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  1. EvyL

    Battle of Dakar

    its actually one of the battles that I went "wait what? WHAT?!" at the sheer crazy of it all. I mean tell me, can you have the same balls of steel as Le Hardi's crew who braved gunfire to snatch a downed pilot while smoking Richelieu?
  2. EvyL

    Battle of Dakar

    Been a while badposting but since there was that dev diaries vidya about French destroyers, how about we throw this battle thats chuck full of "okay... WHAT?", "bruuuh" and some essences of grit in. I'll try to chunk it as best I can tho. I PRESENT TO YOU THE BATTLE OF DAKAR run, gun, and a whole lot of dodging for THREE WHOLE DAYS Known as Operation Menace, this was a rather crazy yet daring run to completely incapacitate what remained of the French Navy, the Marine Nationale, since they're already sort of vanquished by the Germans. To prevent the very VERY real threat of the Germans 'borrowing' French ships, the orders were made loud and clear that started from Mers El-Kebir: either don't shoot us and you can sit this one out by having your ships in a neutral country, or be destroyed where you berth. I won't even say the scary part where the whole French Navy would augment the Kriegsmarine and the Brits still don't have an effective counter post-dreads that are fast as hell and the only fast ships they had are the battlecruisers Hood and the Renown sisters and the available reactive French battleships were still out there: Dunkerque, Strassbourg, Richelieu and Jean Bart... well "available" is cutting it close since Jean Bart actually had to run unfinished to Casablanca from St. Nazaire and Richelieu was quite light when she ran and didnt exactly have a really good shakedown and to ships, a good shakedown is really needed to test the mettle of what the warship can take which Richelieu never had the time. = Welcome to Dakar. We have fun and games... and gun duels. The French had a LOT of offshore colonies and Senegal was one such of their African colonies. Why this port is actually delishus is the fact that the port of Dakar was in a really good position and is pretty much a natural harbor which helps with things. In a a naval port setting, you actually need to torpedo ships inside and the French pack a lot of AA guns for that reason. Goree even helps with the shore defenses as there are some lumpy 240mm guns on shore installations in there as well as some areas like Bel Air for maximum retaliatory fire. Right after the ultimatum at Mers El-Kebir where Force H proceeded to sucker punch the French forces stationed there, Charles De Gaulle wanted some ships for the Free French forces already thrown in and Richelieu was perfect since as far as the guy knew, Jean Bart wasn't combat capable just yet and apart from that silly thing like the Swordfish squadrons from Hermes punching a hole on the battleship, Richelieu would have been up and over after some tedious repairs. Now Dakar, while a good port it may have been, wasn't really kitted out for Richelieu in terms of munition, spare guns or parts and the worse part was, as I've said, she ran light before coming to Dakar which meant she was basically under armed. AP shells for the main guns? there's a little bit. HE shells for the main guns? HAHA NO. secondary 152mm guns? there are some. AA guns? yeap. This is Richelieu after Dakar. turret B's right side gun is gone because of munition failure. beside her is likely Montcalm So it happened the battleship was laying low in Dakar tending to her torpedo strike when DeGaulle went "join the French, bois~" which the garrison obviously flat out refused, even if the threat of getting plastered by a British task force was looming. Ships sent in were the carrier Ark Royal, battleships Barham from the Queen Elizabeths and Resolution from the similar Revenges, heavy cruisers Australia, Cumberland and Devonshire, and two light cruisers Delhi and Dragon which was commandeered by the Poles along with a loaded escort of destroyers with a landing force ready to set up and hopefully take the entirety of Dakar by guns and men. the guys running defense at Dakar were the Richelieu, some destroyers, a few armed merch ships and the subs stationed there. Force Y which formed in Toulon was sent in to bolster the defenses afterwards were two light cruisers Montcalm and Georges Leygues and three Le Fantasques that formed the 10th scouting division consisting of the lead ship herself, Le Malin, and Le Audacieux with the shore and harbor defenses of Dakar thrown in by default. This thing took three days of crazy... three days of crazy that didnt exactly do much apart from dakka contests. First day which had crap weather in the form of fog had the Brits attempt to negotiate/surrender with the Dakar garrison that started with Swordfishes dropping leaflets and then direct attempt of words which ended with rounds fired their way and gun runs started happening which resulted in Cumberland eating a 240mm shell, destroyer Inglefield reporting she got hurt bad, and ORP Dragon taking a hit from the guns at Cap-Manuel while Richelieu herself becoming