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  1. Encountered a strange error where the port is quite okay but when you try to play it closes the client due to an error. a battle within 1815 could not load as of this posting and I am pretty much dead in the water. it appears rechecking the integrity once isn't working and as of this edit, I'm inspecting its integrity for a second time EDIT: the client keeps crashing even when trying to start. its getting unfair that I get slated to be pink when the client forces itself to die at 1921 Uploaded are the reports on this machine as it is using a WGC client 18-10-29-18_20_03_053.zip 18-10-29-18_23_50_788.zip
  2. EvyL

    O-class battlecruiser

    Behavior wise, ain't she practically that? The Americans are even going to great lengths in telling everybody then that the thing was just a big ass cruiser but there will be people who refer to them as such. Its probably gun size they first notice that equates as a battlecruiser for the capital ships. Plenty of skids I noted call the Twins, Dunkerque and Alaska as a battlecruiser and not the overall hull integrity, the same sort of thinking that got through the Pensacolas and Northamptons. In regards to the O's, perhaps it may have behaved as that since the first surefire way the Brits would have reacted was to send either of the Renowns since I get this feeling that they'll hold back Hood for a bit to assess the ship's combat capabilities despite the imperative of this battlecruiser to just simply run while shooting
  3. EvyL

    O-class battlecruiser

    While the Scharnhorst guns were improved from the panzerschiffes, to be fair, the Deutschlands werent the first to pack 28cm guns as those things were present in WW1 on some actual battlecruisers like the Seydlitz or dreads like Nassau, never mind the pre-dreads. Different calibers, but roughly the same barrel diameter. It also gets thrown around that a fast capital ship with guns smaller than 356 gets slapped with "ermagherd is a battlecruiser" despite how beefy the hull is to some apart from the set notion that the Renowns and Hood threw out there as archetype battlecruisers, much like how some refer to the Dunkerque (some docos I saw before refered to the twins as "battlecruisers" likely because small guns) or the Twins in question.
  4. Well, I'm kinda guilty about not badposting the predecessor for the Yorks but why not~? I was kinda holding back because LOTS OF STUFF needed to be sorted on these lumpy things and I wish I had the book by Friedman I PRESENT TO YOU THE COUNTY CLASS CRUISERS Well... one of them here. This is HMS London (69) Well~ Here's the Kent. I SERIOUSLY RAGE AT TRIPLE FUNNELS. Emerald be damned. So there's WNT and there's the cruiser clause that the things need to be within 10, 000 long tonnes and a maximum armament of 8 inches/203mm within the damn clause. And what better way to face the drawing boards than to start crunching how-to's so the damn things will be fine enough so it'll sort of 'work' for the meantime? The result? The County cruisers. Well... almost as a single unified class since this line was slated to have four subclasses... .. the Norfolk being one of them. There were four subclasses: the Kents, the Londons, the Norfolks, and the cancelled Surreys because coffers ran dry hurr need moar better heavy cruisers than the Counties were needed. The Kents made up of the Kent, Berwick, Cumberland, Suffolk, Cornwall and the heavy cruisers for Australia being the Australia and the Canberra. The Londons made up of London, Devonshire, Sussex and Shropshire, whilst the Norfolks included Norfolk and Dorshetshire as well as the Surreys Surrey and Northumberland. While they all belong to the County class because the names are of the UK's counties, and somehow Australia (and NZ) were part of it. No seriously, they called these cruisers "Design A" which meant they probably had more design circlejerking which probably had a lot of crazy lolwats. User HMS_Formidable at NA threw some info raids on these what-if's so feel free to visit there The County cruisers had eight 203mm guns in AB-XY, some 4 inch guns that differed on each ship, a bunch of 12.7mm HMG's and 533mm torpedo tubes whilst their protection had them 4.5 inches of belt which was sort of acceptable at the time with the London and Norfolks having 3.5 inches of belt, about an inch or more of turrets and some decent bulkheads on some of the cruisers and all of em could run at 31.5 kts with the exception of London running 32 because she was sort of lighter. About the heavy cruisers... Apparently there's this weird hullabaloo about how'd they needed the things to conform to their wants and needs that they need a heavy cruiser that was practically their heavy arm when battleships couldnt be afforded to sail in and they needed rapid action as they had offshore colonies... so why not try to tweak the ships in each subclass? That sort of resulted in differing things on each County, the Kents, being numerous, weren't that heavily refitted as they still were fairly "new" in ship standards. London and Norfolk are the 'weird' ones out in the mix as they were different in regards to silhouettes... I mean London had two funnels and a refit that made her look like a flippin Crown Colony light cruiser because their superstructures are decent enough yet... didnt have their planned refitting that made them a bit more tougher compared to the Kents. I now regret as to why I threw the whole class now... Here's London And Shropshire. DIFFERENCES SON! Cornwall sank during the Easter Raid along with Dorsetshire, Canberra had to be scuttled due to heavy damage during the Savo Island brawls and the rest served pretty much well with grit and distinction. In-game wise, I'm actually expecting Kent having three hulls, the 30's hull as hull A, the slightly better hull in '41 or '42 as a Hull B and Hull C will probably combine a mix of both Norfolk and a London which is likely Shropshire since London herself will likely be a premium with the tier being tier 6. the chances are for the County being really OP is divisive at best since 4.5 inches of belt mean that battleships scoff at you and light cruisers close enough like the Nurnberg can hurt you bad and the first heavy cruisers Furutaka and Pensacola can thwack you easy. Badpost.exe has now stopped.
  5. EvyL

