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    I think he even bust out of his grave by now. Yeah, It never 100% historically accurate. Its an "Arcade" kind of game.
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  3. About the last update. I'm mad... Why you change the "Italian Bullet Trace" ?? What is the reason you change it? Why do you go out of you way to change it?? Is it "too easy to spot the incoming bullets" ?? ISN'T IT TOO EASY FOR EVERY BULLET TRACE??? [Yell] WHY DO YOU CHANGE IT TO A GENERIC RED TRACER!? IT NOT LOOK NICE ANYMORE!! IF YOU GONNA CHANGE IT NO MATTER WHAT THEN AT LEAST MAKE IT GREEN LIKE THE FLARE THEY SHOOT WHEN "COMMANDER'S TALENT" ACTIVATE!!! [Yell even louder] GIVE ME MY BEAUTIFUL ITALIAN BULLET TRACE BACK!!! STOP BEING STUPID ALREADY!! WEEGEE!!!! Picture 1 - Old Italian Bullet Trace - I like it. Picture 2 - New Italian Bullet Trace - I hate it.
  4. The survey pop-up in-game while I'm at Port. These are some survey questions I found and I want to share it here. At picture 1 "Would you like Supercontainer to be distributed in a more predictable manner?" My answer "Yes, I would" "How could getting Supercontainer be more predictable?" My answer - Have a special EXP earning gauge (seperated from normal gauge) that when it reached the target EXP then the Supercontainer is distribute. The special gauge will not be reset. It will be there untill we completed it. And then reset to 0 to start again. It have the maximum number of Supercontainers we can get from it. And this "maximum number of Supercontainers" will be reset in every week or month to prevent it from getting it "too much". This way, Some player with bad luck is still have some Supercontainer. BUT we still have the normal way of getting Supercontainer by random chance. That mean we have two ways of getting it. At picture 2 "Would you like the content of Supercontainer to be more predictable?" My answer "Yes, I would" "How could the content of Supercontainer be made more predictable" My answer - It not exactly "predictable". But have like the choice of "boosting the chance of getting thing". Such as "I want to get Doubloon" and we have choices to choose. So I pick "Boosting the chance of getting Doubloon" button and than the game change the chance of getting Doubloon to be more likely. Such as from 5% to 9% or more? At picture 3 "Would you like to receive more rewards from Supercontainer, but get Supercintainer less often? My answer "No, I wouldn't" "Would you like to receive fewer rewards from Supercontainer, But get Supercontainer more often? My answer "Yes, I would" "You can leave you comments about World of Warships Supercontainer here." My comment - About the last question "Would you like to receive fewer rewards from Supercontainer, But get Supercontainer more often? Yes, I would "More Supercontainer, More chance of getting Ships/Steel/Coal/Doubloon". Some people didn't get a SINGLE Supercontainer for the pass few month. And yes "fewer rewards" but not so "few"... ------- What do you think about it? (There are a lots of people doubted about WeeGee gonna take these survey suggestion seriously... including me. But "Better send than never".)
  5. As you can see in this video...
  6. Shiny_Stone

    Another Idea for Research Bureau

    @Farlesquew Yeah, A cosmetic reward. And don't take our hard earn ships from us. The current reward in Research Bureau right now aside from "Zara", There is also "Collert". And she is ridiculous!! All I can do now is wishing to the stars that they will cancel all of this BS, I guess....
  7. Shiny_Stone

    Another Idea for Research Bureau

    Oh, I forgot to mention that. I didn't mean it to be like a personal mission like Legendary Upgrade mission. I know if it like you think. It gonna be a mess. I mean this... "And for the UI. Just put some "Progress bar" some where... like on top of the ship name in Port page. Or put it in the Module page of the ship. Or even put it in the Tech Tree page." And it as easy as that to code and keep track of how much you done. Now I have to fix the thread itself....
  8. Shiny_Stone

