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  1. Tutorial_Target

    Containers got "reorganized"

    Yeah I just saw that. I read the patch notes too early. This part was added later.
  2. Tutorial_Target

    Containers got "reorganized"

    So I log on today to found that my containers got reorganized. I usually left 3 bottom containers (Since the containers work as "Last in, First out" I can kept the WG containers from very long time ago to use it later when I need.) as a WG containers in case I want to use Premium Time to grind out directive or special combat mission. Today I log on and want to open my Christmas Containers that I have gotten from watching twitch and from Armory Daily bundle. To my surprise, all WG containers, from what I saved up and what I got from recent issues, are all the first to be opened before I can reach to my Santa's Gift Containers. (Twitch Containers is at the last for some reasons. I want to file ticket but I don't know which category it should be in. Anybody got any ideas if there is a flash update or some bugs that I'm not aware of?
  3. Tutorial_Target

    Christmas Meme Contest

    Or you know... Just 3 Cesare for fun and balance.
  4. Tutorial_Target

    Christmas Screenshot Event

    Sleep well my beloved. Until we meet again if we have a chance.
  5. Tutorial_Target

    Christmas Story Event

    Playing with Prinz Eitzel Friedrich after the CV rework, I mean after the reword the ship is a literal junk. One day we div together and one of us brought Prinz Eitzel Friedrich then he start screaming "จงศรัทธาในซิกม่า 2.0!!! (Put your faith in 2.0 Sigma)" and he got a kill. We then proceed to scream every time we salvoed until the end of the match. It has become our inside joke since. P.S I wanted to share my Kamikaze R story but it was 200+ words, so... I guess this have to do.
  6. Tutorial_Target

    ST 0.10.4, New Jersey

    I don't regret clicking the link.
  7. Tutorial_Target

    Playing Destroyers in the current Meta

    I have played to Tashkent for RU DD and I really have no idea how to play this line properly. My WR and PR are terrible on Minsk and Kiev. My Tashkent stat is not doing good as I have used the "DD" type of captain. I have Guepard for French DD but I find her quite difficult to play for not only lack of smoke but also the arc of shells.
  8. Tutorial_Target

    Playing Destroyers in the current Meta

    Any tips on how to play the gunboats like French DD and Soviet DD when there is a matchup against CV? If you have mentioned it then I would like to apologize in advance. I have scrolled all the way to comment my own.
  9. Tutorial_Target

    Need advices on mid-tier struggle

    We all have that time when we just got that new shiny ships. Your hours of playtime was worth it and now she was there sitting in the port. "Let's take her for a stroll" You said to yourself and then... the dark clouds gather on the Islands of Ice. You were playing Nagato and after alt+tab to check on social media, you tab to see enemy ships lineup... Iowa, Roon, Kitakaze. All of them higher tier, big and scary. You sailed hopelessly and thinking what to do... Let's end it at that. I have played for quite a long time but still struggle to keep up on how to play against uphill battles, especially when you are at T6 or T7 and face against T8 and T9 respectively. Does anyone want to share the tips and tricks for each ship classes on how to be useful even if you are outgun even against 1v1 situation.
  10. Tutorial_Target

    Share Your Favorite Gaming Snacks with Us!

    Something liquid and can be bought at convenient store like some soda or jelly. It is vital to keep the battle station clean so no snack that can't be pour directly in to my mouth for me. But my favourite is ice cube directly into the mouth and wait for it to slowly melt. Good for after losing a match so your head doesn't burn down.
  11. Tutorial_Target

    Camouflage Design Contest – King of the Sea

    If I understand correctly, I can sent my design(s) in here, right?
  12. Tutorial_Target

    Next April Fools day event

    The community have chosen its champion; The ship, the myth, the legend, Kitakami. So how about we make all kind of torpedoes for her? -Normal Torpedoes. why not? -Flaming torpedoes. will start fire. -Healing torpedoes. TK is now a good action. -EMP torpedo. better chance for incapacitation In Ocean map and make it smaller. would prefer 9vs9 but why not 15vs15.
  13. Tutorial_Target

    What was your first Premium Ship?

    Mine, I believe, is Albany. It's freebie from WG but hell she came when your detection range can exceed your gun range. I mean she has shorter gun range than Umikaze torpedoes back then.
  14. Tutorial_Target

    buff nelson its not bad but not enough to be expensive

    Just go on YT and see how to play this ship. Every ships are not that bad if you play it right. (except the dispersion which kinda ruin every salvo I throw at enemy cruiser at 12-13 km. GAH!!!)
  15. Tutorial_Target

    Carriers- how am I so unlucky?

    Welcome to Wargaming number generator where the chance your planes going down depends on RNG. There's one time my whole torpedo squadron got shot down by lone Queen Elizabeth whose constantly getting shelled by 2 of our cruisers. and 75% HP from commander skill? Don't tell me you waste 1 point for "Evasive Manuevers". It only affects when the squadrons are returning to the carrier though.