    HMS Unicorn (I72)

    I'm not really that fond of carriers but there are those that oftentimes catches one's eye. Gonna revert back to the badpost mode. This carrier actually caught my eye as its one of the unique ships out there and why not badpost the thing? I PRESENT TO YOU HMS UNICORN (I72) oops wrong Unicorn ... close enough... THIS carrier. HUEG ISLAND Why the Brits would use a mythical horse-like animal for a name when they have Greek heroes and words like "Illustrious" is beyond me lmao In the 30's, nobody ever really expected that the carrier would be a very absurd yet effective thing in naval slugfests, but when aircraft tech started evolving and the WNT prevented any battleships that were worth the risk of skirting the damn rules, it was clear that the carrier would be very necessary. It came to two thoughts that prevailed at most in regards to force projection: the battleship IS the force and the carrier can project battleship force ANYWHERE, and the Brits were kinda moderate in both camps, partly because they had gun ships and also they were slowly churning out carriers. It ain't really helping that British carriers weren't exactly fast and you know as well as they did that a carrier's force projection need her to put planes in the air and you can't just simply order that carrier that locked down a good chunk of sector back to port for more planes if they were lost and someone had a very brilliant idea: if the carrier cant reach the stuff she needs, then the stuff should reach the carrier. And repair the messed up planes in situ after delivery of replacement or spare aircraft. And with a flight deck so damaged planes that cant land in their mother carrier can land there. Basically a floating aircraft depot and repair ship for such stuff. I mean it looks like a light carrier, not something that has a workshop on deck to be lugging around planes all day long and eventually repairing them on-site Cue the sound of tea being poured into a cup. The Unicorn could pack about 33 planes in her wing and 80 in her bays and could run at 24 kts, had a very modest AA suite of a pair of 4.5 inch DP guns, some Oerlikons and 2 pdr guns to poke her with something to fight back with early warning radar and HACS (High Angle Control System) in the (unlikely) event of planes getting past the CAP and the escorts' AA suites. Aircraft she on in her WW2 life were Seafires, Fireflies, Swordfishes, Sea Hurricanes and Barracudas. She also had repair facilities aboard so if any aircraft isn't that messed up that she really needs to lug it back to base, she can make it work so meaning that having her around is a total godsend to a carrier task force. NOTE: just because the Unicorn could overall carry nearly 120 planes, most of those aint hers since she's just there to drop it off in a supplying port or link up with the carriers to replace the ones they lost from enemy gunfire or some derp like ditching or deck accidents (if you think deck work was easy on carriers regardless of nation, think again). The only planes she has is those 33 planes in her wing. About the carrier.... While she was still in the slipway, it was somewhat decided that she wouldn't have her full repair suite aboard because reasons and as she was intended to be, this carrier isn't supposed to be doing carrier duties despite her looks being practically a light carrier as proven on the lolwatwai's that happened during Salerno. Do note that her deck can enable planes to land rather than ditch if they were damaged and the carrier was nearby, but its another story altogether if you ask the lumpy thing to keep spamming planes like her colleagues. And here's the bit about them Seafires: while the Spitfire it was derived from was an excellent fighter whose only drawback was the range it had, the Seafire was sort of that... and it wasn't really made for carrier ops. REALLY. While having not that much trouble aboard big carriers like the Illustrious, putting the damn things on Unicorn was pretty much screams of "OH NO!" all around. Because line drawings are nice The Unicorn was planned in 1939 but got pushed back in favor of more pressing ships to finish which had her with a late start as she was sort of done in 1941 and was fully ready at 1943, with delivery runs her forte as well as being the standby and support carrier for the few fleet carriers the UK had. Then came Salerno where she had to be one of the supporting air power in the area since the Regia Aeronautica still had really good fighters being aggressive... and derp started to happen as her limits of being a support and repair carrier came out. Launching repaired planes is one thing, behaving as a light carrier is another... and she had a lot of Seafire accidents and ditches that had contributed to the depletion of fighters in the area that two carriers had to be moved in to Unicorn's location just to provide fighter support. Then finally she was refitted and repaired as per her original duty: repair and service, and headed out to the East along with others led by the battlecruiser Renown. Interestingly, Illustrious was always there for this carrier. She was the respondents when Unicorn was having Seafire trouble at Salerno and she accompanied the carrier to the East. this is why she is her big sister In the East, she pretty much excelled at what she was intended to do, prepping and repairing a crapload of aircraft during the stint of the group moving around in there while delivering planes as well as materiel, was nearby when Japan decided to surrender and eventually saw her days in reserve and eventually scrapping after the Korean War after a hectic day of saving planes, getting adopted by an army unit that she saved, and also running to save a light carrier colleague. I herd some liek lil sister types~ In-game wise, Unicorn will likely be as-is in 1943 but with a really small wing of 33 planes which the planes would likely be: a wing with 4 Seafires or Fireflies, a wing with 5 Barracudas that can be either torpedo or dive bomber or perhaps even both. The chances for Unicorn to work will likely bank on her being the British equivalent of the Saipan at her tier or enable her to repair her squadrons which means if the planes are severely damaged but are not shot down, they will still fly out at full health but this is just conjecture as carriers are still in the process of rework. Derp.exe is now over
  6. I have the heavy cruiser and if you look at it, she's not that much different than her big sister apart from being more tougher with more HP, a bit more AA guns in the suite the repair party which enables her to survive longer. If you're already very accustomed to German cruiser gunnery as well as having experience aboard Admiral Hipper, then Prinz Eugen isn't that much different apart from having this feel of being 'heavier' than her sister, despite the marginal difference of range.
  7. EvyL

