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  1. Against Bismark and against Ashigara it was a flotilla (Approx. 6 DDs) against them. Not one!. At Guadalcanal in that particular fight with Hiei it was at least 4 DDs. Atlanta missed ramming Hiei by 20 feet. YES 20 feet. Much confusion due to running into each other at point blank range before detection. So I think after detection a DD in real life is toasted by a BB. At Leyte Gulf all escorts sank in Taffey 3 with only damage to cruiser Suzuya. All damage other then this was done with CVE Planes. Also Guadalcanal fight between South Dakota, Washington and Kirishima. 4 US DD and all sunk. I think DDs in the game are to protected. Yes if someone sees them there easy prey but that's because there to well protected. People want to sink them as soon as there spotted. How can you play against a ship type that most of the time you cant see and can just sit back and fire torpedoes at will. Now even aircraft have a tough time spotting them. When you see their torpedoes it is usually to late to avoid them if you could. People have to remember a DD is not as strong as a BB so if it takes hits its gone. They either develop their play style with that in mind or do not play DD. Making them invincible is not the answer.
  2. DennisJP

    CV rework

    Yes. I have studied about it. I am not saying one way or another but their must be a balance. To tell you the truth: 1) first you must survive the hackers who increase the effectiveness of their fighters. I have seen crazy things that just wiped out my planes. 2) you have to survive AA. I know some ships like North Carolina and Cleveland don't even bother to attack but I guess that is where tactics come in. If you fly your planes into a group of ships do not expect them to return because some guys are team players and will shoot at your planes and some guys care less. If they would allow all US CV aircraft to fly like the Japan CV's it would be more fair I think. The more planes involved the more chance of loosing less planes. I think it would be balanced. So overall: 1) let US CV's use all their planes like Japan CV's 2) Balance manual and automatic drops so auto drops are 1/2 closer and manual is given a little bit of a advantage over auto but you do not drop next to ship. 3) Keep CV's clear of cheaters. The fighters are outrageous. 2 squadrons of F6F's against Zeros. F6F's=2 Zero's=12 or the Zeros fly by without engaging and loose half your F6F's.????????????
  3. DennisJP

    the Alaska class cruiser

    Alaska would probably be a premium ship. If included in the game.
  4. DennisJP

    USS South Dakota (BB-57)

    She also had a 15 year old stow away during the Santa Cruz battle!!! LOL He manned a 40mm gun that shot down the highest score of the 26 planes shot down in one day. Still holds the record!!!!!
  5. DennisJP

    HMS Hood (51)

    I think Hood will be a premium ship!
  6. DennisJP

    the Deutschland class ships

    the Graf Spee was one of three pocket BB/s. I did not see them in their tech tree so Graf Spee will probably be a priemium ship.
  7. DennisJP

    Regia Marine - Zara Class

    Italians will be exciting I think. Cannot wait for their tech tree. Got some good BB's and Cruisers. Also Aquila CV.
  8. DennisJP

    German carrier Graf Zeppelin

    There was also the Seydlitz. A cruiser of the Hipper Class that was being converted. Probably something on the lines of Independence. Also 2 CVE's converted from Transport ships. The Italian Aquila had a sister ship as well.
  9. DennisJP

    CV rework

    I made it up to Ranger before coming here to this server. I think it is Teir 6 or 7. Yes it is hard playing CV. I was on a CV so I like it! Also played Ryujo.
  10. DennisJP

    CV rework

    If you half the distance for auto drop and do not allow manual drops to be right next to the ship it will balance so people will have a chance to avoid but hits will still happen. They say Yamato only took 7 torpedo hits out of over 200 torpedo planes. I know some attacked other ships and some where shot down. The ship sank! Not every torpedo will hit and not every torpedo will be avoided but to go out time and time again with no hits and to have some one drop torpedos a split second from the side of your ship is not balance. A middle ground needs to be established.
  11. DennisJP

    CV rework

    Gezeiten, Do not change the size of the map just the scale to make it bigger but same physical size on your screen.
  12. DennisJP

    CV rework

    Stein I have played Tier 7 CV + on European Server!!!
  13. DennisJP

    CV rework

    YURA, IN YOUR GAME PICTURE ABOVE. 1) YOUR USING A jAPAN CV THAT HAS A WIDER TORPEDO SPREAD AND HOW YOU COULD HIT ANYTHING IS AMAZING. IF YOU DO MANUAL DROP YOUR TORPEDO SPREAD STARTS WIDE AND ANGLES IN CLOSER BUT YOU WILL NOT REAP THE FULL BENEFIT OF THE TORPEDOS MOVING CLOSER TOGETHER BEFORE REACHING THE TARGET UNLESS YOU DROP FARTHER BACK. (Sorry for CAPS) Will leave it so don't loose train of thought. Bombs are by computer computation and is all random. It was not caused by weather it was a manual drop or not. Actually the torpedo spreads would not be like that. Torpedo bombers attacked in a row usually as a squadron or in sections when attacking several ships. So the torpedos would be in a row right behind each other about 10 seconds or so. Dive bombers where 30 seconds so torpedo bombers would be 10 or 20 seconds. So to scale in the game the torpedos would be right behind each other instead of side by side. I understand you though but their has to be a balance. People need to have a chance to avoid. I also noticed your target track for the torpedos is right at the enemy not leading the enemy. Was the enemy CV sitting still? May have been a malfunction? CV's will not be obsalete. They are needed to hit the BB's to bring balance in the game.
  14. DennisJP

    CV rework

    Thank you for your replies. I would ask though if your going to be hateful please do not reply. I only want comments that are constructive. I have did manual drops with my planes. The ones that could make it to the target alive but that is another topic. I have hit also. Also I have been that BB that the torpedos are dropped so close next to my ship that I cannot avoid them. That is my complaint. Everyone should have a fair chancre of avoiding the torpedos. Torpedos back then had a minimum running distance before they would arm. Hits closer then that would result in duds. I think it was around 400 yards. I understand there is a balance with game play. If manual drops stay then there should be something letting the player know the torpedo will dud and there should be a safe distance to allow the ship to be able to have a chance to avoid. I know also it is tough to direct aircraft to defend and do manual drops for some. That is why the automatic drop range should be halved. Most every time I have done auto drop even with 2 squadrons torpedos are avoided even with a slow BB. One way would be to increase AA some more. I understand what you say about lazy CV. I just want torpedos I have a chance to avoid. Not dropped right next to my ship then sunk Fighters is another story. GOOD PLAY EXPERIENCE???. Only for the CV. NOT EVERYONE HAS A SELFISH AGENDA!!!
  15. DennisJP

    Unbelievable useless non premium ships.

    Is part of that skilll knowing were is the right place to point and click?????