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  1. DFaultPlayR69

    Yellow turret on a Battleship?

    I guess it's to help german aircraft know that the ship is german and not mistaken to be an allied ship. Kinda like how they have yellow noses on the BF-109s
  2. DFaultPlayR69

    Musashi or Alaska

    Okay, I decided to get the Yamasushi. This is actually my first IJN BB to have. Never had the experience with even the lower tiers, so my first 2 games on the Musashi was utter crap. But here on my 3rd attempt, I think I did okay? The match was composed of mostly tierX with only 2 tierIXs on each team, me being one of those. Another thing I haven't figured out is what is the optimal range for the Yamasushi to be in? In the battle I was mostly engaging targets of 15-20km. Should I be closer to the enemies or is it suicidal to get less than 15km from the enemy?
  3. DFaultPlayR69

    Musashi or Alaska

    This also made me a bit reluctant to hold the FXP for the Alaska. Yeah, so far no one yet confirms that it would be a 750k FXP premium. It could be like what you said, a Steel reward ship. Really sucks since I'm a solo captain. Another thing that got me thinking is that it might not be my kind of playstyle. When I first heard of the Alaska, I thought it would play a lot like Scharnhorst, but looking at some preview videos, it doesn't seem like it can handle close range brawls, unlike German BBs. Not to mention it having not so good secondaries, oh and the lack of torpedoes. I fear that I might constantly be tricked into playing it like a BB, when it really doesn't tank shells like a real BB. Also, is it fair that I'm comparing Kronshtadt to Alaska? Aside from the latter having much better AA, looking at their stats, it looks like they are almost the same in their roles. Having thick armor for a cruiser and both having 305mm guns.
  4. DFaultPlayR69

    Musashi or Alaska

    Not happening for me, at least until I get the Salem first. If I used the coupon, then I would just be less than 80k away from getting the Salem.
  5. DFaultPlayR69

    Musashi or Alaska

    How does it play though? Is it long range support or more of a close range brawler?
  6. DFaultPlayR69

    Musashi or Alaska

    I'm pretty much close to getting 750,000 FXP. I was supposed initially get Musashi, but with the announcement of USS Alaska, I'm now confused whether which ship is more worth it. I know Musashi plays more of the traditional BB gameplay, like going bow on and getting citadel nukes on anything. But I'm kinda curious with the Alaska. How does it play, from what I know, it was 305mm guns, so I'm guessing it plays like a cruiser hunter, like Scharnhorst? or can it not brawl close range? Also how does the two compare in the case of credit gain?
  7. and I believe they only offer you once a day.
  8. DFaultPlayR69

    The common random game motto

    Every time I play tier8: "Oh, bottom tier, again, for the 5th time in a row, not surprising at all."
  9. DFaultPlayR69

    Is Narai still Bank of Narai?

    That's why we need to farm the heck out of it before WG decides to "Rework" it.
  10. DFaultPlayR69

    Is Narai still Bank of Narai?

    Honestly after getting 5 stars in the new Narai, I tried to Div with a 5 ship fleet and played Cherry Blossom. CB has better earnings and easier to accomplish even with a small number of players. We got 5 stars there only using 1 Batimore and 4 Cleves.
  11. DFaultPlayR69

    What happened to the Tier8 population?

    Guess that's why there are so many tier10s these past weeks. It's not even fun anymore when you're the only tier8 in a tier9-10 battle. You'll just end up camping behind an island and waiting for the inevitable citadel salvo from a Yamato leaving you with no damage done or any contribution to the team.
  12. Everytime I play tier8 ships, it's almost 80% of the time, I'm being put as bottom tier, with almost half the teams being tier9-19 and only 1-2 ships are tier8. Where the heck are the tier8 players? Are they busy milking Narai 2.0 aka. Cherry Blossom all over again, what about the KM, and IJN cruisers being left out.
  13. DFaultPlayR69

    Premium ship summer sale

    I guess so. I got too many USN ships anyway. It nice to get more ships from other nations at least. Though to compare Prinz Eugen and Alabama, which of the two earns more credits?
  14. DFaultPlayR69

    Premium ship summer sale

    I already have a NC. Though unmanned because her commander is currently on the Iowa
  15. DFaultPlayR69

    Premium ship summer sale

    Goddamnit, Alabama is on sale I should've held my wallet from buying Prinz Eugen. My only justification is that I didn't really have enough money to buy the Alabama anyway.