    USS Wichita (CA-45)

    Thought I might try to make a 'proper' writeup this time since honestly, I'm rather uncomfortable with it as I'm more at home with the "badass of the week" type badposting since I hoped that it might pique the interest of potential shipskubs into digging their own bits~ Cue tl;dr I PRESENT TO YOU USS WICHITA (CA-45) In regards to cruiser designs and concepts, there had been many what-if's that were placed within the design board, never-were's that hid within the nation's archives to be found by information raiders, and compromises on ship designs about to appear, whether they are still in the slipway or paper. Two of such known design compromises within the heavy cruiser branches are of the Italian cruiser Bolzano that had began her keel as a full Trento class cruiser but eventually incorporated some of her successor the Zara's design prospect into herself, and the Wichita. Wichita as she looked like per line drawing The Brooklyn which most of her appearance and silhouette was heavily based New Orleans which she was supposed to become as presented by Astoria As per the Cruiser Act passed by the US Congress, the need was made for both light and heavy cruisers to be four things: stronger, faster, better, tougher. And while the first heavy cruiser they made, Pensacola, didn't match up to what they wanted due to the treaty constraints on cruiser building that was only alleviated during the London 1 amendment to the Washington Naval Treaty, it didnt stop designers to push through which resulted in the Northamptons, Portlands, and the most modern iteration of the US heavy cruiser, the New Orleans. Wichita was supposed to be part of the New Orleans but as internal arguments intensified, the Navy chose the Brooklyn's template, and if bits are to be believed, the St. Louis variant of the light cruiser specifically as the latter is pretty much the refined 'repeat' of the former. However, the elephant in the room is very evident: the Brooklyn is a light cruiser and you'd need to address several aspects of the design to make it into a heavy cruiser. They needed to change that since they weren't fully satisfied with the New Orleans as well although to be fair, as far as treaty cruisers went, the New Orleans was their serving heavy cruiser that was the modern iteration under the treaty rules. After several design tweaks and modifications, they came out with a heavy cruiser under hull CA-45 that was supposed to be a New Orleans yet silhouette and appearance wise, had the air of a Brooklyn aboard her, thus making her a half-sister to both cruisers and pretty much the only "hybrid" cruiser the Americans had. As per 1943 The Wichita was armed with nine newer 203mm barrels which she shared with the upcoming Baltimores in new turrets that allowed individual elevation on each gun, a bunch of DP and SP 127mm guns which is complemented by an AA suite of the DP 127mm guns and M2HB's for close-in fire which was enhance later on with the addition of 40mm Bofors and replacing most of their M2HB's with 20mm Oerlikons. She was protected with about 160mm of belt, arguably the thickest belt on a heavy cruiser that superseded the Zara and the later Baltimores and could run at roughly 33 kts After her shakedown, she was caught in the winds of the opening hostilities of war when Germany attacked Poland and was sent as part of the neutrality patrol, also one of her then-neutral voyages was sailing into neutral ports for a goodwill visit, eventually locating her area of operations to the Atlantic and Europe when she was one of the ships to see Iceland occupied as well as more patrols and convoy runs that intensified when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, one of the convoy runs she was sent to protect was the ill-fated PQ-17 that dispersed in the middle of the journey as there were intelligence reports that the Germans were forming a task force centered on the battleship Tirpitz operating in Nordic waters which failed to materialized and instead sent U-boat wolfpacks and Luftwaffe aircraft to prey on the near-defenseless cargo ships. She also was present during Torch where she also opened fire at the incomplete battleship Jean Bart as well as the Casablanca shore defenses that responded back, combined with a skirmish against French cruisers that were struggling to exit the harbor, had scored a hit aboard her causing light damage. Wichita firing and taking fire during Casablanca After her stint in the Atlantic, she was reassigned to the Pacific operations where she took a torpedo hit that failed to explode and saw heavy cruiser colleague Chicago sink during Rennell Island, was a shore bombardier in Kiska during the Alutiens Islands campaign where she had a momentary embarrassment of 'phantom targets' pinging in her sensors in the night wich resulted in her and her colleagues promptly blasting empty waters in the night when they found out via recon plane near Kiska. Afterwards she was reassigned to several task forces as heavy AA screen and/or shore bombardier that also saw her join the raid at Truk during Hailstone, shell targets off the Caroline Islands and Saipan, also took her aircraft kills during the Battle of the Philippine Sea as a heavy AA screen and plastered Guam and also had her duties within the Philippines as an AA screen as well as screening badly damaged cruisers Canberra and Houston, the latter taking a second torpedo strike. Wichita also holds the moment of a heavy cruiser in WW2 that shelled an aircraft carrier along with her colleagues during the Leyte Campaign, most notably at Cape Engaño where she shelled the light carrier Chiyoda and plastered destroyer Hatsuzuki and took damage that caused a fire that needed intensive repair soon after, and afterwards participated as a heavy AA screen and bombardier during the Okinawa campaign, had a short duration in Japan and some escort runs and finally ended her career with 13 stars and serving as one of the hybrid cruisers in the war. Wichita bombarding Okinawa in-game wise, Wichita is going to stand in tier 8 as mentioned by the devblog and even back then, fanta-stat guys were crawling all over her as a tier 8... and honestly, she's one heavy cruiser I would really REALLY love to get due to her records as well as the fact she's a hybrid cruiser... assuming if WG paints her gold Derp.exe is over Man this feels awkward.... AL Wichita because reason Wichita and Wasp at Scapa Flow Wichita as per 1945
  8. EvyL

