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  1. Shiny_Stone

    Premium Shop in May: Battleship Roma

    Totally agreed with you sir. They put ton of trash in that bundle. Instead of just the commnaders that will "SURELY SOLD". They put a lot of trash in and make people don't wanna buy it anymore... Lost of potential customer.... Good Marketing Practice, right? (sarcasm)
  2. Shiny_Stone

    Azur Lane buying options

    Instead of separate all the Azur Lane commander to one separately. They just put all togather (With trash like signal flags) and sell it at high price... Good Marketing Practice, right? (sarcasm). Insteal of have the potencial of people who will buy just one or two. They put a lot of trash in and make people don't wanna buy it anymore. Now they lost a lot of potencial customer. Me myself is want all the commander tho. But ONLY the commander pack. No trash in the bundle. (Like the first wave commander pack).
  3. I can't open replay file for some reason but my friends can open it. Why?? I even reinstall the game and it still not working. When you open replay file it will load to log-in page first and then automatically load to recorded battle, right? But right now for me. It not load at all. It stay still at log-in page. Normally when it not load happen in before update I just press "Enter" or press "Connect" button and it will load in to battle. But after it not working! It just keep loading spinning forever. (But with the Game Center launch client. It will skip the log-in page) WHAT HAPPEN??? WHY I CAN'T OPEN REPLAY FILE ANYMORE?!?!?
  4. I destroyed 3 Generators and the Station. And why I didn't get the "Annihilator" achievement??? "Annihilator" achievement condition : "Destroy two or more generators and the station. Acquired in battle."
  5. Shiny_Stone

    Invisible Torpedo (Torpedo Planes)

    Thank you for check it out. But I never experienced it again in after the incident nor in before the incident. I still have replay file and I will put it here. Just in case it maybe of use. Please check it as well. 20190308_165919_PBSD107-Jervis_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay
  6. Shiny_Stone

    Kamikaze R Gun's sound

    Sound like Battleship gun? It sound like that for sooooo long till this day....
  7. You guys too, huh? I thought it was me alone....
  8. Shiny_Stone

    Invisible Torpedo (Torpedo Planes)

    Please take a look at these video ... 1. Camera on my ship - https://youtu.be/CehWjLsRagY 2. Camera on enemy planes - https://youtu.be/jGcbLKSvGvU
  9. Shiny_Stone

    Remove or be banned >> Mods

    I lost my awesome play of my Zao VS 3 enemy ship(Tirpitz, Kutuzov, Des Moines) For my video, Because I have to disable the Replay...I hope it will fixed soon... I'm so mad about it very much...
  10. Shiny_Stone

    How to hide UI in Replay?

    Thank you, It work now. I re-run it for sometime I press "Shift" for zoom in and it did't work, So I have to re-run it...And sometime it still did't work no matter how much time I re-run it, Some time press "Z" for bullet tracking also did't work too. It make me frustrated sometime...
  11. Shiny_Stone

    How to hide UI in Replay?

    I can't use Ctrl+G to hide the UI , Did it changed now days? I can't skip or rewind by use ">" and "<" either. Can anyone told me about the replay control now days? Or at least tell me the hide UI button.
  12. Shiny_Stone

    Game error and crash randomly

    Issue: game suddenly stop Screenshots: http://www.mx7.com/view2/z8DhxqBqpiWzGXBE Ship: Any Map: Any map while playing in battle. And also can happen in map loading screen. Occurrences: Randomly Tested: Must force close the game and get back to the game, but it does randomly re-occur again. Severity: High impact, game error. Details: It randomly happen while playing in battle(sometime crash at map loading screen). It so much annoying me so much and make me die in battle after I'm get back to the game as fast as I can to resume the battle(and I see my ship sinking after I get back) I'm about to stop playing the game for a while till this fixed.
  13. Shiny_Stone

    Black screen with error

    It happen to me too But in my cause I just force close it and then open the game again and get back to the game ASAP. and I'm back at the moment my ship sinking every time! It so much annoying me.