momentarily silenced when her main tower got thwacked and the two La Galissonieres stalking near the shoreline of the Hann bay right behind the anti-sub and anti-torpedo nets installed on the outlying areas were hit but only caused light damage . They tried to land troops at Rufisque because trying to land IN the harbor was arguably a stupid move which Le Audacieux who was near the isle of Goree at that time to see them and, much to the surprise of the French and British who were expecting the populace to hopefully NOT shoot them, actually shot them with 90mm AA guns direct fire and MG's which caused the French marines to back the hell up to their ships as the area they wanted to drop wasnt deep enough for British gear and stuff to be set up as the two cruisers still dodging and shooting were now rushing to Rufisque in an attempt to interdict with the landing ops, spoiling the amphibious attack in the hope of capturing Dakar by men and dakka. two of the stationed subs, Ajax and Persee, tried to sortie and attack but failed, Persee getting seen and blasted by responding British destroyers and Ajax was under aerial assault by Swordfish and had to run with damage. Le Audacieux was struck when she got a wee bit forward that Australia, who was beading the crap out of her, finally managed to score a hit that blew up the French destroyer's torpedoes and just bathed her in fire with British destroyers Fury and Greyhound trying to blast the shit out of her since, while she was burning and likely out of control, she could probably still fire back that had her run aground in the night of the first day. Richelieu may have been hit by Hermes, but she still lobbed rounds Second day was no better when the day started with dakka boogaloo with the two British battleships targeting the battleship Richelieu that was sporadically firing which actually was a severe matter on her because remember when I said she ran to Dakar light? well she wasn't as heavily loaded and her AP shell are considered "enough" for the task at hand which was good, but the powder? Few of that on her and she had to fire half-charged-ish because she had to make do with the powder that was for Strassbourg and some madman ideas of the 13 inch AP shell the Dunkerques lugged to be fired by Richelieu because why not. Ajax again tried to attack but was discovered by Fortune, depth charged until she was forced to breach to the surface, then finished off. wasn't really helping that both British battleships are getting overrun with targets: there's Richelieu still being a big ass threat, there's the shore batteries at Cap-Manuel, the isle of Goree and Bel Air to deal with, and to top it off, there are those lumpy La Galisonnieres which are already being shot at by their heavy cruisers and the French destroyers that are blisteringly fast as hell laying smoke. Ark Royal's Swordfish attempted another strike along with an earlier Skua run which both wings getting repulsed by heavy AA gunfire. It wasnt exactly helping that a neutral merch ship, Tacoma, was loaded with peanut oil, was hit and started to hail fire. Whats more daring was how the destroyer Le Hardi, who was laying smoke to cover Richelieu at the time, conducted a snatch of a British pilot in the water WHILE BEING SHOT AT. This is Le Hardi, a Torpilleur d' Escadre aka a "torpedo first, dakka second" destroyer ... and this is her being chased by brackets WHILE SMOKING. oh and she was firing AND maneuvering on HALF A BOILER. imagine a tiny ass destroyer laying a heavy smokescreen (note: the Le Hardis cant lay smoke most contemporary destroyers can by injecting fuel in the funnel to make dark clouds of smoke. they instead run smoke dischargers from canisters aboard) getting shot up by everyone, EVEN A BATTLESHIP. makes the Clemson Edsall proud. Third day was when crazy reached pinnacle. By this point DeGaulle was already going "nope nope nope" at the prospect of even trying to hammer Dakar into submission but Churchill decided to bite his cigar harder with "Having begun, we must go on to the end. Stop at nothing!" and keep the guns singing which resulted Barham getting hit by Richelieu in the bow but also ate Barham's own AP shell which caused secondary damage like fires, Australia getting hit by Richelieu's secondaries that were really active sending shell after shell and the remaining French sub Beveziers scoring a torpedo strike on Resolution when they saw the signals of turning which pretty much made Sir Cunningham, the Force lead, to just get the hell out of dodge. All in all, this op was a total failure and is pretty much the Vichy France's gigantic middle finger to the British Forces, ironically after the latter blasted the living hell out of the French fleet at Mers El-Kebir because of the "join us and fight, sit this one out or die" ultimatum. if people mock that the French destroyers lack smoke and are insteed dakka purists, remember that they made the Brits into literal Imperial Stormtroopers, Le Hardi made them even moreso when doing a snatch n grab on a downed pilot. GIVE MY GIRL LE FANTASQUE THE SMOKE SO I CAN DAKAR MEMES derp.exe has crashed
  3. EvyL