    the Narvik destroyers

    Badposted Le Fantasque yanno~
  9. EvyL

    the Narvik destroyers

    I would want to run about Mogador but after running with Z-23 after a while, I'm gonna throw this out. I PRESENT TO YOU THE NARVIKS. NOT THIS DESTROYER, YA GIT (Z23 is also one of the potential starter ships you get in Azur Lane) THIS destroyer. Well... at least what US ONI warned people about. Heeeere's Z39~ In regards on how2destroyer in Germany, its been a helluva ride. I mean tell me, how can you destroyer when you're still gagged by Versailles AND the fact that the WNT is still observed along with London I amendments? And if we look at it in the more rational aspect, the Germans loved subs more than their destroyers yet even that's limited. The answer? Deem Versailles bullshit and start chanting "more dakka!" within German shipyards. Course THIS destroyer, the Type 1934 or some might call the Z1's, came out due to that chanting: ... and the Kriegsmarine was rather impressed despite the damn thing being rather big for their taste but WHO CARES? They had a destroyer class to call their own. Now while this came out, some of the seagoing nations were also worrying about these things being theoretically better and started crunching out their own, one notable class were the Le Fantasques and eventually the Mogadors whose purpose is to kill other destroyers with their superlative dakka because 138mm guns HURR were bigger, faster and potentially tougher and this also reached Germany's ears and also started their own crunch on how2destroyer since they were practically free from their self-gagging... to the point that the 1934's got a 1934A and the 1936's had the better 1936A's which are the Narviks and even these had 1936A Mob designations as well as the different 1936B and 1936C. Seriously Germany dafuq with the Matryoshka type naming. I mean LOOK AT THIS Z17 OF THE 1936. its roughly the Leberecht Maass on damn steroids. And here's Z23. The only difference is that the Narviks lost their Bruno/B turret and this isn't including the fact that all of these things are going to be packing light cruiser guns. You read me, LIGHT CRUISER GUNS. You think the French contre-torpilleur destroyers are all that in their destroyer killing? Wait till they see 15cm armed Narviks. The Narviks started from Z23 and ended with Z39, the ones starting from Z23 and ending to Z30 being the 36A's and the ones starting from Z31 to Z39 with the exception of Z35 and Z36 being the 36A Mob's. Don't ask why the Germans stopped naming their DD's after the 1936's tho. The ruddy things were packing 128mm guns in single mount turrets of A-XYZ layouts as their intended guns were 150mm guns which were roughly the same ones used on the Koenigsbergs and the Leipzigs (Nurnberg was Leipzig's sister soo~) in the same layout albeit A turret would pack two of them, some of which actually found their way onto their respective ships within the 1936A's and 1936A Mob's, a pair of quad tube launchers packing 533's, some 37mm's for AA and 20mm's for close-in AA defense along with typical destroyer stuff like depth charge racks and minelayers. These things could run at 36 kts which is decent enough for its period. About the destroyers... The lumpy things weren't exactly hax but they were a culmination of the "more dakka" chant spurred on by the rapid rearming of the Kriegsmarine and they thought they had fixed all of the derpy problems their predecessors had like getting awash resulted in a gigantic derp of the ship's electrical systems or angle of list during a swell, and while they did fix some stuff like improved seakeeping and engine spacing, it kinda didnt help much in regards to the overall grit on the destroyers. the guns are fine and dandy but even here they didnt even bother with something like an enclosed turret, the things being just gun shields and the guns are loaded manually. Not helping that the 15cm guns also had this teeny tiny problem of ammo derp because the magazine on a destroyer can take only so much rounds but if the damn thing's packing that, its believed that its basically enough to thwack a destroyer back to port... paper wise anyway. Oh and lets not forget bout the G7a T1 torpedoes which, apart from being derpy yet very enduring torpedoes, had