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    Strength of the SEA community

    Thanks for all the input guys. I was more worried about player numbers when I logged on for the first time and saw only ~2000 ppl on. Joining a clan solves the communication/tactical play issue so if I want more than some casual fun then that's a option. Already having a blast in the low tiers (once I realised I was playing COOP and stopped and then hunted all over the UI for my crew management and found I haven't unlocked it yet) thanks WG
  2. ThunderHorse

    Strength of the SEA community

    Just decided to give WOWS a go and without thinking bought premium on my SEA account. Been a few years since I played a Wargaming.net game and I'm wondering if it was a mistake to use my SEA account vs my NA one. What are the player numbers like on the SEA server? Also how is the community support regarding events, specials etc here vs NA?