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  1. wondering where i can find an offline patch fow wows... pain in the a s s to download it with my isp

  2. Whooohooo

    Separation of platoon members in game

    so we should a friend... wanna dive ?
  3. see my profile pic ? ... read it xD

  4. and i though wg game are all... "kill all no cap" concept ?
  5. Whooohooo


    and the mudfart has fallen... wondering if my ign offense someone
  6. i still think ai-control secondary aim better than me
  7. Whooohooo

    Randomise CV spawn points.

    he'll say it's too slow and dd can outrun him easily... so sitting duck is the best option
  8. Whooohooo

    [Mod] KanColle America Ship mod (make bay Team WSVN

    those colours almost make me think it's clown skin for ship
  9. Whooohooo

    Suggestion for Escort Ship Function in World of Warships

    why don't just give up on CV if it that bad ?
  10. Whooohooo

    Fighters are to be honest, broken

    it kind of piss me off when i see a ton of bomber from allied cv.... with zero fighter are they expecting other to thier personal guard or something ?
  11. Whooohooo

    torpedos has aim assist, why not for main gun?

    they should add aim assist for plane torp... or they have it already ?
  12. Whooohooo

    Taskbar refuse to cooperate with the game

    are you in fullscreen mode ?
  13. Whooohooo

    Just asking: What is Poi?

    first poi is like a catalyst... to cause a chain reaction of poi poi and more poi... poi-son
  14. Whooohooo

    HMS Warspite--Potential Buff

    i think only thing warspite need buff is... dispersion turret rotation also fine for me... only need to think where im going and turn it around beforehand accuracy is fine... i can land a hit where and when i want to... but dispersion make it land on water and give my target mini heart attack "omg water splash everywhere" the 102 aa already working on air target... dunno about ship (never get that close to my secondary range)