    Action off Lofoten

    I'm baaaack~ Well, out of hell that is being UNABLE TO BOTES AND BLUE BAWKS BECAUSE LOCATION. time to badpost a bit. This engagement was one of the gigantic topluls I ever remembered but it did serve some things to prove: mainly silhouette identification is sometimes off (you'd probably know this error when Hood shot the lead ship she thought was Bismarck but it was Prinz Eugen, the mis-identification being that both ships had similar silhouettes) and that early radar needed a whack of a spanner (I'm pretty sure Britbongs and ANZ guys use this instead of "wrench"). I PRESENT TO YOU THE ACTION OFF LOFOTEN Well... yeah~ Ever since WW2 began in earnest and the Germans were busy steamrolling to France at this point, some of the madmen in the German High Command decided to pay a visit to the land of vikings, cold that can seep to your very bone, and crazy ass volcanoes by hiding it under an "exercise". And oh what better way to 'visit' by resorting to cassus belli that the Brits went in neutral ground to rescue their prisoners in a ship. So the op Weserübung was in place where some elements of the Kriegsmarine that werent busy being pirates (after hearing that Graf Spee was ganked and had to commit suicide at Montevideo, doubt it), they were to start linking up for a task force for the op which the Brits were also rather suspicious for a good reason and decided to mine the crap out of entry points to Norway or any available and easy access to the Atlantic because the last thing the Brits needed was a battleship raising the jolly roger on their sea lanes, and the Britsh Isles are pretty much self explanatory why you NEED THOSE THINGS OPEN AND NO PIRATES TRYING TO KILL YOUR MERCH SHIPS. On a task force patrol, Glowworm encountered Admiral Hipper as she was also sailing towards Narvik to secure the port and you pretty much know what happened that involved smoke, guns, fire and last ditch YOLO by the destroyer. Glowworm got lost but was part of the main unit led by Renown and several destroyers. Lessee: Scharnhorst Gneisenau Yeah the Twins were there as they were sent out on a run so that they'll be caught deep in the heat as the Brits at this time were actively prowling to blast the hell out of any surface ship that even so much as dared to sail. Reason for them sailing together is to prevent any British response to the Germans 'visiting' Norway since they expected a small flotilla to help cover the Norway landings, Hipper and several others already running up to Narvik at this time, and won't expect the capital ships to just sail on by. Also remember that these battleships were very high profile AND scary: they pretty much outranged any capital ship that was still sort of not fully fitted during this era but as their equipment was quite lol, they couldn't make full use of this. they WERE, however, fast, which helped in the ability to get the hell out of dodge at the cost of the environment giving the battleships hell. For the Brits: Renown *breathes in* B O I Yeah I won't hide my fanboying on this battlecuiser, actually. I just kinda like how she looks. I ain't gonna say "ERMAGHERD BESTEST BOTTLEKROOZA EVAR" or somefin like that but I just genuinely like how she runs, how she would have behaved both as a battlecruiser and as a reformatted battleship (yeah at this time, she should have pretty much been more or less a reformatted battleship), and how she served. One of the things you need to remember is that Renown had superlative guns, 381's vs the 283's of her enemies yet had fewer of them because one does not simply cram 381's on a triple mount turret AND on a battlecruiser even but at this time period should have range issues since the Brits still would have resorted to optical gunnery despite new stuff like radar input. Oh and she was also fast as she was originally a battlecruiser before her 38-39 reformatting at 32.6 kts which would have enabled her to catch and gun down the Twins, but sadly didn't exactly have the reach or the munition to wipe both out. Normally, Repulse was also nearby leading her own escorts of destroyers but Renown found em first and kept shooting. And several G, H, and I class destroyers were part of the unit, Glowworm already dying after pinging contact. Well this is a beautiful place to start slinging shells nearby of. Gneisenau detected a large ship in her scanner yet couldnt identify it at 3AM with the added problem that Norwegian waters werent exactly visual friendly at times which the large ship, turning out to be Renown, opened fire at the very distinct silhouette which the Twins realized was pretty much a capital ship, a battlecruiser, chasing after their asses and proceeded to plot solutions... if not for the fact the battlecruiser managed to bead Gneisenau after some close brackets and straddles that resulted in the battleship losing her main director and some more which disabled turret X and Scharnhorst moving in to screen her sister which also compounded the problems the sea wasn't exactly on their side as well (note that as I've said during the badposts for these lasses, the Scharnhorsts had some issues with brutal seas as it messes up a LOT of their systems) and it also messed up hydraulics and electricals on their turrets which had resulted in gunnery deviations or straight up missing like a butterfingers. the most "WHY AREN'T YOU MOVING IN?!" inducing part of this was the fact that Renown's destroyer escorts couldnt even dare to line guns, let alone a torpedo run, because the sea just went angry so they had to slowly pull back and let Renown keep her guns firing yet even she wasn't safe from water problems as that, combined with her shelling in rough weather, had damaged some components on the battlecruiser which also limited her ability to direct effective fire in some way. It ain't really helping that the Twins charged into a storm that was brewing in order to escape Renown... yet the battlecruiser gingerly charged into the storm as well and it was bound full of crazy to the point that Scharnhorst at this time should have suffered some issues at A turret as well as her radar started going sideways. the persistent battlecruiser caught up to them and also started opening fire but the Twins had to pull back for good and run West, seeing as the silhouettes over the horizon might be bigger ships and it was a sort of rule to German battleships then to not get in the shit with ANY proper battleship the Brits had i.e. Queen Elizabeths, Revenges, those pesky KGV's that could also chase them to hell if need be. thing is... those silhouettes were the destroyers Renown was with that had to pull back lest they be swamped by the storm and they couldn't afford to lose more as Glowworm already died YOLOing Hipper and failed after pinging contact. and adding the fact that Repulse was sorta far away meant the Brits only had to wait and intercept the Twins coming back from the Atlantic since they were sure as hell they'd come back after that beating by nature. The result? Gneisenau lost her main fire control, some aux directors and turret X as well as environmental damage from attempting to charge into the storm to lose Renown's pursuit. Scharnhorst lost her radar because of the storm as well as both having internal problems because water likely seeped in the hull and may have messed up some wires and stuff. Renown was hit twice by Gneisenau but were simply overpens as it was a superstructure hit. Both sides got something out of this in their own way: the Brits damaged the hell out of the Twins which forced them to dock at the time that Bismarck was supposed to be sailing like a boss due to the damage they took from the angry seas which meant two less capital ships to worry about, and the Germans got their bit on what the Twins were supposed to do which was distract any responding capital ships that might have jeopardized the Norway op (*cough*Oscarsborg Fortress kills Blucher*cough*) by them baiting them out to chase the shit out of them. WHERE MUH BRIT BATTLECRUISER, WG Derp.exe -reboot
  4. EvyL

