guns were humming flak bursts in the air, and she lost her DP guns due to the initial strikes that messed with her wiring as well as generators for power and she practically sailed slowly due to the counterflooding to keep her from keeling over and the damage control teams literally saying "problem solved, sir!" when containing the problems aboard. She got a turn in the dry dock and they assessed whatever the hell happened to her and found she was hurting bad and needed a shipyard that had the latest facilities to fix her despite being sort of seaworthy. Ran back to such and had a boring time sitting idly while she got repaired and refitted with hax like one of the first surface radar stuff that fed crunch data into the rangekeeper. And then off to Guadalcanal. Helena had some routine escort runs operated as screen, saw Wasp die and fire mission battery when she was nearby to assist when Guadalcanal was getting rather intense and she was peeled off to try and interdict the 'Tokyo Express' and, fortunately for her, she was right smack in the middle of a night run when they were skulking off Cape Esperence. As I've said in my badpost regarding that battle, because of the levels of miscommunication, Helena, who at the time was calling contact due to her radar hax (interestingly, Helena was one of the most advanced tech ships there and the CO of that squadron didnt use her as flagship), wanted to open fire at the unknown contacts because they were damn sure those dots weren't friends and the lookouts were also increasing the likelihood they weren't friends as well and as per SOP, asked "Interrogatory, roger" and the CO had replied "roger" which he meant the message was received and Helena took this as an order to unload and when she did, all the other ships followed suit, her role in the matter blasting the living hell out of Fubuki and Furutaka which earned her the moniker of "machine gun ship" due to the fact she unloaded really fast which, with fifteen of her guns, gave her the impression she fired really fast after that encounter. Helena OP plz nerf She was also present in that messed up brawl off Guadalcanal where she, with her glorious radar hax, could call contacts long before visual contact was reported and this means something in the night... although her radar basically is a whole "I know where you are, I know how far you are, but I don't know who you are" if we summarize it which means oldschool captains needed to know who the hell they were blasting at, and the messed up battle in the night off Guadalcanal was an anathema to them which made the confusion way worse. She also beaded Akatsuki when she opened her searchlights although Atlanta plastered her a lot more because she fired faster. Tailed San Francisco who ate a buckload of damage and suddenly encountered Amatsukaze which she promptly blasted and then maneuvered the hell away from other destroyers appearing to help the ship she was busy shooting at... and then she withdrew just like that despite being one of the still combat effective ships alongside one destroyer. She also saw one of her light cruiser colleagues die horribly as Juneau was torpedoed and, while the group she was in could not play pin the depth charge on the submarine because the ships at the group were too heavily damaged to drop depth charges or they had little to no anti-sub ordnance in hand which culminated in the ragequit removal of her seasoned captain, he had to save the ships at hand and come back for the survivors later (here's the thing: had the ships loitered around trying to fry that sub or collect survivors... assuming there were after that horrible mag det from Juneau in their standpoint, the sub that was stalking the area would have a lot more targets to sink and that would simply not do). Fire like hell. its also one of the last pics of her in the fateful night where she fighting Was issued with the new VT fuzes where the gunners themselves dont need to fuze the shells to explode at a specific height because the VT will fuze itself at the nearest target to pepper the aircraft with flak, was busy with fire missions and screening duties and one of her planes had a hand in sinking a sub when her last night of guns-a-blazin happened at Kula Gulf. After bombardment, she was assailed with destroyers and while she did respond by shooting back at the dots in her scope that resulted with several hits from her connecting to an Akizuki destroyer Niizuki, her muzzle flashes completely gave her away and adding to the fact she fired really fast, it was fairly easy to see her silhouette as she constantly let her guns sing while using non-flashless powder since the flashless powder she had was already spent from bombardment as you can see in the image... and that fact alone had her focused by torpedo attacks from the Japanese... ... and you can pretty much guess where it ended for her as her prow was the last to go under. Her survivors had ordeals of their own but this takes the cake. Assessment on how she was totaled so bad. And you think Boise back at Cape Esperance was nearly mag detted by Kinugasa when one of her AP shells lolpenned the ship under water which resulted in turret C's magazine flooded in order to prevent such a thing from happening. I'm sure you skubs will fexp your way to Helena either way. Derp.exe has now crashed
  10. the Akagi carrier

