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  1. sagemonk

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    i think could change soon.
  2. sagemonk

    [MOD] Kongou fog aoki hakane - skin

    Nice skin
  3. sagemonk

    omaha captain 4th skill.

    AFT will be useful for more omaha ship.
  4. sagemonk

    Soviet Destroyer Line Stats Breakdown

    thank for clip. i think soviet destroyer firing range very far.
  5. sagemonk

    Atako Aoki hagane X Neuroi Strike Witch Skin

    is beautiful. wow yamato skin
  6. sagemonk

    German Navy Cruisers

    thanks for the pic
  7. sagemonk

    I want the Tirpitz

    When it entered the server Asia. I not hesitation to buy it.
  8. sagemonk

    Who do you target first

    target first i think Destroyer class because protection and HP is little.
  9. sagemonk

    Test Drive Event

    this makes the players interested in Russian and German ships. But sometimes players do not attentive the team.
  10. sagemonk

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 3

    I'm Thai . I would like to join Super Testers.I have teamspeak3 and skype. [content removed]I look forward to consider. Thank you. Don't post your contact details in the public forums. ~dead_man_walking
  11. sagemonk

    0.5.0 Match Maker changes

    Will there be a change about blue line issue in 5.0 ? Because there're still many blue liners and. This should be ended asap.
  12. sagemonk

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 2

    I would like to participate the supertest.