    O-class battlecruiser

    I'm just genuinely happy this was considered tho~
  5. When crazy so good that the Brits stopped and looked in awe Ops and Cerberus camo for the Twins and Prinz Eugen when~?
  6. EvyL

    Operation Cerberus/the Channel Dash

    I'm referring to Tirpitz as she was called The Lonely Queen of the North, doubling down that since Norway is usually associated with fjords, ice and cold when it does snow, its fitting to call her the Frozen Queen
  7. As I'm a fan of the Scharnhorsts, I suddenly remember I didnt cover their great GTFO that still brings facepalms and impressions all the same so why not? I PRESENT TO YOU THE CHANNEL DASH Goddamn Cerberus is such an epic name for an op that involves running back to mommy after the Limeys threw rocks at their toys... RUN BOY RUN! THIS WORLD IS NOT MEANT FOR YOU! As per the bit I would really counter people who say that the Germans sub cheesing the Atlantic is the best method while the surface ships being pirates are inferior in the role of commerce raiding, piracy was scary BECAUSE merchantmen saw the jolly roger on a pirate ship that then proceeded to open fire if boarding was impossible. As it happened on the German raiders: the sub's threat is the fear on where it would ambush the convoy or in the worst case scenario, getting sighted by a wolfpack that but a surface raider's threat is evident enough when it appears over the horizon and starts blasting the crap out of merch ships. Also attempting to counter them is way different as the sub is dead meat if ASDIC hears them and the escorts start depth charge saturation to either kill it underwater OR force it to surface and THEN kill it whereas a surface raider only needs to get the hell out of dodge to a friendly port before the heavier ships respond to blast them. So it happened that Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were in French ports and used em as staging points for piracy shenanigans along with some of the raiders that werent with Tirpitz up north. Normally Bismarck would have joined them after getting repaired in the St Nazaire docks since Tirpitz at that time would either be just recently finishing fitting outs or about to start the strenuous shakedown but thanks to a battlecruiser and a really new post-dread dying and being moderately maimed respectively, the Brits went full ANGERY and ganked the battleship close to French coasts. And when the Brits saw them there, the plane spam began in earnest. how to scare the shit out of merch ships: see a warship type silhouette over the horizon that reveals itself as a Scharnhorst Daylight bombing to the gritty bomber pilots sometimes being dragged to the new ass B-17's because MURICA was utterly ridiculous and would likely ought to spray the instigator of that mad idea with fire retardant but dropped a crapload of bombs during several heavy sorties that damaged Prinz Eugen, the Twins, a bunch of destroyers and some of the E-boats stationed in the coastline and somehow, mustache boy wanted them to come back to Germany because it was only a matter of time for the ships to take a crippling hit when they're within bomber range, and adding the fact that the Luftwaffe were kinda running thin in fighters during this time because Russian YAKs and those rage inducing IL-2's are quite pesky, so the order was given to get the hell out of dodge and back to Germany where flak is heavier than in France, and if they survived the gauntlet, be ready to act in Norway because the Brits might have this silly idea of attempting a naval incursion there. This guy was running the battlegroup, Admiral Otto Ciliax. Unique commander when WG It would have been fine if not for several things: You're running through THAT in order to cry to mommy with beer in hand faster than circumnavigating the British Isles and pray no sub is skulking nearby The Brits and Germans aren't that dumb not to cram shore dakka near Dover and Calais and you can guess mine spamming is the norm near there, the Brits laying a buttload of it since there was a possibility that shore guns alone and plane spam cant kill any ship jumping through there. The Germans ran mine sweeps and seaborne meteorology by u-boats so that when they DO run there, they grind with least resistance and hopefully way away from the scrambling bombers and torpedo bombers thats going to inevitably strike the moment they're seen. Behold the Enigma bawks. This had an Army, Navy and Air Force model to write and read secret messages by scrambling the living hell out of them This thing, which was probably the lovechild of a watchmaker, a mathematician, and a precision instruments maker, was, for a time, incredibly complex and was really hard to break but thanks to the Poles who snagged a box and that time when brave sailors YOLO'd into a sinking sub that failed to be a pirate to snag a navy box AND the code books to go with it, got broken quite fast. That intact Enigma the Poles smuggled? Made THIS: Its da Bombe. No really, its called Bombe. Due to the fact that the Enigma has a code crunch possibility of several trillion combos, this thing would attempt to crunch the Enigma code by running EVERY POSSIBLE CRUNCH that hopefully struck gold on the then-used settings used by the Germans, and after securing the codebooks, the Bombe was pretty much unraveling every super sekrit code sent... and the Germans didnt know of it. Basically the relay was told and the Brits knew that they were planning a run but the question was when and exactly where. The order was to GTFO back home but it didnt specify when to do so and add the fact that Tirpitz just arrived in her cozy lil fjord, they had to monitor both the units in the French coast and Tirpitz moving one day. The last was the Brits anticipating such a move. They crammed a radar station near the strait so