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  1. Aircraft Carrying Submarine

    I wonder why there aren't any aircraft carrying submarines in the present. It doesn't seem like a completely bad idea, since there are helicopters lying around not to mentioned those UAV. Is it cost inefficient or impossible due to complex modules?
  2. Marketing 101

    I was browsing on WoWS stats website then I saw this thing. Well Played, Gaijin, Well Played.
  3. Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    Merry Xmas to admirals May Salt be gone.
  4. Some suggestions for the game.

    I have some suggestions for the game. 1) Reworked AA systems AA on the ships are a nightmare to CV players whether high tier or low tier. AA system in this game is simple, DPS on the AA mount represents chance for shooting down planes, but wouldn't it make more sense if more planes in one squadron can be shot down easier? For example, A normal American fighters squadron contains 6 fighters can be shot down easier than a squadron from Japanese vessels which normal one only have 4 fighters. 2) USN CV Yes, I know lot of people are talking about this, but no, pls hear me out first. I have played a number of games on USN CV. I want to point out some good points and some bad points to this changes. Pros -No Bogue 201 which means Zuiho players and teams don't have to suffer from Air superiority Bogue. -Better start point for new admiral just going to new tiers. Cons -Only 1 Flight control available. This is not logically called versatile -AP bombs that can be researched when reaching tier 8+. RIP Enterprise. I would like Wargaming to reconsider about the changes. I agree with Bogue having her flight controls removed and better starting flight controls, but after tier 6 players should be able to consider what flight controls they want to play air superiority, versatile and even strike. AP bombs should be Enterprise exclusive because she has traded the bombs with her tier 7 planes already. Saipan TBs should go tier 8 because Midway has tier 8 TBs. 3) Cross nation admiral training Some ships serve more than 1 nation so, doesn't it make sense if some premium ships can train commander from 2 nations. For example, Campbletown is in tier 3 premium UK destroyers but, historically, Campbletown was an American built destroyers; therefore, it makes sense if Campbletown can train both British and American Admiral.
  5. Most of player use premium ships to train new commanders. So, I think it is reasonable (at least myself do). To add a mechanics to some premium ships allowing them to train more than one nation commander. Ex. Campbletown can train both Brit and US commander because Campbletown was originally US ships then sold to Brit. Prinz Eugen can train both US and Kriegsmarine commander because Prinz Eugen, originally as German Heavy Cruiser, was sent to US as war prize after the war end What do you guys think?
  6. Is tgis bug?

    I have played this game sine 0.4.3 I just came back and now I have problem that I can't manual airplane (alt+left click) Did I miss some update?