a really loud acoustic signature meaning ships with strong passive hydro can hear the things coming as well as literally see their white wakes. And they didnt even get to load the exotic 'acoustic torpedoes' the u-boats tested and packed. Z23, Z25, Z29 and Z30 survived the war (I dont count what happened to them afterwards) whilst Z24 got bombed, Z26 got whacked during the attempted piracy against PQ-13, Z27 whacked during Operation Stonewall and Z28 got bombed as well out of the Type 1936A's whilst in the 1936A Mobs, Z31, Z33, Z34, Z37, Z38 and Z39 survived the war (again I don't count what happened to them afterwards) as Z32 died after Haida whacked the crap out of her after colliding with Z37. Gameplay wise, I'm actually liking the Z23 as a destroyer as its roughly "there". My only problem is the rather agonizing stock grind as the 10.8km max range isn't exactly a godsend unless I beef it with AFT. I would have wanted the Z-39 but I got no money unless some kind soul gifts me one but I digress. The hydro is actually formidable on this lumpy thing and the torpedoes don't disappoint with their reasonable range and you can live with the 6.2km max concealment. Derp.exe has crashed.
  10. My crappy ISP may have prevented me in sating my ships (and blue bawks duties) gameplay this few months, but at least it won't screw over whats long overdue: badposting about ships. Might badpost about Mogador if I'm that eager to. I PRESENT TO YOU THE LE FANTASQUE Because large destroyers carrying big guns and scoffing at fellow destroyers' speeds make peepees hard apparently. Back in the days, the notions on how2destroyer wasn't exactly clear as day to most and people got raving about what a destroyer is all about. I mean after the "stop spamming dreads" rule that is the Washington Naval Treaty as well as the tonnage enforcement it lugged around, France wasn't exactly waiting around since they had some stuff to laugh like madmen for... I mean THIS destroyer impressed everyone: ... and it ain't helping that nations were also looking at torpedo tech, better ship design via trial n error and improved boiler stuff since designs had to be chopped up in order to be sort of compliant to the Treaty. Then come the French laughing like madmen in the design board with their own versions on how2destroyer. Normally, there are two 'lines' on French destroyer thought: the torpilleur d'escadre and the contre-torpilleur, basically torpedo oriented destroyers and destroyers that kill destroyers. the TE's are the ones that aggressively torpedo big ass ships like cruisers and battleships but if there's a destroyer squadron near the targets, they run away from that while also torpedoing them in the hopes of blasting one or two in order for the CT's to move in and just pulverize the crap out of them WHILE TORPEDOING THEM as well if they get to optimal range. Now this notion is presented because the contre-torpilleurs have big guns (and they can not lie), and I mean big since what madman crams 138's on destroyers? the CT's that's what. Oh and did I forget to mention the CT's also have the potential of chasing destroyers and gunning them down with speed? The first of these were the Jaguars but the most gritty and fastest ones are the Le Fantasques, THIS destroyer being very most notable because GLORIOUS 45.1 KTS SPEED DURING SHAKEDOWN HURR. Mogador and her sisters can't be gritty enough as they manly death'd at Toulon to give the Germans the giant middle finger. You guys already saw an example of a torpilleur d'escadre and played one before: Cyclone of the Bourrasque class during the Dunkirk evacuation and to those that bought Aigle, congratulations, you are playing the lead ship of the Aigle contre-torpilleur destroyers. BEHOLD, LE TERRIBLE. and yes I shed manly tears when I saw this DD, stats be damned I WANT ONE. Lets talk about big sister Le Fantasque. Contrary to looks, this destroyer and her sisters are legitimately thicc. No really, they are. Apparently the Vauquelins need more beef and hax and the most ideal solution is to start building a destroyer while chanting "stronger, faster, better, tougher", the end result of those shenanigans being the Le Fantasques. The destroyers got better 138's (longer ones to be exact compared to the 