that if a large ship did try to ninja through they would know of it and scramble very quickly. They even stationed some available destroyers that were picketing for subs in the event if it did happen as their surface QRF. pssst Artur, is it a coincidence that this is named Rendezvous and the theme is urgency~? Because this is perfect for this event The battlegroup, consisting of the Twins, Prinz Eugen, and several destroyers and torpedo boats, had a good screen of Luftwaffe aircraft with Bf 109's and the fatter Fw 190's as their fighters, Stukas, and I dunno if there was some present, level bombers, moving up with them from above when they left Brets in the dead of night and somehow did not encounter pickets and patrols as they started the dash. A thing that probably did help the Germans is the fact that they were as silent as the grave. I can't be sure if that bit about how German radar also gives off an acoustic signature via distorted static on the instruments was true (normally a ship should have only two acoustic signatures and that's their propellers and breaking water the bow's making) but as it stood, they were silent in ninja vanishing from France to the point they were signal jamming stuff that when the morning came in, the Brits weren't really that prepared for contact report from radar stations and the RAF Bomber Command was, as a friend put it, had their heads up their asses as they struggled to form an intercepting wing right after Spitfires that returned too reported that they got interdicted by Bf 109's and they saw the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau as well as the escorting ships starting to crank their AA suites which gave the collective cry of "OH SHIT" everywhere at the fact that the German battlegroup was already well underway. Do you hear the tracers whizz in the air? The AA guns go "dakka dakka dakka"? Any nearby British shore guns started firing into the mist at last radar contact pinged only to miss the group which was way beyond the assured radar range for the guns to crunch data on and it was then the RAF Bomber Command scrambled the available Swordfishes along with the Spitfires to attack, wading in the heavy flak just to score a torpedo strike on something just as the German fighter escort had to get back home to refuel. Then ran the British PT boats that were operational and tried their torpedo run which failed with them running back because there are big scary destroyers blasting them. During this time there was a gigantic lolwut on the strike aircraft in Britain since they were expecting the notion that they would have seen this run to the north and THEN arm their shit so it happened that there was no heavy dedicated strike aircraft attacks for a few while until the level bombers were already finalized and were in the air. Then Scharnhorst struck a mine which resulted in her lagging behind before damage control fixed her long enough to finish the gauntlet and the British destroyers nearby attempted a torpedo run but was met with heavy fire from Gneisenau and Prinz Eugen, adding insult to injury being their torpedoes didnt do squat. A second time Scharnhorst got struck by a mine that completely stopped her and Gneisenau got a taste of her first mine strike afterwards but in the end, the group escaped the gauntlet none the worse for wear. Messed up, sure, but they made it back home to Germany for repairs, Scharnhorst taking half a year on hers. If its crazy and stupid but works, it aint both. This daring move was, in my opinion, crazy and risky. There's a good reason why Tirpitz was called The Lonely Queen of the North due to untold brick shitting that will happen would she go full pirate but it also was lul. I mean the only thing the convoys now had to worry about was playing Pin the depth charge on the u-boat which resulted in silly things like improving ASDIC or MAC ships carrying depth charge lugging seaplanes and not on the fear that a surface ship won't just appear out of nowhere and proceed to blast the hell out of merch ships and, on one rare occasion, pulled a fast one on a British battleship because lol for that matter. Sure the Germans kept their ships sort of intact, but this means that they're also trapped there since they couldn't ninja past Greenland anymore now that there are battleships stationed there because of The Frozen Queen is scary. It also didnt really help that Gneisenau wasnearly totaled by a bomb strike afterwards that the order was given to rebuild her to the Gneisenau you see in-game as was originally planned on the Scharnhorsts, also as additional reprisals the Brits made was the Raid at St. Nazaire which the Campbelltown totaled the slipway which was THE only one really large enough to hold the available German battleships. In-game wise, I'm expecting this to be a new German centered event under the scenario name "Cerberus" where you'll need to escort the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau through open water thats also mined as per Dunkirk and like in Empress Augusta Bay/Cherry Blossom, initially limited to German destroyers and cruisers from tier 6 to 8 since heavy waves of aircraft plus the occasional PT boat attack will harass the gauntlet as well as the sporadic destroyer interdiction. PLEASE GIBE ICICLE SCHARNHORST CAMO. Derp.exe has now crashed
  8. EvyL

    KM Tirpitz

    I do try to make the writeups freehand in the hopes of making anyone who does read this be interested in ships, after all~ What I actually went "bruuuh...." over this battleship is the fact that she had an incredible luxury for a battleship, and this is just anchorage to boot. Also the fact that Campbelltown YOLO'd into St. Nazaire's drydock meant she couldnt be a pirate in the Atlantic since that drydock should have been large enough to accommodate her~
  9. EvyL

