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  1. kon_thai

    What was your first Premium Ship?

    Mine, I believe, is Albany. It's freebie from WG but hell she came when your detection range can exceed your gun range. I mean she has shorter gun range than Umikaze torpedoes back then.
  2. kon_thai

    Mid-Autumn Festival event [Winner updated]

    https://www.facebook.com/book.phuwadech/posts/2315971855096815 My mom would ask about this so pls kindly give me something.
  3. Just go on YT and see how to play this ship. Every ships are not that bad if you play it right. (except the dispersion which kinda ruin every salvo I throw at enemy cruiser at 12-13 km. GAH!!!)
  4. kon_thai

    Carriers- how am I so unlucky?

    Welcome to Wargaming number generator where the chance your planes going down depends on RNG. There's one time my whole torpedo squadron got shot down by lone Queen Elizabeth whose constantly getting shelled by 2 of our cruisers. and 75% HP from commander skill? Don't tell me you waste 1 point for "Evasive Manuevers". It only affects when the squadrons are returning to the carrier though.
  5. kon_thai

    Petition for "more resources" container option

    Prepare for Coal inflation in Arsenal Eh?
  6. kon_thai

    Such a rip off!

    Yep that costs too much. The price should be set on special signal. In my opinion, The reasonable price should be around 1k-3k. Why? Let's do quick Math. I will use containers as the primary sources of all calculations. Normal boxes give 300 coals per stack and "Salty" boxes give 700. In this calculation I would like to ignore the latter one. Normal boxes give 4 random signals per stack 300/4 is 75. Since you can get the most useful signals- Victor Lima and November Foxtrot- the least useful one- Hotel Yankee- and everyone favorite- India Bravo Terrathree- with the same chance (maybe?) so I will use 75 as a universal number for "1" signal. Each signals have different functions and the price should be differ from one another. Ex. Victor Lima is very useful since not only you got better chance at setting fire and causing flood but also no risk for magazine detonation unlike India X-Ray and Juliet Whiskey Unaone so it's pretty much reasonable to double or triple the price that will be 75*2=150 and 20 signals will cost 150*20=3000 coals. Camouflages and Upgrades too are indeed too expensive given current method in farming coal.
  7. What is this WG?
  8. kon_thai

    Radius of catapult aircraft?

    This is spotter aircraft. This is catapult fighter. I tried keeping my crosshair at the same place between 2 pictures. It seems like about 1 km but it's actually 1 km+ since the catapult fly higher than the spotter. Yep that's actually a thing you can test with your friend or yourself just play CV and select any squadron and have it travel across your ship and you will see that it's not 0 km usually about 0.6 or 0.7.
  9. kon_thai

    need change radio message

    You mean "Drakonation"
  10. WG: Hmm.. Radar is now an issue to lots of players. We must do something. *Next Patch Announce WG: We proudly present Radar modification 2 which extend Radar range by 100% This is what you usually get when you whine about something and even if you don't it comes anyway just slower. lol
  11. kon_thai

    CV UI bug

    Description: CV UI bug Steps: 1) Choose any CV 2) Enter battle 3) Use auto attack on any ship but that ship must "appeared" within a blink of second (By the word "appeared" I mean "was spotted quite a while but PC is processing the ship model before showing the model. Result: Screen freeze. Game is still in process but you can't control anything. Expected Result: Game goes on as usual. Technical Detail: Unable to provide. I have checked WoWsReplay but it didn't get the problem at that exact minute.
  12. kon_thai

    Azur Lane Collaboration

    Wallet: Master... I don't feel so good. Me: No!!! *Wake up from nightmare Me: Oh it is just a dream. I don't have money after all. *Back to sleep
  13. kon_thai

    [ALL] ModStation (beta)

    Can't Open the program. Send halp.
  14. kon_thai

    Hosho; How to not get shut down?

    Fighters: You can't win the dogfight directly; however luring her fighters to dense AA ally such as BB can help winning the fight or, at least, reducing enemy fighters that will attack torpedo bombers. Another approach is to sacrifice them and buy enough time for bombers to drop payload. Bombers: At that tier, fighters can't break off from dogfight unless in specific condition. Either sacrifice your fighters to make good torpedo run or risk dogfight over ally and hope that it can survive the dogfight or at least destroy half of the squadron while sending the bombers to attack enemy ships.
  15. kon_thai

    Isoroku vs Yamamoto.... who is better?

    Try playing CV with Isoroku. It's quite an experience.