138.6/40 aboard the Aigle as they were 138.6/50 and had better charges) in single mount AB-Q-XY's, some 37mm close-in AA guns, 13mm machine guns, 550mm torpedoes with nine tubes divided to three each, one in the aft on the centerline and the others on both starboard and portside as well as depth charge racks which were within the stern (the depth charges literally exited her ass in two separate racks), later got some 40mm Bofors and 20mm Oerlikons as well as some radar and sensor hax after sitting idly in the US. The damn things could run at 40 kts nominal but as it stood, 43 was just full-on flank for the things, and this is saying much on Terrible running naked during shakedown which made her reach 45.1 kts and to this day, no ship can still catch up to her. most of her space is just gritty engine. And boy there were big... not just the guns... they were larger than the contemporary destroyer. I mean because the madmen made these monsters of destroyers without batting an eyelash, its not really surprising yet weird at the same time that skubs had to reclass em as "light cruisers". yes, LIGHT CRUISERS. let that sink in. About the guns... Normally, being destroyers whose single mode of existence during surface warfare is to rip apart other destroyers, getting dakka was fine, but somehow the French wanted RPC (Remote Power Control) where the gunner with the rangefinder slaves the guns to where he's looking at up top but for strange and derpy reasons, it didnt exactly quite work out with destroyers which is a shame since the Fantasques were quite decent gun platforms that didnt list a lot in rough swells but at least the things were working in Richelieu's 155's during Dakar so there's that. Running out from the Lorient Arsenal, she was just doing some runs (and showing off her blistering speed) and then some when Germany steamrolled on Poland and the threat of red flagged raiders loomed so she and Le Terrible decided to become privateers (Jean Bart and Surcouf shed manly tears in their graves) and actually plastered as well as capture merch ships and was part of the forces that tried to whack Graf Spee. It wasn't helping that the Germans were also beating the hell out of the hardened French units on the ground so they were placed at Dakar along with Richelieu when a Brit task force was rolling towards the port in order to drop a gigantic STOP in their faces since DeGaulle believed that he can convince the garrison there to join the Brits since the whacking at Mels el Kebir was apparently a big oopsie on the Brits' part via Force H apparently and be sailing as part of the Allied fleet and things went sideways... A LOT. I mean bad weather was getting in the way and add the fact everybody was just poking shells at each other without gritty effect and Richelieu was still not exactly combat ready but a turret did respond to Barham and Resolution after getting hit while Le Fantasque and another destroyer was running smokescreens to cover the more tougher units at Dakar which included a couple of cruisers as the local station but because GLORIOUS SPEED, she was bracketed but goddamn didn't even suffer a brutal hit. Torch happened and both her and Le Terrible went to Brooklyn for a facelift that gave them a load of stuff like ASDIC, surveillance radar, better AA dakka than what they had, and overhauls and sent them to be Richelieu's aides as she herself was in there with turret B practically blown up because lolshells. Then they reignited their privateer blood and started wreaking havoc on German convoy lanes, one of them getting rather daring to plaster the crap out of the convoy by doing what they were made to do: get in and plaster the crap out of enemy ships and get out like a boss as well as provide gun drive-by's. Ran later in Indochina and eventually rested after a long and crazy run. Now people might say "lol France has a navy?" and shens like that but if there's one thing their grit carried on, it was the Le Fantasques. Sure it wasn't as manly tear inducing as Taffy 3, the Benson Laffey getting in the deep at Guadalcanal or the crazy game of tag the convoy at Ormoc, but these destroyers served their tenure. Derp.exe is over. I'd like to thank my friend for letting me borrow Jordan's book about FRDD's
  11. EvyL

