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  1. __iIANimAGuZIi__

    Blue Line Abuse Discussion

    i think could change soon.
  2. __iIANimAGuZIi__

    [MOD] Kongou fog aoki hakane - skin

    Nice skin
  3. __iIANimAGuZIi__

    omaha captain 4th skill.

    AFT will be useful for more omaha ship.
  4. __iIANimAGuZIi__

    Soviet Destroyer Line Stats Breakdown

    thank for clip. i think soviet destroyer firing range very far.
  5. __iIANimAGuZIi__

    Atako Aoki hagane X Neuroi Strike Witch Skin

    is beautiful. wow yamato skin
  6. __iIANimAGuZIi__

    German Navy Cruisers

    thanks for the pic
  7. __iIANimAGuZIi__

    I want the Tirpitz

    When it entered the server Asia. I not hesitation to buy it.
  8. __iIANimAGuZIi__

    Who do you target first

    target first i think Destroyer class because protection and HP is little.
  9. __iIANimAGuZIi__

    Test Drive Event

    this makes the players interested in Russian and German ships. But sometimes players do not attentive the team.
  10. __iIANimAGuZIi__

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 3

    I'm Thai . I would like to join Super Testers.I have teamspeak3 and skype. [content removed]I look forward to consider. Thank you. Don't post your contact details in the public forums. ~dead_man_walking
  11. __iIANimAGuZIi__

    0.5.0 Match Maker changes

    Will there be a change about blue line issue in 5.0 ? Because there're still many blue liners and. This should be ended asap.
  12. __iIANimAGuZIi__

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 2

    I would like to participate the supertest.