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  1. CB times for AUS and NZ

    Really pity the AUS. In a bad geographical location. Always having the wrong timezone for events and high ping in any games
  2. A case for the IJN

    other than concealment part. French just do everything better
  3. Few questions about DD

    As a Destroyer, your main objectives is to hunt down enemy DDs, and secure cap zones, often you dont exactly have to destroy enemy BB directly just by yourself. One BB cannot just push alone when there is a destroyer upfront. For Random game mode, you should start with USNDD first, you will learn when to engage or not, how to aim, usage with islands, different means to approach cap zone. Also, fewer handicaps because the usable guns, longer smoke, starting from mid tiers, the USN torpedo is better than others and DFAA consumable will save your life from CV. In short, IJNDD is for the more competitive scenario like Ranked Battles or Clan Battles. I have played all the destroyers in this game, I can tell the USNDD is the all-around ship here.
  4. If there is no DFAA, CV would do the job of spotting Destroyers as well as their torpedoes. Thus if the radar ship is just a solo player, is not going to be very effective lol Both consumables are top class in terms of impactful. Common sense. Not sure why so many restrictions should exist, this game is getting easier and easier to play.
  5. While DD players complaining too many radars in the enemy team CV players also complaining too many ships with DFAA on the other side. its called "randombattle" for a reason you can always have your most desired match in training room :D
  6. I miss [POI] and LousianaM :(

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      Ah so you are a VOR dalao now :D

  7. 10 minutes queue time per match :D
  8. stop stalking my profile :kappa

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  9. Come play~~ I have done my Ranked, I want you nao~~

  10. [Ranked Season 7] Elohim, Essaim, frugativi et appelavi

  11. If you see Jenkin, just wait for him to go close to the islands, then ram him into the island. Block him from reversing.
  12. why is this allowed?

  13. Looks like R3Nation follows you everywhere :Smile-_tongue:

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      :l no idea
      looks like you follow me everywhere :P

  14. Follow me, or lead me

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      Ill Follow:)  o7

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      Following is easier. So when I see you stepping into a pit, I can stop earlier!

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      Lol!! yeah... will follow.. R3.. as long as he is not drunk:P


  15. Campaign UI visual bug

    Mission 2, Task 5,6,7 should be able for any ship within Tier 5 ~ 10. However when I readied with Des Moines it tells me to "SELECT A SUITABLE SHIP" p.s this is just a visual error, it still counts my progress and the bug is gone after a battle.