    KM Tirpitz

    I'm not one to start the New Year with weird shit... but thanks to some wehraboos ruining my day, I'd rather throw it in. Also to rid myself of the salt of not having one. I PRESENT TO YOU THE TIRPITZ Not THIS Tirpitz although this magnificent bastard was the namesake ... I can accept this Tirpitz (commander where) THIS Tirpitz. ALL HAIL THE LONELY QUEEN OF THE NORTH Now in the 30's, the WNT was getting to be constraining in terms of how to battleship and even moreso for Germany who had been severely shafted by the Treaty of Versailles which was basically "you can have x amount of ships and if ship y is too old, you can rebuild to replace them" AND had to abide with the observations which kinda resulted in the Scharnhorsts that sort of passed but was a wee bit undergunned for their liking (honestly would you even try to face a dread with 11 inch guns? as much as the twins were tough as nails, it didnt help the fact that a dread's belt proves too tough a nut to crack and would have to resort to plunging fire or getting close enough for the torpedoes to connect) and so it happened that one of their aging pre-dreads, the Schlesswig-Holstein, had to be replaced so they were building a replacement for it... well two of them that were bigger and pretty much violated treaty observations... but at this point it was bullshit, as the Germans also deemed Versailles bullshit, because the Japanese ragequitted after London II and the "escalation" clause kicked in which sort of got accepted in the norm. The result were the Bismarcks out in the water... not quite. Tirpitz was still in the process of float-out and fitting out when her big sister was up and ready, after all. You can't deny Tirpitz was one sexy ass battleship tbh As with her sister, Tirpitz had 15 inch guns in dual mount turrets in the AB-XY layout, a good load of 150mm guns for her decent secondaries, some 105 DP's, 37mm's and 20mm AA guns for her AA suite and a pair of quad torpedo tubes lugging that lumpy G7a T1 torpedo. She had her protection with nearly 350mm of belt, 80mm of top deck with an additional 120mm of armored deck, 350mm of conning tower and turret and 45mm of bulkhead and could run at 30 kts, 30.8 was her max achieved speed during shakedown. She was still fitting out when she heard that Bismarck was ganked after several Swordfish torpedo runs crippled the battleship and was pretty much combat ready when the steamroll to Norway was planned and so she went there as a poising threat which also meant that British heavy capital ships needed to be nearby since the unnatural fear that Tirpitz may be a tougher nut to crack than Bismarck was there, they had to station some battleships like King George V, Duke of York and the reformatted battlecruiser Renown nearby. Why a battlecruiser was there you might ask? Remember that like Bismarck, Tirpitz was also fast, and with the loss of both Hood and Repulse, Renown became the only fast capital ship the Brits had. Unless you can prove that a 24 kt Queen Liz can catch up to her because she isn't Normandie. Oh and because the Germans started to resort to piracy in an attempt to starve the UK by playing Pin the depth charge on the U-boat and a rousing game of Catch the Convoy by surface ships. BEHOLD THE TRUTH WHY TIRPITZ HAS 12.3KM MAX CONCEALMENT You could say that during her status as a fleet in being up with the Nords, she was damn pampered. She had a heavy AA battery protecting her ass in the fjord, an artificial fog generator to cloudy up the fjord she's in so that the British won't be accurate during bombings. Due to silly things like Bismarck dying, Graf Spee committing suicide and fuel shortages because the long run home that was Cerberus was allocated to the Scharnhorst twins and their surface screen, she was pretty much holed up in her cozy lil fjord in Norway while at the same time making the Brits wary and scared on the potential shit she'll wreck if she goes pirate. And oh how they tried to wreck her, how they so tried~ Now here's the bit I'm actually having a little angst of: When you think of commerce raiding, the sub is pretty much the king of scary and brick defecation but a battleship going pirate has its merits. Sure it eats a lot of fuel in doing so but unlike a sub that needs ambush to sink, a battleship just appears and starts blasting targets then gets the hell out of dodge. its kinda unfair that battleship piracy, especially done by the twins, had 'little effect' when they were priority 1 to kill to the point they'd even send dreads to screen instead of just sending cruisers packing depth charges and turning on ASDIC to cover their asses in the event of a sub attack. Sadly, Tirpitz didnt do notable stuff apart from moving about in the fjords at Norway and attempting to play Chase the convoy which typically resulted in convoy dispersal due to compromised cryptography and had a roll in blasting the crap out of installations, shooting down aircraft whose pilots tried to strike her and her threat level was so great that when word got out that she was trying to intercept PQ-17 which they aborted, the Allies literally sent the toughest escorts on that convoy to intercept the battleship that also had the luck of a Russian sub that attempted to torpedo her. Oh and the carrier Victorious was all over her ass. Then the final strike came in during Catechism where Avro Lancasters (no offense to the Brits, but the Lancaster's nose is UGLY. Why dafuq did you cram the dakka ON TOP OF THE NOSE CONE while you can use THE nose cone as dakka?!) packing Tallboys this time to ensure death and total loss. Behold, a tallboy. This bomb which a Lancaster could carry only one in their bay, was basically a bunker buster bomb that pretty much laughed at underground complexes and these things were used on suspected submarine pens which were pretty immune to GP bombs due to the ground and the depth of earth the bunker is in. AND THEY DROPPED IT ON TIRPITZ. Yes, thats how the Brits were sorely butthurt and eager to see the battleship sink that they'd drop tallboys. I mean would you risk your capital ships just to blast Tirpitz in the fjord that's teeming with mines and shore guns? Oh and the Luftwaffe apparently didnt get info that the battleship moved to another cozy fjord~ Welp. The bombs broke a lot of stuff on Tirpitz including her keel and she capsized right after a large mag det. Rescue teams had to cut through the ship bottom to free the trapped crewmen to boot. In-game wise, this battleship is pretty much Germany's first representative and still continues to hold true to her moniker of The Lonely Queen of the North. Her durability speaks for herself and with the secondary buff, she can have her secondaries fire withering hails much like her big sister without the hydro since she has torpedo tubes for them uppercuts. Cue any kind soul for one plz loljk Derp.exe -nw has crashed.
  10. Well the monitors aren't exactly kitted for blasting the crap out of ships despite carrying big guns themselves since they were simply used to shell targets and a low freeboard ship can potentially put the deck awash constantly if the ocean decides to screw that ship over with big swells
  11. EvyL