    Azur Lane Captain Voice Demo

    Thank you kindly~
  12. I would have bothered to raid for Nevada but I have this feeling Old Falling Apart Grand Lady of the Fleet needs the love. And its a long time since I badposted I PRESENT TO YOU USS PENNSYLVANIA (BB-38) ... not THIS Pennsylvania (not bad, Azur Lane) ... well I can understand Jeanex/November's Pacific (SOMEONE PLEASE GRAB V1-3 OF PACIFIC PLS) THIS Pennsylvania. Well what do you expect for Arizona's big sis? Apart from the engineering hax that was Nevada, it could be said that the Pennsylvania class were a logical step on how2battleship by the Americans and I must say, for a Standard, she's... well... "plain". I mean she's a standard dread, appearance wise. Has two more guns than Nevada, also uses the All or Nothing as the Nevada, has the same oil fired engine type as Nevada, uses the same barrel and feed system, if not improved, as Nevada.... she's basically filling what the dread lacked, maybe more. Pennsylvania has about 14 inches of belt, 3 inches of deck which kinda increased to nearly 6 inches after SURPRISE BOMBSECKS that was Pearl Harbor, about 15 inches thickness max on the turrets and 16 inches of conning tower. Dakka wise, she had twelve 14 inch guns, an array of 5 inch secondary guns (note that these secondaries are for hot ship to ship action), some lumpy 3 inch guns and submerged torpedo tubes, and had some bits replaced and added like Hotchkiss saluting guns, the torpedo tubes removed because putting submerged torpedo tubes on dreads is a stupid idea later on, and had MOAR AA guns added like Bofors, Oerlikons and a few DP 5 inch guns. The lumpy dread could run at 22 kts flat which was standard for a dread of her type back then but... due to her new oil combustion bit, it was getting rather tedious to run after her with a tanker just to bunker up than coal but hey, TECHNOLOGY HURR. Speaking of tech she also was a recipient of radar hax early on... although in her case, its not the same as the '43 onwards radar where ships go "I know where you are, how big you are, and I can accurately math my guns to where you are" but rather its basically "I know where you are" and honestly, for a venerable dread such as her, its more than enough. About Pennsy's facelift.... The hyperboloid masts were as she was built with and while there aint anything wrong about the lumpy superstructure, because WNT ratification, they needed to update their ships that were still able and worthy which Pennsy was slated for and replaced her hyperboloid masts with the typical tripod masts which she and her little sister were given. As she was in 30's. Note the solid tripod masts. She got her second facelift which removed the aft mast and gave her a more "proper"-ish dread look: ... that makes her look like a Brit battleship from afar. A Royal Sovereign/Revenge amirite? After the usual shakedown, she was slated to join as an element of the American fleet operating with the Brits but because of her being newer, she had to stay behind and start training her bits, ranging from sailing and gunnery to outright positional and you could say her tenure was rather... not that uneventful since she was operating as a lumpy battleship, had the occasional overhauls and upguns, sailing as a tub for the Pacific Fleet where she was to sit her sorry hull at Pearl Harbor and finally was slated to be one of the battleships with the new iteration of radar hax which was... for their time. You already know what happened when the IJN decided to yell out "aloha" to the Americans at the naval base... Two destroyers near her got decked bad while she got some hurt herself. If memory serves, Pennsylvania was one of the responding AA fire when the gun teams were scrambling on the deck to man empty AA guns to start filling the sky with lead and she got hurt when one of her mounts, an AA mount or was it a secondary, blew up from a bomb