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  1. Azur Lane Collaboration

    It's time to open wallet and discover the truth that food is not that mandatory.
  2. Cheater Musashi IGN: ddd_dumplings

    I have never seen this level of saltiness before... Even a ship is perfectly perpendicular. It's possible to citadel a ship especially deleting cruisers with nippon big 460 guns with a good RNG you can land some mighty blow. Go check Yuro video about Yama/sashi : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hoJeG8eUzI It's either you got straghtliner team or just good player with their PR number green, blue or purple. (unlike me which is orange all the way XD).
  3. AFD summary

    Nah it's ok. usual day on WoWs
  4. 0.7.3 Feedback - How was it?

    Are new soundtrack (aka the one play in Space battle) available on YT?
  5. หมายถึงเปลี่ยนสกุลเงินอะไรครับ Doubloons เป็น เงินในเกม ก็กดตรงเงินในเกมแล้วก็ใส่จำนวน Doubloons เข้าไป Premium Consumables ก็กดตรงตัวเลขที่เป็นเงินแล้วจะมีให้เลือกว่า resupply ใช้เงินในเกมหรือ doubloons
  6. AFD summary

    Will keep that in mind next time I try to do joke.
  7. AFD summary

    It turns out I post the wrong picture, uncensored one... Here is the one censored out. Can call me whatever. I accept my mistake. It's fun being salty (sometimes), so that's why.
  8. AFD summary

    not really... seriously. How do I delete this post?
  9. AFD summary

    So When I enter the battle with my Nicholas, I kinda used an old but gold joke to troll everyone. and as the battle progressed I go to A cap and captured/contested it and FUN AND ENGAGING happened. Karma sure hate me. P.S Could post this on Off-topic but I think this place is more soothing P.S 2 I posted the wrong picture, uncensored one... the censored version is in the post
  10. ประสปการณ์ล้วนๆครับ ใหม่ๆก็จะทิ้งไม่โดนบ้าง ทิ้งใกล้ไปบ้าง อะไรบ้าง พยายามเข้าครับ ลองฝึกกับ USS Independence ดูครับ อาจจะสู้ Ryujo ไม่ได้ แต่ Learning Curve ค่อนข้างได้เปรียบ
  11. What premboat to buy

    Remember when you created a real premium ships? Inferior to tech tree for 2 reasons. -Unique Gameplay -More credits But now WG just released powercreep or gimmick ships instead so just BUY ALL!!!
  12. Aircraft Carrier Operations?

    Yes you can but must remind that every ships will be equipped with AA Def consumable if available.
  13. Strategic Defense: Deny 200 points from a point. Rewards: November Juliet +10% smoke radius Damage Control Denial: Cause Flooding or Fire to an enemy ship and have enemy use Damage Control Party within 20 seconds and enemy must be sunk before have his Damage Control Reload again. Rewards: Alpha India Fire and Flooding last 10% longer +5% risk of detonation Searchlight: Get scouting damage over 20 percent of enemy total HP pool Rewards: Charlie Kilo +15% torpedo acquisition range Sharkbait: Potential damage must exceed 100k and over 300 percent of maximum ships health. Rewards: Delta Yankee +2% dispersion of enemy firing at your ship Cooperation: Miss a salvo of torpedo but that particular enemy ships suffer atleast 30 percent of his/her maximum HP by friendly attack. Rewards: Mike Delta +5% torpedo range -3kts torpedo speed. Overall, Yes we need new achievements especially one not associate with damage directly. Ribbons are optional but might be handy as decorations I want a medal with people names though like Yamamoto badge and have Akagi as ribbon.
  14. Design A Patch submission

    Patch Name: Captain's Anchor IGN: kon_thai Final Product Procedure P.S NEVER PLAYING RUSSIAN HARDBASS WHEN YOU DO SOME CREATIVE ACTIVITY.
  15. To free XP or not to free XP

    You should try Lexington and then you will know that you should not skip Ranger with ur remaining 50k free XP. "Yes Finally!!! I don't have to face Saipan or Kaga anymore." Well, welcome to tier 8 where a decent Shokaku pr Big E can make you want to sell her over and over again. But I never use Free XP to skip any ships before and I think Pensacola is playable.