    Another Idea for Research Bureau

    What did they say????? Edit : Sorry, I'm confuesed some thing. Please never mind this comment.
  9. First, Let me say it first.... I DON'T LIKE IT AT ALL ... I HATE IT.... And we can't stop them now? If we can't really stop it then can I give you this idea for atleast change it to make us LESS SUFFERING from your BS. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why do we have to reset the whole line for it? (Note : English is my second language so I might made some typo and grammar error) I have an idea where we don't need to reset the whole and grind the ship all over again. Why can't we just do something like "Collecting Base EXP for each ship in tech tree" ? Now let me explain. My idea is you don't have to reset the whole line but instead, You play to collect the base EXP to a certain point and then gain the "Research Point" by it for one of you ship. Once you get it in one of you ship. You can move to the diffent ships. Maybe lower down from T10 to T9. Once we finished all of the T10 ship. We will move down to other Tiers. Here some example. I play Yamato to collect Base EXP to a certain point (Let's say it 50,000) and then I get the Research Point (Let's say it 50 points). And then I can't get the research point anymore. I have to move to either move to a different T10 or Lower down to T9 and so on. And the "Base EXP collecting process" will be renew every month or so. So I can go back to play Yamato to collect Research Point again. And we limited to do this only in tech tree ships. And for the UI. Just put some "Progress bar" some where... like on top of the ship name in Port page. Or put it in the Module page of the ship. Or even put it in the Tech Tree page. So we can keep track of much we have done. It easier for the player to "Go down the techtree" then "Go up". And we still have the option to go back to that said T10 anytime we want. We don't have the agonizingly grind the whole line again and agian. We will also have a problem about running out of camo and signal flags too. Once we run out of it. The grind will be even slower. Make it even more suffering. We also have the trouble with ship commander too. We have to move them from ship to ship all the time. We also have to install upgrades on the re-purchase again. We also have the problem about credits to re-purchase ship again as well. Ain't we running out of credits because we purchase ship? (Not to mention we have to purchase camo and signal flags too) We have to re-purchase and re-research ship again and again. Credits, camo, signal flags will be deplete eventually. Make it harder to grind the line. And when it become stale like that... It make me don't want to play the game. (Not to mention I have to face +2 tiers match again when I play mid tier) Me personally, I don't like playing low tier. Almost all the ship are the same in gameplay and it understandable. Almost all the cruisers are playing in the same way. And I just don't like it. Meanwhile most of the T10 ships have their own characteristic. Yamato have her Big Guns (But slow and MASSIVE Citadel). Des Moines have her "Strong Female Protagonist" High Rate of Fire and DPM Power. Henri IV have her Speed and Shooting Range. Zao have her concealment and Rudder shift time. Kremlin have her Stalinium Armor. GK have her powerful secondaries. etc. Everyone have some characteristic of their own. And that why I like to play high tier. The big problem about the WG idea for Research Bureau right now is "What if we suddenly have to use that T10 we just reset?" such as Clan Battle or Ranked Battle? It just inconvenience... And what are you gonna do with the EXP I have left on the ship (Like 500,000 EXP on my North Carolina?). Are you gonna lock it up in a separate "Waiting for Conversion to Free EXP" pool? And we have to play the ship to get the "New EXP" to re-research the ship? Hell! What about we combine the 2 idea togather? You have the option to reset the whole line for MORE Research Point and grind the whole line again. AND we also have to option to not reset our ship and still have a chance and opportunities to get the Research Point. Not as much as reset the whole line but still get some. The progression of non-reset line are SLOWER but at least we don't have to reset the whole thing... WG think about this Research Bureau because WG want people to play low and mid tier, right? Stated qoute in Developer Bulletin 0.8.7 "The underlying principle of player progress within our game involves moving from lower tier to higher tier ships all the way up to the branch peak—Tier X ships. However, the game has an enormous number of ships of different tiers, and each tier offers gameplay experiences that are equally interesting as those of Tier X ships. Many players like fighting on these ships, but the game hasn’t encouraged such behavior enough to date." It just doesn't have any rewarding thing for playing low or mid tier. But if we use my idea. Now we have something to "Lure people to lower tier" without taking away their higher tier ships. We can play whatever the tier we want. Another Stated qoute in Developer Bulletin 0.8.7 "The goal of the Research Bureau is to further motivate the players to play more with their favorite ships and earn unique rewards along the way." And you come up with this idea? Ridiculous! This is even worst then the CV Rework! You always come up with a stupid idea lately. (In the past months...Maybe even year) And we will also have a problem(?) with people gonna use Free EXP to skip the grind. I have seen a comment on WOWS Facebook post some said "Have Free EXP to skip the whole line 5-7 times". So some people are still not gonna play the game...Or this is now a probelm because that mean they gonna spend money. And that your goal, right WG? You are a company, Not a charity. It a business... (I still have a problem with your marketing team. Yeah, I'm talking about the Azur Lane Commander Bundle. Instead of put the only thing we want in the bundle. You also put TRASH in it and jack up the price! Hell! You don't even have the separate commander pack like the First Wave! You don't give us the choice! Is it that hard to create MORE choices for people to select their purchase? Instead of separate it for people to buy and get "little" money from a lot of people. You only put a massive bundle to get the "big" money from a few people... If you were both have big and small bundle. You would get the money from both side of customer. If you were just have the "Commander Only Bundle" with a reasonable price I would buy all of those commander by now.) If it true that you only want money from us.... That mean you don't really care about our community... If the community like your game. They will spend money on your game. (Like cosmetic or something) And you know how much time I come up with this I idea? 10 minutes... A MERE 10 MINUTES. I'm NOT trying brag "I'm Smart", NO! "I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed" but the point of this statement is "How easy to think the better way." Please, I really like this game. All the event you have done are very fun (Like Rogue Wave, Halloween and Space Battle). I don't want this game to go down any farther. Please.... And if you have some more idea/opinion you can leave a comment down. My idea will sure have flaws in it...I just can't see it myself. It would be good if you point it out.
  10. Shiny_Stone