    USS Nevada (BB-36)

    Couple of days from now, Pearl Harbor shens (and both spicy and dank memes to go with it) are gonna happen, and I gotta admit, I kinda feel guilty about not making a bad post about the USN's first dread full of grit. I PRESENT TO YOU USS NEVADA (BB-36) ... well, Azur Lane's Nevada could sorta work... THIS Nevada. Well... her refit anyway. When Dreadnought came out, she pretty much changed the entire scene on how to battleship, and even the Americans took notes on how to battleship... well... said how to battleship being how to dreadnought when the Brits rolled out the Queen Elizabeths and for the time, having a dread run absurdly fast apart from new tech was pretty much a solid prospect up there in the drawing board yet here was Queen Liz who did it like a Lady which also added the fervor on how to battleship better, and the Americans were no exception. Sure the New Yorks were good dreads that would theoretically obliterate the living crap out of any surface target they ever so much as plot firing solutions for but they were nowhere near fast nor modern like the newer Queen Liz's were... and add the fact that those dreads were naval battle veterans at this point, Warspite and Malaya getting the hurt... and they were tougher than any battleship the Allies had then due to their 13 inch armor belts which made them pretty much tough-as-nails whereas the other dreads during this period, excluding the battlecruisers because they werent battleships "yet" hurr only had 11-12.5 inches max to make room for EVEN MORE GUNS because broadside obliteration made seamen shed manly tears then. And so came the Nevada. Well... its something to show for. Nevada was protected with 13.5 inches of belt and started running the "all or nothing" scheme, 13 inches of barbette and conning tower with 18 inches of turret as per her modest protection and she had ten 14 inch guns in the AB-XY configuration which was a rather unusual layout for USN dread that removed the P-Q turrets that once occupied the centermost of the ship, some 76mm guns to serve as AA defense which were later changed for DP 5 inch guns as well as the whole AA suite reinforced with 20mm Oerlikons and 40mm Bofors because there can never be enough AA dakka in WW2... NEVER ENOUGH AA DAKKA as fellow battleships North Carolina and South Dakota testify hard. I totally did not leave out the fact that dreads then, Nevada included, had torpedo tubes because reason. The dread could run at about 21 kts which was pretty standard and she had better burners on her boilers which added more efficiency. About the battleship... Remember when I said she was unusual for her AB-XY layout? ... yeeeah. Out of the battleships out there, Nevada at her day was likely the first one running a triple mount turret that wasnt a paper what-if and while the traditional dual mount turrets of turrets B and X respectively were there, turrets A and B were these things. Other thing to note about it was that the Americans didnt really cast a big ass gun more than the 14 inch guns they had and so could liberally cram a gun in the centerline without really much problems like making the turret crew more uncomfortable with stuff like feed trays, rammers, the breech on each freakin' gun and the shell cradles. their counterparts the British and Germans on the other hand crammed out 15 inch guns and you'd need a designer to have a wet dream in that time period to make a triple mount turret capable of lugging those puppies while maintaining the dread's hull specs. Also to note is that, apart from the eyebrow twitching hyperboloid masts, Nevada had pretty much a unified space for the better powerful boilers so she's running a single funnel instead of the two to four found on most ships at that era. A thing to be amused with Nevada is that right after her and Oklahoma were done, she was the first of the "standard type" dreads which was basically "the newer dreads' X Y Z's must be roughly similar to progenitor's X Y Z's but feel free to furiously masturbate on the copious amount of crap you wish to put on future dreads" and her, along with fellow battleships Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Tennessee and Colorado were pretty much all called "standard type battleships" as they weren't that too different to each other, or if you want to be a dramaskub, the "Big Five" American battleships. Cue mad cackling all around. Float! FLOAT YOU MAGNIFICENT LASS! After her trials and fitting out that had a tiny rain check because strong winds and a possibility of a strong storm literally stopped her from going all out in straining herself on her shakedown cruise (which I think is bullshit because Mikhail Kutuzov YOLO'd a storm WILLINGLY during her shakedown and even a tiny ass destroyer like the Benson class Kalk was riding the damn storm she slammed into so why not something heavy as a battleship?), she got her commission and started with her first skipper by the name of Captain William Sims, and yes, this notable gritty individual is also the namesake of the Sims destroyer you know, love and/or hate and spent her WW1 days operating off port