strike and iono if it was a thing or not, she was also expending rounds to cover Nevada which was trying to run away (the lumpy battleship should have steamed past the stricken battleship row at this point) from the aerial assault in drydock and after some operational checks as well as repairs, went back stateside to a heavy duty shipyard to begin repairs and overhauls. After a while, she looked like this: .. on the stages of her refit which gave her some more room to cram in sensors and stuff as well as a place to chuck in more AA guns. She spent most of her time letting her guns sing at shore bombardment and it wasn't even funny to see the after-effects of her handiwork as she'd pummel the living shit out of the area. She nearly got torpedoed and while she didnt exactly get torped in Pearl, thank god for drydock, what do you think an old yet refitted dread would go on when she was torpedoed? Also was one of the bombardiers standing by for offshore artillery by forward observers and she wasn't with her clumsiness: she collided with a destroyer(?) and a transport once during the hectic maneuvers and she earned one of her nicknames, "Old Falling Apart", when she shelled Guam so intensely and so hard that she was starting to chip off metal and stuff falling about that the men thought she was shooting herself to death from all the ordnance she lobbed, in fact, she would likely be the one to nearly expend her ammo during the pre-landing bombardments than any other so much that any standing hard target, some skub hiding in a cliff face or hardened bunker, would think twice even staying. She started to show her age after some incursions of running back for repairs apart from bunkering and resupply and she was one of the battleships at Leyte who shore teams counted on (I forgot her callsign during Leyte) since a volley from Pennsylvania hitting ground targets can make them unexist and it was during the Leyte operation she got attached to Oldendorf's fleet which had the venerable Ghosts of Pearl Harbor. Sadly... she didn't exactly get to fire since she was behind the line as well as it was rather hard to acquire firing solution in the dark with older equipment and unlike West Virginia which had better gear that zeroed in on Yamashiro earlier which the others used as base point for their own firing solutions, Pennsy was forced to remain silent because firing obstruction AND it was hard trying to zero in the night with her older gear. She got a taste of aerial assault of torpedo bombers after her facelift and had some bit on guns... inherited from Oklahoma. She broke one of her screws and ran back home limping under one screw until she was decent to fight again... and after the war ended, she was slated for the Atomic Bomb tests to see if a battleship can into surviving nukes. Technically speaking, the battleship survived but the projected crew are boiled alive so there's that... and then Baker test... which kinda ended her as she listed and capsized... but not without railing in eight battle stars to her name... not a bad set for a dread her age. In-game wise, I expect her to be tier 6 as her sister Arizona albeit her 1943-45 is the final hull with decent rudder shift and turn radius. Her guns ain't stellar but they're enough to whack the crap out of someone and should be feeding the same improved 14 inch shells as New Mexico and Tennessee . The AA suite aboard should be sound enough to be at least Texas level although its likely Pennsy will be a reward ship, same as Shinonome. Derp.exe is over
  13. EvyL

    RM Andrea Doria

    Its a shame they had to rely on star shells for night combat. The Bredas were decent enough but without a director, the best they could do is intense AA fire. The only thing limiting the Italians afaik is the fact the Brits made the Med their own personal pond and only the Russians were eager to talk to them about how2ship.