    If memory serves, Amagi would have been the technical first if she was laid down as a battleship but Tosa would have been Nagato's successor of sorts using the same AB-PQ-XY layout Amagi had, but yeah Amagi would have been first, then Tosa, and then Kii and you go from there. The Kongo isn't exactly... straight from their shipyards as the battleships, paper or not, here are although the other three should be local built using the same template as Kongo
  11. Even so, there are Tillmans that you can go "WTF" for and there are some which you could say is rather viable. I can say April Fools when a Tillman is sailing and causing rage and angst but never as an actual ship you can use
  12. the Akagi carrier

    Well been a long time since I did badpost but didnt have any botes that interested me greatly as of late but atm, I gotta vent out this frustration at being unable to perform most of me blue bawks duties so I just do this on the fly~ By the way, you guys already saw Akagi in the Rock, Paper Scissors trailer when she sent planes to deal with the Benson and got whacked by New Orleans and Baltimore blasting her. I PRESENT TO YOU THE AKAGI CARRIER This personification fusion is not the Akagi you are looking for. THIS carrier. HOW GLORIOUS. Originally, Akagi would look like this. Since the Washington Naval Treaty effectively cauterized the signatories on how to capital ship, and this included in the clause that the battlecruiser type, once not accepted as part of the "line ships" because its fast and trolls hard and cant manfight other dreads (to be fair, the Germans had a different way on thinking on how to battlecruiser as their ships of that type proved their shit by being tough-as-nails. See my Derfflinger badpost on how actually tough they are and how the Mackensen and Ersatz Yorck would have been absurd), had been folded to "capital ships" in an attempt to curb the arms race that was bound to happen because in shipbuilding, the motto of "stronger, faster, tougher" strokes the constructionboners for ship designers, existing ships that were in the slipway had to be dismantled as per the observations suggest, but Japan wouldn't have none of that and decided to convert the existing hulls of both Amagi and Akagi to carriers. If you're wondering where Atago and Ashitaka went, they never happened. Atago became the sister ship of the Takao heavy cruiser (which is rather coincidental since Ashitaka's second name is Takao) to boot. Sad to say, due to that devastating quake that rocked Japan, Amagi was one of the victims as she was totaled in the dry dock but Akagi got relatively off the event with damage that you can literally just take a bootload of time in the slipway to fix. BEHOLD, ITERATION 1 AKAGI. Well.. not quite the carrier that was hoped for in sorts of ways... The lumpy carrier had about 6 inches of belt and 3 inches of deck with defensive armaments of three pairs of the old 20cm guns, a bunch of large caliber AA guns and sets of 25mm's shoved onto her and she could nominally run at about 31 knots. Had a plane capacity of about 97-ish and a solid cadre of pilots. Now that was all well and good, but... err... she had flaws. Basically the Lexington's early counterpart before the carrier was refitted to high hell as both were battlecruisers, both stopped at hull float-outs and both were reformatted to carriers, Akagi had a rather weird initial design of having a bunch of short runway decks because MOAR PLANE LAUNCHING, HURR. And it wasn't exactly helping that her engine placement as well as the funnels is strange. Now the engines themselves were fine because it was pretty much the standard boilers n shit fitting a battlecruiser, but when she was reformatted, the whole compartments radically changed. She was hot, and not attractively hot, but hot enough that you'd stay in a sauna to the point that quarters near the funnel were uninhabitable, and you'd get sick in the times in there if you aren't that resilient to the point I remembered her rather dark moniker of "The Murderous Longhouse" due to the craploads of crew issues like getting sick and just outright going crazy, and its a damn miracle how the crew still got their integrity from living in there. Oh did I forget that Akagi has a problem with theoretical bomb strikes that penetrated the deck, practically immolating the lumpy carrier should she be attacked because they forgot where to securely stow plane fuel and that its hard to run damcon