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  1. Question is will there be other mission tat will relate to Blue Steel?
  2. the point is tat murican has more in number than the japs end of story
  3. Iona69

    Spate of afk players

    Have to agree more players in higher tiers r jus thinking of staying alive longer due to the fact tat they will receive more exp despite the amount of damage done/contributed
  4. Iona69

    fire mechanics , need to be reworked

    In the first place u were playing the Izumo wrongly
  5. Iona69

    Your Questions to Developers #1

    Can there be changes to the exp reward system, as of now, most players' logic is that they survive longer they gain more exp despite not doing much damage nor assisting the team in anyway, which results to the current blue-lining problem going on in this server (not sure if it's happening in other server but has seen a rise in number of player using that dirty trick), and there fore i think there is a need to change the reward system for exp, as long as the current reward system in place no matter how many players are paying for prem ships or in-game gold, it will still lead to a huge amount of bad player in the higher tier not supporting the team in any type of game play, which would, i believe lead to a drop in player base on this server.
  6. really had enough of this kind of behavior in this server alrdy how do players, proper players be able to win against this kind of tactics please follow the requirements as stated in the first post of the thread of the blue line abuse collection thread. Post contains no replay, and does not fill te requirements for that threa. User warned, post split from thread to the locked threads section. /AALG Moderation team, WoWS Asia. Image removed due to name and shame violation. User already warned. ~amade
  7. Iona69

    Your Questions to Developers #1

    Anyway of detering players from using the blue line to dodge his and torps fro other players?
  8. well (a) the ships u r with arent in aa coverage range for u which means u should have slowed down or travel at 3/4 speed, (b) BB's aa doesnt really affect the torp spread only the CA's aa plus it's special ability can then affect the torp spread or a cv can provide u a aa blanket plus launching torp on both side of a BB is the more "pro" action tat not many cv players can do and if they r willing to sacrifice some of their planes to ur AAs
  9. Iona69

    0.3.1. Review, (Carrier)

    Agree tat they should reward cv based on planes taken down and also taking into account of the damage done by bombers
  10. Iona69

    Sunk by 1 torpedo from 100% health in BB

    ppl r still questioning if torps r op... But again when is someone gonna point out tat BB r jus useless chunk of metals shooting from far?
  11. Iona69

    The BB question

    It's a game so u get lesser exp it's still a game, then u lost multiple matches it's also a game, then u rage at it, in the end it's still a game? This guy prolly nvr put hour into this "game"
  12. Iona69

    The BB question

    right and the blue lining as well
  13. Well if i remember cearly, there is perk at the 4th tier in the perks, tat allows planes to be more durable
  14. Well clearly u see his actions does tells u tat he is a very skillful player, plus even wg's latest youtube video teaches how to manual torp.
  15. isnt it the same for torp planes? jus turn towards the direction it is coming from at, when the planes r roughly 7km, then jus try and prevent it from getting beside u and jus let aa do it's work, simple