since she can't sail into European waters due to the fact she ran oil and the Brits can't into oil at this time so the older dreads ran out to the British Isles as attached units as well as escorting then-president Woodrow Wilson in a luxury liner and spent her days alternating between the Atlantic Fleet and Pacific Fleet which, in the eventuality after some refits and maintenance shens, she stayed there based from Pearl Harbor. All honesty, Nevada's silhouette is fairly easier on the eyes even after she got those lolmasts replaced with tripods. And then WW2 sparked... and this battleship got a good taste of plane spam... right where she slept. Cue Gothic Storm's Rapid Alarm playing full blast as Nevada tries to run. The battleship wasn't fully tethered nor she had a berthmate so she was able to run while her crew started, thankfully one of her boilers was currently roaring likely as a maintenance run that enabled her to run in the process, cranking up the AA guns while being subjected to brutal air attacks before getting so messed up that she had to beach herself to save the ship after eating a torpedo that resulted in a minor list and flooding as well as bombs finding their marks. Apparently the magazines were empty because she was supposed to have new powder and shells so that sort of saved her ass from the bomb strikes in a way... her sister Oklahoma... not so much. If anything, she'd be given a Dreadnought badge after that thrashing. Cue hardcore repair. And GOOD GOD SHE BETTER NOW. She was attached to convoys since the threat of German ships going full pirate was still out there, participated in D-Day as a bombardier that was allegedly the most damaging out of the US dreads participating in Overlord and was with Texas when both dreads were pummeling the living crap out of Cherbourg harbor as the Allies needed it badly because Mulberry ports had their limits on logistics work. Returned to the Pacific afterwards and was pretty much a bombardier and had a second stint with Japanese aircraft with her new AA suite and ended her days as a test target for Operation Crossroads to see if battleships getting nuked wouldn't totally microwave the hell out of the crew which failed miserably: the battleship was still combat worthy after damage control could fix her but IF there's a damage control aboard that floating tomb. In-game wise, I'm expecting the Nevada to be a tier 6 battleship because a standard at tier 5 would be Giulio Cesare 2.0 all over again: she's tough-as-nails, has good guns, can reliably turn on a dime and with her final refit AA suite means she'll make carriers cry. However, to differ from New Mexico and fellow standard Arizona, I'm assuming she'll load marginally faster at 29s, have good dispersion of 2.0 and an AA suite that's similar to New Mexico's as well as improved acceleration for a dread. Derp.exe has crashed
  12. Encountered a strange error where the port is quite okay but when you try to play it closes the client due to an error. a battle within 1815 could not load as of this posting and I am pretty much dead in the water. it appears rechecking the integrity once isn't working and as of this edit, I'm inspecting its integrity for a second time EDIT: the client keeps crashing even when trying to start. its getting unfair that I get slated to be pink when the client forces itself to die at 1921 Uploaded are the reports on this machine as it is using a WGC client 18-10-29-18_20_03_053.zip 18-10-29-18_23_50_788.zip
  13. EvyL

    O-class battlecruiser

    Behavior wise, ain't she practically that? The Americans are even going to great lengths in telling everybody then that the thing was just a big ass cruiser but there will be people who refer to them as such. Its probably gun size they first notice that equates as a battlecruiser for the capital ships. Plenty of skids I noted call the Twins, Dunkerque and Alaska as a battlecruiser and not the overall hull integrity, the same sort of thinking that got through the Pensacolas and Northamptons. In regards to the O's, perhaps it may have behaved as that since the first surefire way the Brits would have reacted was to send either of the Renowns since I get this feeling that they'll hold back Hood for a bit to assess the ship's combat capabilities despite the imperative of this battlecruiser to just simply run while shooting
  14. EvyL

    O-class battlecruiser

    While the Scharnhorst guns were improved from the panzerschiffes, to be fair, the Deutschlands werent the first to pack 28cm guns as those things were present in WW1 on some actual battlecruisers like the Seydlitz or dreads like Nassau, never mind the pre-dreads. Different calibers, but roughly the same barrel diameter. It also gets thrown around that a fast capital ship with guns smaller than 356 gets slapped with "ermagherd is a battlecruiser" despite how beefy the hull is to some apart from the set notion that the Renowns and Hood threw out there as archetype battlecruisers, much like how some refer to the Dunkerque (some docos I saw before refered to the twins as "battlecruisers" likely because small guns) or the Twins in question.