aboard her? The designers sort of removed their heads out of their asses and again refitted the living crap out of the carrier, this time to the ubiquitous form and silhouette we know. Its also helping the carrier that she had some of the seasoned cadre of pilots aboard that endured their second home. I gotta admit, the scale model makes the lumpy carrier very pretty. Akagi had a lot of runs to her life as a carrier, ranging from shakedown to ultimately getting decked so hard at Midway. She sent planes during the surprise attack at Pearl Harbor and a whole bunch of them scoring damaging hits on a good number of battleships moored at Battleship Row (its rather amusing some people credit one of her planes to be the one lugging that modified 410mm AP shell bomb that mag detted Arizona), aiding in plane spamming to cover the Japanese ground forces when they moved inland from their beachheads, and had a hand in sinking the Clemson class destroyer Edsall because the surface ships were really having problems with blasting her to high hell as well as being kill assistant when they found Hermes and Vampire. Was also one of the carriers trying to find where the Doolittle raiders launched from but thanks to Concealment Expert ninja vanishing, the US carriers Enterprise and Hornet ran back to Pearl and was also one of the raiders in the Indian Ocean Raid where afterwards she was finally setting in on training newbie pilots on how to carrier plane like a boss due to her cadre of seasoned pilots And then came Midway. Shokaku and Zuikaku were supposed to be there but due to Coral Sea shenanigans, they were incapacitated for several weeks so the Japanese decided to go with the Midway Four who were available for tasking because Admiral Yamamoto wanted to whack the US carriers good and in order to draw them out for the most decisive plane spamfest ever, they decided to steamroll Midway in order to do so. Well... the Americans found out by tapping to their super sekrit codes and decided to counter the carriers with their own carriers without playing to the initiative of the Japanese carrier force. Now the norm was that you hold off anti-ship wing and start with the dive bombers and fighters to comb the area and make an initial attack, but somehow (lol Arashi) the Americans found out where they were squatting and began their own waves of strike aircraft that included level bombers, one of which nearly missed the island of Akagi when it attempted to incapacitate the carrier to a degree by crashing into said island in a final moment of balls out manliness. It wasn't exactly helping that the flag officer aboard was scared out of his wits and decided to rearm the strike aircraft with bombs on the fly and continue spamming Midway Island with bombs instead of all out focus on finding where the US carriers were sending their strike wings from, and this proved to be a really bad choice since after several strike attempts made by the Americans, a group of Helldivers appeared out of nowhere and began their dives, incapacitated Kaga and dropping bombs on Akagi whose planes were still in the middle of prepping and shit like bombs being fitted and plane fuel being loaded to planes... and fires roar. She burned until Yamamoto himself had to order her scuttled, the captain and damcon teams aboard going down with her although the majority of the personnel were safe. Not long after the other three of the Midway Four went under as well. So ends her run, but her service life was far from boring. Glorious carrier. Basing on the old CBT/OBT trailer, Akagi is a good fit for tier 8 although as a surface ship player, I can't say much for her wings but the Midway load would fit nicely for her offensive assets as Kaga is reportedly the "Pearl Harbor" loadout. I get this feeling she'll service planes way faster than Shokaku assuming she doesnt become the Japanese equivalent of the Enterprise. I dunno what exactly can make Akagi unique since her premium carrier colleague has the unique torpedo spread and accurate bomb strikes but basing on her run, its likely the fighters will be her strong suit. Derp.exe is over.
  13. Ahoy TX premium sheep

    aint it this? https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/clan-battle-s1/
  14. Ahoy TX premium sheep

    Funny thing, I made a badpost about the lumpy ship 2 years ago which is rather funny she's slated to arrive
  15. Ahoy TX premium sheep

    Cruiser? that thing's a bloody battleship rated lmao