    Premium Shop in May: The Hunt for Bismarck

    Totally agreed with you sir. They put ton of trash in that bundle. Instead of just the commnaders that will "SURELY SOLD". They put a lot of trash in and make people don't wanna buy it anymore... Lost of potential customer.... Good Marketing Practice, right? (sarcasm)
  11. Shiny_Stone

    Azur Lane buying options

    Instead of separate all the Azur Lane commander to one separately. They just put all togather (With trash like signal flags) and sell it at high price... Good Marketing Practice, right? (sarcasm). Insteal of have the potencial of people who will buy just one or two. They put a lot of trash in and make people don't wanna buy it anymore. Now they lost a lot of potencial customer. Me myself is want all the commander tho. But ONLY the commander pack. No trash in the bundle. (Like the first wave commander pack).
  12. I can't open replay file for some reason but my friends can open it. Why?? I even reinstall the game and it still not working. When you open replay file it will load to log-in page first and then automatically load to recorded battle, right? But right now for me. It not load at all. It stay still at log-in page. Normally when it not load happen in before update I just press "Enter" or press "Connect" button and it will load in to battle. But after it not working! It just keep loading spinning forever. (But with the Game Center launch client. It will skip the log-in page) WHAT HAPPEN??? WHY I CAN'T OPEN REPLAY FILE ANYMORE?!?!?
  13. I destroyed 3 Generators and the Station. And why I didn't get the "Annihilator" achievement??? "Annihilator" achievement condition : "Destroy two or more generators and the station. Acquired in battle."
  14. Shiny_Stone

    Invisible Torpedo (Torpedo Planes)

    Thank you for check it out. But I never experienced it again in after the incident nor in before the incident. I still have replay file and I will put it here. Just in case it maybe of use. Please check it as well. 20190308_165919_PBSD107-Jervis_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay
  15. Shiny_Stone

    Kamikaze R Gun's sound

    Sound like Battleship gun? It sound like that for sooooo long till this day....