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  1. Ranger vs Saipan ... Saipan always win.

    It only gets worse when you're in you Lexington fighting Enterprises and Graff Zeppelins.
  2. I see. Well that's so much better, at least I don't have to dedicate 2hours everyday just to get those daily containers. I can just take my time to complete it. And yes, I am. Brohoof to you captain (\
  3. I know the items for the American Cruisers collection can only be obtained from either the "Go Navy" crates, or randomly by chance from the daily containers. Now my question is, does the drop for the collection items in daily containers have a limited time, similar to the High School Fleet collection? if so, how long will the event last?
  4. I once thought destroyers are the weakest class because they're small boat. I underestimated the power of concealment and a wall of skill (torpedoes), oh and I was one of those players who sailed broadside, in a straight line.
  5. Better premium ship

    So the Nelson is only unique for its gun layout? the guns are not that good? The special repair party, I'm not really interested in that, rather I'm more leaning into thick armor. I guess the Musashi is more conventional to play since it's turret layout is similar to other ships. But is a secondary gun build viable in Musashi? I quite enjoy secondary builds with my German BBs.
  6. Better premium ship

    I know I don't have enough free exp to buy either one of the ships, but I just want to know which ship is more worth the exp. I'm talking about the Nelson and the Musashi. Yes, they are 2 tiers apart but I want to know which ships is more worth the free exp spent. For one, I have not used any British nor Japanese battleships. I only have USN and KM BBs. I also have no experience with using front mounted turrets like the Dunkerque. And before anyone says it, yes the Missouri is the absolute best, but I was not interested in it before. I know I'm so late for the party, but I didn't have time to grind the ship back then.
  7. Lets debate: Stats matter

    Honestly, back when I played WoT, I was very much overconcerned with my stats. Win ratio, WN8, Battle Rating, and all that. It did get me all the way into a green player with above 52% WR and a good WN8, but it gave me a heck of a lot of stress which even affected how I perform IRL. Everyday, losing streaks bad players, gold spam, and all that bad stuff I experienced, to the point that I finally quit (not completely) WoT and transfered to WoWS and ever since, I've been taking this game a whole lot less serious. I mean, by no means am I a great player (I'm below 50% WR) but I still try to play as good as I can. But the best thing is that I don't have to worry about losing streaks and dropping stats. Tl;dr: Worrying about stats= stress and tryharding ; Not worrying about stats= you actually have fun playing the game
  8. No active missions or challenges

    Are there really no active missions and challenges at the moment? or is there some sort of error on my end?
  9. Roles of Every Ship Type

    Destroyers Ones that go "hey I'm a USN DD (or any gunboat in general), that means I should use my guns" *proceeds to fire guns while sailing in a straight line in the open and not seeking cover* and the ones that want to be "sneaky breeki IJN Torp DD" but sits in the same spot in the smoke screen. Cruisers Those that sail broadside to a division of BBs and those that hug the islands lobbing HE the whole match. Battleships Yolo BBs that sail in the open like the ones that always separates from the fleet's AA cover and then complains that the friendly CV did not provide air cover Don't forget the ones that sail in a straight line despite seeing a smoke screen less than 10km from where they are. and BBs that fire nothing but HE (RN BBs get a pass somewhat but I still hate RN BBs) Aircraft Carriers Wastes fighter squads. Gets their fighters strafe baited. Attacks ships with high AA rating. CV snipes. So many things that make CV players bad. There's a very thin line where you either be a good CV or a bad CV. It's hard to be on average to say the least. You either suck or git gud with micromanaging.
  10. Varyag Marathon

    I got 100 Zulu flags.. It's something I guess
  11. When you do a good job as a CV

    Just had the best CV play I had for a long time, and i both got reported and complimented Shame though I didn't get a Kraken since the last remaining enemy ship, which was the Graf Zeppelin killed himself with his last DB squadron. I suspect the reports i got were from the salty Graf, and the poor Belfast that I deleted with 1 AP bombing run.
  12. ultimate frontier failure

    As hard as it is to admit, this is very much true. Operation Narai was just too easy, and hence it was abused. Ultimate Frontier is still achievable for 5 stars as long as the team does their roles properly.
  13. Point taken. Though it's not like I can use the old exp anymore since I already have the Pensacola and its fully upgraded.
  14. I don't get it. Why can't they give a fully upgraded tier8 Cleve even if you already full upgraded it when it was still a tier6? You already don't get the old exp you've gained prior to the transfer, so why do I need to work my ass off again to research all the modules on the new Cleve.
  15. So suddenly we playing Red Alert 2/3